First La Raza President

…or is it First La Raza resident of the Oval Office?

Okay, so it has come to this fiat law on immigration. Well, I suppose now we can say he’s the first La Raza president, since it’s one chunk of what they’ve been asking for, served up unconstitutionally. Another ornament to hang on the Obama tree.

See, we already had the first African American president, quite literally on that one. We’ve had the first woman president (that’s right, Barack again), we had the first gay president, and first LGBT president, we had the first union president, the first Socialist president and so on.  The list is long and they aren’t finished. By election every one of their favorite demographics will be on it. Or you could say the “first fruit-picker president” too, and that would mean as much as the Nobel Peace Prize he won – not for what he did but what he would do.

So now that we had the first cotton-pickin’ president etc, and everyone accepts it, can we finally move on please? For one thing, where he got the power to do this. He created it from whole cloth, just like so many titles and his Peace Prize. Its all fiction; we’re now living in The Land of Make Believe. Any day now the cloud is going to descend around him and he will declare himself The First President of the Universe. (to Bill Clinton’s objection) But is there any other title he would like? I mean what’s left for the second term he is demanding? Yea, he claims to deserve that despite his record, the same way Mr. Zero-experience deserved to be elected.

Let’s put his alternative reality aside for a moment. He saw Rubio coming up on his flank and said ‘gee, I’m going to create a fiat law and head him off.’ But “this is not politics”, he tells us.  Just like he tried to steal every other idea he thought might be popular – while needing to be the first. Hillary, unfortunately, was just one of many he climbed on the back of and stomped on the way up the ladder. HillaryCare is now “ObamaCare”. Bill Clinton thought he deserved the title of ‘first Black President’, ha ha, until Obama came along and made Billy into a racist. (that should teach him) 

We may have thought George Wshington was the greatest president…until Obama came along. (by his opinion)

So Rubio, look out. It doesn’t matter if you say you aren’t running, king Obama sees you as a threat so watch out. He had Petraeus installed where he could be no threat to the great one. We saw what they did to Sarah Palin. They are foaming at the mouth at Allen West and his popularity, ‘must destroy him’.  They just declared Newark Mayor, Cory Booker “dead” to them because he stepped out of line, off script. And we haven’t even seen the Democrats’ Convention yet. Notices are probably out: “anyone stepping out of line will be burned at the stake. We’ll take no prisoners.”

As he continues his vendetta across the nation, he will preach about civility in politics and changing the way Washington works. You can count on that lecture coming. And let’s not forget the weekly sermons on “fairness”. Did Democrat pols ever think their political futures would hinge on their mandatory support for one “Barack Obama”? Someone should have warned them. The bus is revving up and waiting for the next volunteer or example to the rest. “Stay on the plantation, or suffer the consequences. And no trespassing for Republicans.” He’ll have a tire with your name on it.

So La Raza enjoy your day in the sun, soak in all you can. Did you think this was about your agenda? Come on, really. (…then take a number by all the others) What’s next, maybe the gang vote?

Obama memo to Cory Booker: ‘I see dead people.’

15 comments on “First La Raza President

  1. Davetherave says:


    Excellent post with some very funny ass stuff! Personally, I don’t think Obama is an African American (what ever in the hell that means…bunch of PC bullshit in my opinion with these groups that demand their title carry a two nation citizenship). To me he’s our first African president. Sumbitch wasn’t born here and all his documents (the fake ones we’ve seen and the real ones he paid mega bucks to hide) play that tune loud and clear in my opinion. I love the fact he’s going after Rubio. I simply think that is yet another group of people he is pissing off. If Romney does pick Rubio, Rubio will wear Obama’s ass out stating the truth that he doesn’t give a rats ass about illegals well being. He simply wants their vote. “Amateur” debuted #1 on the New York Times best selling list and has remained #1 for three weeks in a row. I sure hope a lot of Independent voters are a large part of why so many copies are being sold…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, Thanks, ha ha, I wasn’t shooting for funny but it just comes. Good point. Well, African/american is like all the other titles they bestow on this guy in a lame attempt for legitimacy. Yea, it is p/c garbage. He might as well be the first UFO president too. Maybe chasing Rubio is a great thing. I wouldn’t be crazy for that pick, I hope he stays and lends greatness to the Senate. It would be nice watching Zero attack someone not in the race, which he is prone to do. Right Obama just wants them all on the plantation…or in the camps. He does have the book to contend with and it looks like Monica Crowley will have a bestseller too, the way it looks. The left’s attack list must be growing daily.


    • bullright says:

      Dave btw, I saw a reminder yesterday how Rubio took out Crist. Almost forget that. Maybe that was a nice reminder to Mitch. McConnell’s been turning up the heat on the One. He is restoring some cred.


      • Just Gene says:

        You were being ironic when you said the UFO prez – but go back several years to the events in New Mexico, a place with many Hispanics, whose votes he wants – remember ROSWELL.

        I’m sorry you don’t like stupid, but I like you!


  2. clyde says:

    Rubio is going to fizzle like a cheap Chinese skyrocket if he keeps pushing ANY form of amnesty. Say,speaking of fiat lawmaking,has anyone seen Boehner? McConnell? What,they on the backs of milk cartons? John can’t find his way out of the tanning booth? Damnable that they haven’t called for impeachment.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde ..
      On milk cartons. LOL I heard Boehner and co were getting ready to drop Fast and Furious. They figured it would blow over. Can’t make this stuff up. But Mitch on the other hand is on a preaching tour about the first amendment, and damage the abolitionist in chief is doing. Outside that he isn’t saying anything.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Well I believe the Liar in Chief is a UFO. Nobody can find out who his parents really are so there you have it. He must have exited from a flying saucer. He also has a minority leader who flew in on a broom or flying saucer.

    Some good news today. His ratings of approval on the economy is at 33%. Now if we could only get past that likeability lie.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp: LMAO. Its not a joke, UFO fits. He’s truly alien. Their fearless leader in the House, she’s off saying Fast and Furious is a concoction of Republicans imaginations “to suppress the vote”. “Its a scheme” she says. Who could believe her? Yet they repeat the lies. She must have stayed up half the night thinking up that one.

      So the economy is catching up with the bastid. Time for Krugman to hit the campaign trail. More Keynesian economics for a Kenyan president.



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