Mitt’s on track

Mitt might be back in the USA now, but the soundtrack from the trip will not be forgotten quickly. It was not meant to be. Stainstream had all these descriptions of gaffes and controversy all through their media coverage. Pictures of reporters shouting at him as he walks away.

What, no effigies burning yet? I’m dissapointed; they’re slipping. I guess it was short notice. One would think it was a disaster. So the Brits were pretty hard on him, just like the US press. I wish they had half this much criticism for Obama when he was running. No, that was a love fest. A glory tour. Even as Obama made mistakes and insulted people here at the same time, they still fawned over him. Maybe they don’t like Romney too well, you think?

You know what that did? It made me like Romney even more. If they don’t care for him, that’s an asset not a problem. So stick another feather in Romney’s hat, they are not fond of him. Boo-hoo. Great, I don’t want anyone in the WH that Brits are in love with. I don’t want romance. That just confirmed the problem with Obama. I remembered another reason I can’t stand Obama.

5 comments on “Mitt’s on track

  1. pepperhawk says:


    Great article. I’m with you. If those socialist EU countries don’t like Romney that usually means that is the person we need as president. Who cares what those socialist regimes want. They act like they have a vote in the race instead of the American people.

    Funny coincidence is we heard this on Rush yesterday as we drove to Lexington for another doc app’t for the Hawk.

    The media made it out as if Mitt was a total failure on this overseas tour. But they sure don’t show the Liar in Chief’s blunders overseas which have been pretty bad. And they made no mention about the standing ovation Romney got in Israel.


  2. Davetherave says:


    I’m with you! That was the main reason I backed Gingrich for so long. The lefties flat our despised him, so that told me I should pull for him big time. Now we see the same song and dance from the lefties with Romney; even from afar. If the lefties hate him, then he is showing a stark contrast against Obastid and that scares them. Soooooo, I’m tickled to death Romney is now really starting to hit lefties nerves and making them act…well…like they always act when their scared…playground temper tantrum. I would love to throw some sand in their eyes from the sandbox.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I was too. Hard as they tried, I kept thinking how much better he was. They keep showing pictures of the horse dancing. They don’t realize we are laughing at their stupidity. As I told Pepp before, I’m for bringing back the egg and skillet commercial. But use a steaming pile of horseshiit, “this is your brain on Obama…any questions?”


  3. clyde says:

    This election,as much as it is about ridding ourselves of the prick,is ALSO a HUGE rebuke of the lapdog media. Mitt should just IGNORE them,as they HATE him.



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