Candidate “Hope and Change” runs for 2nd term.

 Rocky Mountain High meets Ohio State U – no holds barred

Dateline: May 5, 2012
Place: Columbus, Ohio

 “If people ask you what this campaign is about, you tell them ‘it’s still about hope.’ You tell them ‘it’s still about change,'” [Obama] told a cheering mass of supporters at Ohio State University in Columbus, six months and one day before the election. “I still believe in you. And I’m asking you to keep believing in me.”

“The real question, the question that will actually make a difference in your life, in the lives of your children, is not just about how we’re doing today. It’s about how we’ll be doing tomorrow,” Obama said.

Not only hasn’t he delivered on the old question “are you better off today than you were four years ago?”, he has reframed it into a new question. Now he tells you that old question does not matter – If you still aren’t better off, and I haven’t delivered –just buy more of my Hope Oil for the future. “Hey, I haven’t delivered so far, but just bet it all on me for the future. Long odds, but hey, you know me and gambling.”

 As RNC’s Reince Priebus said, “he is really running on hype and blame.”

 The second thing wrong with what he’s selling is the “believe in me” part. He wants you to transfer your faith and hope to him, personally. That a way to go there bumsteer; you haven’t delivered yet.  So what does his record tell us?  If it does not materialize, as I say,  then it must be the people’s fault for not believing and having enough faith in me.

He also does not want people to vote as a referendum on him, he wants them to vote for him because he is not Mitt Romney. Remember the same strategy when he ran as the ‘not Bush candidate’ against George Bush, who was leaving.

Picture it: Kent State, Ohio in 1970;  now, 2012, O-ba-ma comes to O-hi-o to sing a song of salvation from the albatross of the DC elites. But now the leftwing radicals buy hope and change just because its labeled “hope and change” – for practically no other reason.

Side note: Michelle introduced him as the standard-bearer of the “fundamental promise”.

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Here’s a bit of irony: instead of the albatross coming to the rescue like above, Obama has a new drone plan rolling out. Check that out at Pepperhawkfarm.

6 comments on “Candidate “Hope and Change” runs for 2nd term.

  1. pepperhawk says:

    Great article Bull.

    I like Reince Priebus’s definition, “hype and blame”. Now he nailed that one.
    Ohio and the 2008 race. I get a seething in my being every time I think about the Deviant winning there in 2008 because it’s been exposed that he lost actually, and only won through voter fraud. Ohio was so inundated by ACORN, that the legislature (after the election) made it a crime for anyone from ACORN to come into the state. ACORN had one guy register 72 times. That’s how bad it was. They bussed people in from out of state to vote too. It was a complete fiasco.

    Since that is the state I lived in all my life prior to my move to the Kentucky hills, I told the Hawk from the get go he could never have won Ohio fair and square. When ya grow up in a state you get to know what kind of people live there. Most of Ohio’s inner parts are farms and more farms.

    Only in the three big cities is there any real support for the Deviant. And that is Columbus, a completely liberal hole, Cleveland where all the union thugs are. In Cincinnati, it is a mixed bag. Cinti has always been a very conservative city and in the past you would describe it as very right wing. So there is a mix of voters there. But, I have democrat friends who turned a bright red during the 2008 election.


    • Pepp, Thanks a lot.

      You know, it just didn’t make sense to anyone that knew anything about Ohio. They are setting it up again. All those rural areas etc, same in PA. Then the Amish — who I’m sure gave up their horse and carriage to vote for Obama. But Dingleberry-in-Chief will paint it how he wants. There should be some heavy resentment there. I guess the next election will make the first look pale in comparison.

      And funny I hear Biden talk up the economy that things are looking up there. Right, now that Kasich came in. Next they’ll try to take credit for that too? Just the fact they are suing how many states now(lost count really)should be a giant red flag about Team Zero’s love for states.


  2. pepperhawk says:

    Oh Bull, I forgot to thank you for advertising my article. So thanks a bunch. 😀


  3. clyde says:

    Pepp turned me to your place,PBR. Good post. Priebus is the biggest part of what’s wrong with the RNC. HE needs to grow a set,and turn loose the pitbulls.High time Obama got roughed up a bit,and the BEST way to do THAT is point out and hammer home the FAILINGS of the Dope From Hope.


    • Clyde: Thanks for coming. LOL You cut to the chase. Sometimes Priebus almost makes sense. I don’t know how much he is controlled, they really need to grow a pair. Don’t see demoncrats pulling punches. You got that right, there is a lot of ammo to use. LOL “Dope from Hope” – that’s good. He should be SO BUSY defending himself.

      Clyde: (I forgot, I saw your comment at Gunny’s on the lost treaty. LMAO)Great/ Now when have we ever seen party leaders on TV laying out what things they are NOT going to TALK about? That must end too. The “only” thing I can think of is they are waiting to unload on him — but waiting for what?Its D-day.



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