Message from Never Again is Now

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Stanley Zir .

Bolton’s Blunder

Tabitha Korol Author


I received a form letter from the Honorable Ambassador John R. Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2005-2006) and member of the Board of Directors of The American Conservative Union (ACU). A FOX-news contributor, he has been a tenacious and outspoken advocate of US efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Below the bold red lettering at the top, “Stop Iran’s Nuclear 9-11,” Bolton confirmed his belief that the future of our American cities are in imminent danger from an Iranian atomic-bomb threat. He described Iran as the rogue, terror-sponsoring regime that calls America “the Great Satan” and vows to wipe our ally, Israel, off the face of the Earth. He reminded me, the reader, of his testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, when he expressed his concern about “the Obama Administration’s inept and dangerous policy failure in the Middle East.”

But it was the petition that disturbed me. The heading included the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, naming the Honorable John F. Kerry, chairman, and Honorable Richard C. Lugar, ranking member. The petition’s conclusion was, “Therefore, I believe we ought to give Israel our full support for a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons program if we don’t do it ourselves.”

I never quite grasped the phrase, “I have your back,” but now it was clear. It means “You go in front to meet the enemy head-on, and I’ll bring up the rear. And if you don’t survive the first full surge of the battle, I’ll be in a good position to make a hasty retreat.”

It seems to me that Bolton can’t promise much from his position as past ambassador, and that the once-great United States of America has been brought down several pegs so as to no longer warrant the title of Leader of the Free World. Therefore, in an effort to thwart Iran’s objectives, Bolton will send the tiny Jewish nation, which is no bigger than one of our smallest states, to lead an attack on Iran, to which he hopes – but can’t promise – to provide some undetermined support.

Bolton appears to suggest that we inspire Israel to courageously take a pro-active, preemptive strike against Iran, with the possibility that Iran could use weapons that Israel would assiduously and conscientiously not consider, so that Israel could face annihilation. Then, based on his evaluation of Iran’s strength and success, President Obama could sit back and consider his next move, perhaps initiate more sanctions while the rest of the Islamic world fulfills the recent call for Jihad and Israel’s destruction, made by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badi. In fact, in light of the recent invitation to the White House, extended by Obama to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, Israel’s destruction could be the topic of a mutually acceptable discussion.

I would ask the Ambassador why he is not advocating that WE lead the attack on the Islamofascist nation that threatens our survival, and why WE have so long procrastinated the demolition of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure that threatens us and the entire Western world?

I am appalled that those who represent us have allowed President Obama to lead us into weakness and submission. Whom did we ask to confront the nation of Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor – when there was no Israel to fight our battles? Bolton acknowledged that Obama can’t be counted on to deny the Iranian mullahs’ nuclear missiles, and now he chooses to pass the proverbial buck to the Israelis? No.

In a country like America, that brought freedom to the world, it is absurd to draw up a petition that begs for Israel’s right to defend her sovereignty, when she is already a democratic, sovereign nation. This petition skirts the issue. The ACU should be bold and declaring that Obama’s foreign policy is preventing Israel from doing just that. Iran poses an imminent threat to the American people, and our President is shirking his Constitutional duties to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic. It’s too late for petitions now. What we need is the ACU to demand that this President take action against Iran and protect the American people and our allies, as Iran is moments away from causing a global disaster. If we wait any longer and don’t neutralize Iran, we will find ourselves in a global conflict that could have been averted.

I did not sign the Petition and will not send a donation until the GOP demands that this President destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure now. I cannot support a weakened America that will further endanger Israel and our nation. How did The American Conservative Union even conceive of such a document?

Tabitha Korol,

Began her political writing with letters to the editor, earned an award from CAMERA (Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) “in recognition of outstanding letter-writing in 2009 to promote fair and factual reporting about Israel.” Her op-eds have appeared in Arutz Sheva (Israel National News), and she posts at Right Truth, NewMediaJournal, RenewAmerica, JewishIndy, NeverAgainIsNow, and others. She also does proofreading/editing for a monthly city newsletter.

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she composed the music for the Alma Mater, her early career included fashion and fabric design. Once she and her family moved from New York to Ohio, she wrote customer service correspondence for two major manufacturing corporations for a combined 25 years, and obituaries/lifecycle events for a specialty weekly newspaper before her retirement and entry into journalism.

