Caroline and Obama

(This should have made celebrity media as the breakup of the century)

One of the revelations in Klein’s book is that JFK’s daughter, Caroline, had a falling out with Obama. I’m no Kennedy fan but that is a remarkable fall. Think about it. From someone who said he was the all-inspiring person to her that her father was for others, to where she can’t stand him; that’s a long drop. Now Caroline is no brilliant political strategist, and proved it when she tried running for the Senate.

The only reason it matters at all is to show how misguided she was about Obama. She did not really know him.  Barack’s loopy sycophants knew so little about him yet chirped on his every word. So it demonstrates how Obama has fallen out of favor with people. The only problem is these former loyalists are in a pickle now that they have to support him like the robots they are. Where is Caroline going to go?

Caroline, did you really think he cared anything about JFK’s legacy or anyone’s? You really should have opened your ears a little in ’08.

3 comments on “Caroline and Obama

  1. clyde says:

    That’s the problem with 99% of the fools who voted for him. Had they done their OWN research,instead of what the libtard media spoon-fed them,they would have known what WE did.I have a real hard time finding ANYTHING but contempt for these “geniuses”.



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