The Faith-based Campaign

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It’s always disturbed me, Obama’s zealous assault on Christians and matters of faith.(or those with deeply held beliefs according to Schumer) The obvious fact that cannot be disputed is his ’08 “Hope and Change” campaign was a faith-based campaign. Try as they might this is just fact. That is why it is fascinating, albeit contradicting.

A faith-based campaign and a faith-based candidate.

Of course, his problem now is running the same faith-based campaign despite what we have already seen, witnessed, and analyzed not to mention what has yet to be verified. His faith-based campaign now looks like a bad magic show: it takes a lot of faith and hope just to entertain the illusion. Still that is what his campaign demands from people.

George Bush may have had a “faith-based initiative”, which even many Christians disagreed with, but Obama has an entire faith-based presidency. Funny how easy the left accepts his campaign, yet it was highly critical and skeptical about a “faith-based initiative”. I digress…

What is now at the fore is to rerun the faith-based campaign because Obama has not proven their ‘faith and hope’ to be grounded in reality. His dopey message is still based on “faith”. “Keep believing in me”. It must continue to be based on faith, hope and some interpretation of change.”The show must go on”. In 08, they voted for hope and change; now they must hope he changes. But he won’t, like every other socialist demagogue the left holds up on a pedestal, from Carter to Gore to Kerry and all points around them.

When Dems looked at Obama through their faith-coded glasses they marginalized or ignored any facts to the contrary from the beginning, and there were a pile. With all that ignored, they kept their faith not just in what he said and promised, but in their personal beliefs of what he would be and do. It was out in bizarre land.

Now, armed with all the failures of his term and their shattered hopes, they pick up the pieces and ignore any which don’t fit their starry-eyed optimism of “hope and change”. Media has done that better than Obama could have imagined. So now he is back to a faith-based campaign, regardless what Obama wants to call it. And he’s back on college campuses telling them to keep their faith in him.

There is some rational reason to his campaigning there, beside pandering to the young vote. Most of these major campuses are in areas where the Dems hold a majority anyway. So its mostly preaching to his choir – outside Philly, in metropolitan areas, Boston, DC area, etc. Ah, those incubators for liberalism, but which are also suffering economically like the country is.

So are we witnessing the twilight of the faith-based campaign era?(…yet)

4 comments on “The Faith-based Campaign

  1. clyde says:

    If he can’t keep the skulls full of mush on his side,he’s even more burnt toast than with them. There simply isn’t enough black,queer,and dead voters to carry him. Now,if ONLY the “guilty white liberals” would take off THEIR blinders……


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, great comment as usual. I agree, numbers are the numbers.(I would think) He’s on a mission trying to see if there is enough white guilt left in his bank to reelect him? I wouldn’t bet on it if I were him. But it is a faith-based campaign for all his sycophants, after all. I keep looking for a/the saturation level. I think it should be about flood stage evacuation time now, but that’s just me. 🙂


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Very interesting article. I guess the “faith” is supposed to be the Liar in Chief himself. This once again demonstrates how he believes himself to be some kind of god.

    I actually think the “white guilt” has been eroded after not even one term of his is left. He is polling badly with white men.

    All I can say, is if people put their faith back into this colossal failure, they are insane.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp: the more I see of the hardened left the more they are out on a limb, its all faith. Well, he made sure he wasn’t challenged by the left. So game-set-match for the left’s poli-tics. The guilt has probably eroded, but these groups aren’t going anywhere. And he’s counting on the unions.(he’s got their back) See the way he campaigns to the “Hispanics”? He’s ‘demonstrated he has their back, now they need to have his.’ What crapola. Who’s got we the people’s back? And don’t look at the press.Disgusting, pandering to special groups “I got your back” Does he think he’s playing B-ball. Next he’ll be high-fiving them after fouling his opponent. Its evil.



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