See Change vs Sea Change

You might have expected this “Best” talk before or just after his inauguration, but now?

At Daily Kos they had this piece “Obama: best president ever” (then saying, updated with caveats) Well, however they meant it, however many caveats, it doesn’at even  pass the smell test. But I saw this in there which really made me chuckle.

“But I think about Carter and his deer-in-headlights helplessness in the face of the nation’s problems and internal institutional resistance to reforms he sought; his seemingly endemic cluelessness – painfully visible even watching his speeches today – about how things look and what a situation calls for; his slow-paced, countrified, reverential attitude making it clear he thought himself to be President of an America that hadn’t existed in decades.”

Okay, anyone else see glaring similarities in this statement to Obama? Just as most of those criticisms of former presidents could very well apply to Obama. But that doesn’t matter to the left when one starts out to disprove conventional wisdom or rationality. Lets face it, many people see  the plague of problems in this president, which is why the left keeps touting the polls, “but people like him, personally”. So if anything they could start a campaign that he is the most likeable, or dare I say popular, in a “star search” kind of way,  But in job performance he is severely lacking and aloof. Plus he had no business saying or promising what he did because he knew practically nothing about the job he so desperately  sought. That is just fact.  And that is only where the irony begins.

Since then Barack has used a measuring stick to question the experience and character of his opponents. Not to his own inexperience though. One would think that would be a challenge even for the magical Obama to do. But not a problem for Hypocrite in Chief.

And oh, by the way, remember those great speeches that had people in tears, tingling, and fainting complete with Roman columns? Well, how do you think those are going to look and sound when looking back? I would say they will probably lose something in the translation. I doubt they will sound like the epic, tide-turners they were billed to be at the time. They and he won’t have the same effect on people they did then. Its just the way it works. And the more people know the more they are finding that ironically it was really as Obama said in one of his great speeches, “just words” — which were even stolen.

*Hat tip to The Busy Post for originally blogging the article, in its absurdity.

9 comments on “See Change vs Sea Change

  1. hardrock45 says:

    I won’t say Obama is the worst president ever…just the worst one so far.


  2. clyde says:

    All these left loonies like the Koz,Huff& Puff,et al, have mortgaged the farm for this asshat,so they,in their wisdom,instead of admitting they screwed up,are doubling down. Has to be hard on them,being so WRONG,and yet not seeing that. Can’t wait to see their exploding heads when the vote is counted,and Obama loses 62 to 43.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, they do get testy don’t they? I sure will enjoy that, if your count is right. About all that has to happen is he loses voters in cities and urban areas, because that’s who voted for the guy en masse. At least I developed a new category ‘Left of Stupid’. That covers it.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde you made me think:
      I hate to admit it but for a minute I almost missed the Clinton years. At least the left couldn’t deny everything then. Now, they not only deny it, they ignore his miserable failures, his record, and the scandals popping out of the woodwork. It is as if it never existed…. that’s a whole lot of nothing. The press didn’t cover Fast and Furious, as if it didn’t even exist. If they have to ignore that much about Obama, perhaps all they can say is “we think he’s just peachy”. You are right. So if they are in this much denial now, what happens when he loses? Reality check. We could see a lot of jumpers.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    What a hypocrite! And the Hawk and I were just talking about “his likeability”. What exactly is there to like? He has the economy in death rattle, he’s taken our energy resources away, given the EPA unmitigated power to terrorize and punish businesses plus the poor individuals whose land is being taken away. So, my problem is “his likeability”. What kind of dumb ass thinks he has any qualities to like? We sure don’t see any and I’ve tried to look to see what the hell these people are talking about and come up empty of an answer.

    Good article Bull.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp: Thanks for the spot on comment. I dunno. Likeability, I suppose his name is beside it in the dictionary. I saw Hannity last night and the Democrat waited till they were done listing his failures and scandals to say, “but don’t forget his likability”. They are trained to say that like parrots. Bush’s likeability didn’t matter one bit to them. The other excuse they use is “outside the beltway people don’t know or care about this stuff”. That’s as insulting as Obama. I only hope Clyde is right about this election. But remember they pulled this crap in the end with Clinton: “You can’t impeach a popular president.” The worse they are the better Dems like them.


  4. Freedom, by the way says:

    There are many people I like that would make lousy elected leaders. It’s respect because of character and integrity that a leader needs. Obama lacks all three.



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