Story-Pol Failure

The ‘story pole’ that failed to convey a message.

(Splash of sarcasm and a little satire)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always looked for a good storyteller as Commander-in-Chief. And I’ve always been disappointed too. Carter was a failure at it, Reagan was better but didn’t quite get there; George HW Bush only attempted it with “a thousand points of light”. Then there was Bill Clinton. Well, what can you say, stories? I’m still working on forgetting the blue dress, White Water, definition of “IS” and all the rest. Dubya didn’t do so well either.

Now here we are, Obama held such promise. What I really wanted from him was a good story. We got stories and stories, even before he was elected. So many conflicting stories. Now I see his biggest failure in the first years was not telling a good story. Really, I bet that is on everyone’s mind. Come on, admit it, we are just suckers for a good story. I’d vote for anyone who can tell a great story – one everyone “LIKES”. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet that is the latest assertion from Lecturer-in-Chief, storyteller extraordinaire.

Of course, what he really meant was that we failed to understand or comprehend what he was doing. But that is wrong too. We did understand, and that was the problem. That was his problem; we saw and understood what he was doing, or trying to. And we didn’t like it. Only now he says his big failure was not adequately “telling a story”. Translation: not convincing us though his propaganda.

Of course we heard this line, or story, from him before. It was a communication failure that we did not agree with ObamaCare. We just didn’t get it. They should have tried harder, and made it clearer.(for the sefs) That is their “story”, as we heard before. That’s what he meant. Just like those gun and Bible clinging bigots in Pa that have to be convinced at election time. It’s the “same old story”.

And when the American people try telling their story, the pols and Obama’s vast left-wing administration just don’t want to hear it. They will twist it every way to sundown, how racist and ignorant, uneducated and wrong we are. That story. That one has prevailed even without the evidence to back it up, Tea Parties were called names, the Right was ridiculed. That story he and the Left have been telling for years. And we’ve heard it loud and clear. So Mr. Liar in Chief, tell me another story. Please, it may take my mind off the utter mess you made of this Republic.

But….make it a good one.

Story Pole:(background) “Story Poles are often mistaken as totem poles. A totem pole tells a tribe or family history, while a story pole tells Native American legends and folktales. Story poles have characters on both sides of the pole. Characters each have a story with a moral to each story. Story poles were used in the early days as a method of teaching children. The story tellers had to be careful to tell good stories to the children, for these were the only lessons they depended upon to raise good children.” – Interpretive Naturalist, Meg Scanlon

Tell me another “story” Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama.
Just one more…

10 comments on “Story-Pol Failure

  1. bullright says:

    Oh and how could I forget our “perception problem” on the border?
    And how about “The private sector is doing fine” – the problems are in the public sector.

    Oh, that story!


  2. bullright says:

    Tell me something good, oooh whew.
    [–nDR88b0 ]


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Hi Bull,

    Great wit and satire. Yeah, once again we don’t “understand” him and what he tried to do. It had nothing to do with his policies which are good, but with telling us a great story. How utterly laughable.

    I’d like to tell him to his face just what I think of him. I’d tell him he’s the greatest failure of a prez we’ve ever had. The cruelest, the most brutal, the biggest liar of them all.

    Nope he just did not like that we didn’t like his “story”. What a damn fool, stupid Alinsky agitator. The only problem he’s very likely to pull this election out of the hat by various nefarious schemes. After all that’s really all he is, one big con man from Chitcago thuggery politics.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks

      (it can be risky that someone could take it the wrong way, so thanks) Right, and clearly he was speaking to friendly media in that interview. He said before that it is “not enough to get the policies right”. But NO, he didn’t. He has not got much right. The narcissist believes his own lies. He’s in some imaginary land. Truth means nothing to him. He couldn’t see the irony that he has told us a great big story. It’s all he is a walking talking story, a never ending lie. All the lectures and speeches, the joint sessions, the attention. Not like anyone has ignored him. So in another term he is going to increase the propaganda to “tell the story”. (he could go Chavez)

      You are right, its a real possibility he might pull it off, some how. Great another story. I’ve had it with their stories. All they’ve done is tell us stories. (can he be that dumb?) I cannot put a happy face on that possibility. In 08 some said he would be good because he would cause a reaction from the right. But where did it get us? How do we undo the damage? It’s a scary thing to think this is a good thing. Right, he’s been in DC for a term and yet its still the same old Chicago politics. If anything, he only plans on getting worse.


  4. bullright says:

    Funny how everytime it’s a scandal like Fast and Furious or what he said to Medvedev about flexibility, or Solyndra gate, or his hypocritical stands, they tell us “people outside the beltway don’t really care about that stuff…all they care about the economy and jobs”. But Obama hasn’t cared about that. He avoided it when he was conquering our medical system. His agenda was always more important, everything else took a back seat. And he says it wasn’t “enough to get the policies right”?

    However, now that he has an opponent, all that minutiae about Romney and his dog, elevators in the garage, or whether he was CEO of Bain for 4 years is REALLY important stuff. “Pay attention people! It’s about his character”, they tell us. If all that “stuff” about Obama’s record were so irrelevant to folks (in fly over country) then why is Obama spending millions on negative ads on Romney about all this trivial kind of stuff?. When we mention Obama’s real record of failures, they say ‘people don’t care about that… and they really like the guy”. Then they go out spending 10’s of millions attacking Romney’s “character”.


  5. bullright says:

    Here’s another stunning statement from Obama:

    “”Ultimately, I think, Mr. Romney is going to have to answer those questions because if he aspires to being president, one of the things you learn is you’re ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations,” the president said.

    Did he really say that…with a straight face too? He’s been blaming Bush and anyone else since he’s been president. I imagine being president is a little higher, responsibly wise, than absentee CEO. But he has always maintained he is not responsible for any of our problems. From the economy, to spending, to the debt, to jobs, to the scandals, to energy problems, appointments, defying laws and the Constitution, and to the cynicism about our government; Nada, none of it….’Not my fault.’

    But we knew his campaign was going to be like this.


  6. bullright says:

    It’s the “story”, stupid!



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