The Tingly Legs of the Press

Why is it press can see media corruption just fine overseas while straining their eyes to ignore it here?

Remember for a minute how Dems have attacked Rupert Murdoch and News Corp for months over tactics one of Murdoch’s newspapers used in Britain. And if you continue to follow their criticism, they even tie it to British prime minister David Cameron — or attempt to. So everyone loves to make something of the so-called cozy relationship between Cameron and Murdoch into an item, especially the left here. I don’t want to get into that whole scandal. But its funny how it plays out.

Now look at this POTUS and the relationship between Media Matters and its entire liberal press establishment here, and their many tentacles. Let the hobnobbing continue. How dare anyone interupt the love fest.  Funny how that relationship is the furthest thing from concern to liberals. Even as this prez gives a chilling reaction to the first amendment rights of others, the liberals and their fawning press continue to ignore and dismiss this intimate relationship. Its far beyond flirting. It isn”t even an “on and off fling” or a trist; its all on all the time. Like Obama’s  campaign asks, “are you in?”

Yet they will follow every juicy tid bit they can find that might tie Murdoch or Fox to political power. They’ll even cover hearings on the “scandal” in Britain. On the uber left, politics is in bed with the media and it is celebrated. They have their dreamy Marxist in the WH and they cannot be deterred. Then add the celebrity connections and WH  fundraising to Hollyweird and you have a complete circus of a media. 

You can always count on the leftist media to hold up its end by asking just the right questions at just the right time. Ironic how they can attack any perception of of political power in media, or visa versa, in the UK while their choreographed dance is in full swing at home. Its not even hidden behind a curtain here; its right in your face and complimented —  and they reserve the right to fawn over any leftist, the worse they are the more they like them.  That will get you places here where it could put you on the witness stand in the UK. They say no one does a scandal like they do in the US; but no, it is no scandal if is right out in the open!  Clinton should have played Lewinsky that way, take a lesson Bill.

The heck with campaign advisors, Obama has lamestream licking his heels. Who needs Axelrod?

And this is the same liberal press taking  great pleasure in reminding  us of Nixon, how bad Watergate really was,  and about “the enemy list”. That scheming “Tricky Dick”.

Nixon move over

Funny Obama has an enemy list, Republican donors and such, but they don’t see any problem with that–even when he puts it out there in public and rubs it in their collective faces, to the whole world. It is just politics, they tell us. However, Obama has a bigger friends list, including media, no doubt trumping any suspicion about his enemy list. They, the friends of Obama, are even in it to the point of limiting the first amendment for others, and it does not appear to bother them in the least.

Yet give them some juicy “scandal” like Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper, however distant, with any tie to political powers in the UK and they’re all over it, foaming at the mouth. But they go to any length to ignore interconnections, co-mingling, and foreplay here right in front of their eyes. The left never fails to demonstrate its open hypocrisy.

They hitched their cart to Obama’s train, now see how far it drags them..

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just for a flavour:. 
At British Inquiry, Cameron Denies ‘Deals’ With Murdoch
LONDON — Testifying at Britain’s long-running inquiry into media standards, Prime Minister David Cameron rejected suggestions on Thursday that he traded favored treatment for electoral support by Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers, calling talk of a conspiracy “specious” and “unjustified.”

Ex-UK Prime Minister Brown: Murdoch lied under oath

6/11/12 USA Today (AP)
LONDON – Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown lambasted Rupert Murdoch before Britain’s media ethics inquiry on Monday, claiming the media mogul had lied under oath to the inquiry and saying that a Murdoch tabloid had undermined the British war effort in Afghanistan.

5 comments on “The Tingly Legs of the Press

  1. clyde says:

    Ahhh… if only we could rid the ENTIRE world of liberals. Makes NO difference where they are,they all act like the spoiled,petulant children they are. Their ignorance is legend.


  2. bullright says:

    The Supremes just pulled one out of the hat. They’ve given us a peanut with a shovel load of stones.


    • clyde says:

      Hard to believe Roberts sided with the liberals. Proves one thing WE already knew. That goddamn Obama is a liar of high order. He said”this isn’t a tax”. Well,if THAT is so,HOW could Roberts rule it as a tax?


      • bullright says:

        Clyde, yep, this is pretty sad. I agree! Kennedy was the good guy. That is a great lie. This is apparently the death knell for federalism and an open door for nationalization of anything critters desire. We see Zero’s war on federalism, this just reloaded the gun. If the commerce clause was THE justification for Obmacare, then why doesn’t lack of commerce negate it? But he seems to leave the door open to sue over the “tax” which normally must be paid firstthen sue for a refund. I guess we can still sue, gee thanks.



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