Forward and Downward

 That should be Obama’s new campaign theme.

As compared to “onward and upward”, which is exactly the opposite of Obama.

Obama adopted a campaign theme of “Forward” but actually under his dismal leadership we are headed downward at record speed.

  • Item: leaks, leaks and more leaks about defense and national security operations.
  • Item: foreign policy debacles… rather than the self-ordained expert the left claims.
  • Item: politicizing everything for his campaign — along his never-ending campaign.
  • Item: unemployment remains at stubborn highs especially among many groups.
  • Item: Obama’s war on energy — and in effect part of  his war on the economy.
  • Item: our relationship with Israel
  • Item: his treatment of our allies
  • Item: Obama’s promise to Russia to be more “flexibile” after his “last election”.
    [To Russia, with affectionate love]
  • Item: Fast and Furious coverup, along with the ongoing Dep. of Injustice.
  • Item: the debt denial and his arrogance of shoveling more big-spending on us.
  • Item: Obama’s obsession with “class wafare”.
  • Item: his persistent push to raise taxes.
  • Item: his air assault on the Constitution
  • Item: his attacks on and disdain for the Supreme Court
    (long an ally of  the socialist left)
  • Item: then politicized departments under his divissive, partisan leadership.
  • Item: ObamaCare, hovering like a huge funnel cloud over us.

Then another thing just scratches open an old wound. So many people now hail Bill Clinton for his wisdom. Conservatives are talking about the great politics of Clinton, as opposed to the radicalism of Obama. Do people remember the Clinton days? Oh those good old days between scandals and shell-shocking revelations, here and abroad?

Still, Obama has done something no one would have thought possible, make Bill Clinton look good by any comparison. I for one hate that political tactic, especially from the right. I resent even the thought and I don’t like that argument much better. The same thing applies to Hillary. Would anyone have thought that possible?

3 comments on “Forward and Downward

  1. clyde says:

    That poll result,considering who commisioned it,is no surprise. Clinton is SO wanting to be relevant,he will say ANYTHING. Mitt’s campaign needs to do only this: HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER shithead’s record EVERYDAY,ALL DAY. Should be enough. The quieter Mitt keeps,just expose Obama for who and what he REALLY is,will be plenty. However,I don’t trust Mitt to do either.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde: Thanks for the comment. Yea, the poll is convenient for Clinton and Jimm’a. Right. Consider the source. I hope Mitt’s just warming up, but like you, I got doubts. He might just leave it to others. This poll comes at a suspicious time. It looks like an entire strategy.



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