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Stanley Zir

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17 comments on “Message from Never Again is Now

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post bull! I’ve always admired Ambassador Bolton and the man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to foreign affairs. Obama knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Chicago fag affairs! Bolton may not win a likeability contest, but I never really cared about that shit. So many say Obama is likeable…I don’t like him and he sucks as a pres, so what in the hell is there to like about him. Ambassador Bolton should be our Sec of State instead of Hitlery, but who in the hell in their right mind would want to work for the Idiot and Chief. Bolton is a very capable politician and that just wouldn’t fit into Obama’s model…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, you hit the nail. Pretty bad when almost anyone would be better than the Occupier in Chief. Its hard to match Bolton. I’d go for that. Plus the left hates him so. Unfortunately Bolton can’t do much. I have a hard time seeing anything but a setup in the works from O, especially while he brags about his tough stand for Israel. He’s a better liar than Carter, that’s all. Seeing Kerry and Lugars name causes indigestion. Every time it comes to where the rubber meets the road Obama is on the golf course. It finally comes out that he canceled the bin Laden raid 3 times– ala Jarrett. These aren’t Israel’s best defenders. But listen to Obama talk, its sickening.


      • Davetherave says:

        The illegal Kenyan that swam the ocean to enter illegally and the traitor Kerry working hand in hand…man…that is one sickening thought. I bet Obastid also wants to name a new Czar. I gave you Jane Fonda the Traitor Czar. O’ Billy Bob Clinton would be a shoe in as their poster child….


        • bullright says:

          Dave, LOL a new czar, just what the doc ordered. That’s right up his banana boat. Jane could do the job. I never heard her on Israel, but I bet its a blast. He could outsource the whole thing to Jimma Carter. (the thought probably crossed his evil mind.)


        • bullright says:

          Dave, you gave me an idea. We could strap Jane to the bow of the next ship we send.


  2. Just Gene says:

    Come on guys,
    Obama said he wouild visit Israel as President after he is re-elected. Are you insinuating he lies?!?


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Bolton has been warning about Iran even during the Bush administration. Never is Now is getting too close for comfort.

    Then I hear today that Bozo is going to assassinate Assad. Never mind about Iran. The Killer in the White Mosque made his decision, must have been last Tuesday as they went over the list, that Assad must go. It’s frightening to have a president, as phoney as he is, who believes he decides on who lives and who dies.

    The so called freedom fighters in Syria have al Qaeda fighting with them. This is a horrible situation going on in Syria, but why does that give the Fraud to make the decision to assassinate him? Why doesn’t he assassinate
    Achmedinajar. Bloody hell, Iran is about to launch a nuke. If he is that sure he can assassinate a country’s leaders, then why not take out Achmed and the ayatollahs?


    • Davetherave says:

      Hell Pepp…I think Obastid should look in a mirror when deciding who he should have assassinated next…and not a two way mirror….


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, that sounds about right for the weasel. Then create a diversion, as if he did somehthing significant for Israel. It must be bad, since Mitt left he’s been talking about Israel when you couldn’t get him to mention it before. Now Pelosi says Republicans are extorting the Jews. They just make it up as they go. Just think, he’s promising defense systems and the iron dome when he’s pulling systems out of Europe. And this guuy is a foreign policy genius? I wouldn’t doubt Zero and Holder are plotting against Bolton. What gets you is everyone in the administration has the same toxic worldview.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, So he has a contract on Assad? And he certainly waited long enough. Last week they were saying “it looks like the regime will fall in the next 36 hours”. Anytime now…. That was their line. Idiot would get involved and then turn everything over to the Muz-Bro. Obama can make sure he does it unconstitutionally too, just to really tick everyone off.


  4. bullright says:

    The Busy Post had an article on Iran Apparently their facilities are being serenaded with AC/DC music.


  5. clyde says:

    “if we don’t do it ourself”. With John F-ing Kerry’s signature on this,you know DAMN WELL bombing Iran has been taken off the table. This administration’s hope is that Israel does not survive the first strike. More of this “lead from behind” shit. Bolton NEEDS to distance himself from this position. Anything that has the stench of democrats on it needs the willing suspension of disbelief attached.



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