Anti-Birth Announcement

As some “media” broke from exploring Robert’s cranium to matters more important to MSM, their breaking story was the uncertain future of a Mississipi abortion shop. Pro-lifers were protesting it. So… send in a reporter, not to talk to protestors but verify the “clinic” was still open.

Sure enough, the reporter goes to the gate showing a paper sign hanging there: “Happy Independence Day. Yes, we are open.” Okay who thought up that sign? Its typical of the ‘in your face’ style of abortuaries. The same arrogance Obama always demonstrates, it must be genetic.

I mention it to show they project “preserving” a “right to choose” while their agenda is not really preserving anything. They cleverly place the emphasis on “preservation” but actually it is all about prevention of life. And they enshrine this mindset in the institution of abortion. Did you ever see people so zealous about preventing life? They top off their message with the Declaration of Independence. Leftists and the media always portray the protestors as the ones out of touch, out of sync with reality. Given more time they’ll start talking about coat hangers. These people are on a death agenda.

This is the same network who covered a dark, ugly era of a state- forced sterilzation and abortion agenda feigning horror. But open an abortion shop on mainstreet USA, maybe next to a strip mall, and that is a positive community need. Just remember to mention it as a “right”. They’ll portray this “business” as caring, and how government needs to protect this instution.(that’s a priority)

Leftists call their opponents anti-choice and media never challenges their creative language. All reporters could gleen from that sign was it is still open. “Pew, that was a scare!” They dismiss the obvious, and never questioned the “Independence Day” plug. But they’ll point out or mock as ‘twisted logic’ those who mention the DOI in their protests of abortuaries. Here you have a “clinic” promoting abortion, preventing life, demanding it is “a right” and then using the DOI to appeal to their clients. A classic or what?

Cause for thought

You know, maybe its just the thing someone wants to do around the 4th of July? Maybe see the fireworks after. They can write in their diary how great it was, celerating patriotism and God-given rights. Just possibly another glaring example of how far we have sunk in cultural abyss.

Next time you are trying to come up with an idea, maybe inventing something or whatever you are working on; just think to yourself: “hurry up and kill it in its infant stage. Stop it here and now. Don’t let it grow another second. Put myself and it out of the misery.”

Happy Independence Day…?

4 comments on “Anti-Birth Announcement

  1. pepperhawk says:


    Wow, it’s hard keeping up with you and all your articles. Just great is all I can say. It’s taking me sometime to get to everything since I was not on my computer that much the last couple of days.,

    The demorats/socialists/commies are all about destroying a baby’s life, but when it comes to capital punishment to put an odious offender to death by lethal injection, they call foul.

    Now, how can these people be called having any common sense? They want innocent babies killed, but a pervert who has molested and killed scores of children the left will fight like crazy to keep that offender from getting the death sentence. Insanity is their name.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, good to see you back. I saw Hawk and was waitin’ for someone to ask, what have you done with her? I thought you were on reconnaissance, or on lookout. Ha ha. Sorry, I had a couple and don’t really like to post much actually. It seems like a movng target then — the last thing I want. But these couple had Independence all over them.

      You know, just when you think you’ve seen about everything from the “commie” abortion crowd, they seek a new low. Just like media, or is that redundant? Capital punishment is acceptable and justified but then they turn a corrupted decision into license to slaughter — no permit required even. Common sense abandon them and didn’t even leave an imposter. Insanity, yes, and no psychology can explain it, cause we’ve tried to figure out the proper term. LOL. But when I see these condescending, aroogant jabs at anyone who disagrees it trips my trigger.

      The other thing I left out is the owner they were happy to interview kept repeating “law of the land”. I suppose there were some rules and laws during the Holocaust too. Do they stil follow them? We haven’t been the same since they shoveled this manure on us either. Then ObamaCure. I hate to tell them death panels already exist. As long as they call things “choice” and “tax” I guess anything is possible for demento Demoncrats. And of course some poll will come out, conveniently, to say people overwhelmingly still believe in killing babies. Oops, they wouldn’t word it that way. (forgot)


  2. clyde says:

    Guess these IDIOTS can’t use contraception if they don’t want babies showing up. Or,maybe ABSTINENCE? Works every time it’s used.



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