digging deeper: Condescending Obama vs Business Owners

The Virtue of Elite Arrogance — part II

He said, ““If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”
Remember how “if you build it they will come”? Not anymore, apparently.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Rather odd for a guy who uses the “I” pronoun so much. And a guy who tells people to keep believing in him, faithfully. If that is the case, then we should start giving out credit[balme] for Obama, since he thinks he has been that successful. You didn’t do that, Obama, someone else did. White guilt put you where you are, now how about some applause for white guilt, Barry? Pay some homage to white guilt, affirmative action, and otherwise stupid people.

For instance, how many times does he credit his white grandparents with his success? He mentioned them in his own condescending way, the way he talked about his grandmother in none other than his race lecture. Or if he is so honest, then why not release the college records and show us who really assisted Barry Soetoro? He talks about those scholarships that made it all possible.
Now “Show us the money!”

When was the last time he said he got where he is because of his white grandparents? Pay them some real credit, publicly. That is one part; but when did he give government credit for his success? Or that kingmaker in the Illinois Senate where he learned how to vote “present” to evade accountability? The guy he asked how he could be made into a presidential candidate? When did he give thanks to government and bureaucrats for his accomplishments? And how about all those blind voters? The serfs he wants to rule over. He owes them, “bigtime”. When did he say “I didn’t do this myself” and mean it? I don’t mean his Broadway act, narcissist that he is. He hasn’t even told us about the influential, well-connected Frank Marshall Davis either.The name he can’t quite mention. He won’t give a shout out to Frank Marshall Davis for getting him here. How about a big cheer to Rev Wright for fine tuning his Marxist views, and for borrowing parts of sermons? Don’t forget Deval Patrick for lending him some awsome words, or a speech, at just the right time.

But his central theme is the infrastructure, how government made success possible. Just because someone uses the Internet in their business does not mean Internet is responsible for their business. He seems confused. He is awfully dismissive of individual efforts.

On the other hand, if he credits big-government for individual success, then lets look at what all they really do, you know, “to help”. All those applications, regulations, inspections, forms, and ever-growing bureaucracy that, well, makes and keeps you successful. What about that? I mean all the hours and inconvenience of complying with government just to make and keep you legal. Is he talking about those advantages to businesses? More like disadvantages and disincentives: When government bans one product you use so you have to find a replacement. When new regulations mean you must have 2 more people in your office just to handle the extra paperwork. When you have to collect and deliver the taxes to the government on goods you market. What about those expenses and burdens of compliance? What about when, through government taxes and regulation increases, you are forced to raise your prices and squeeze your profit margin smaller and smaller to make it work? What about when that profit margin becomes so slim you cannot operate and have to cut employees to make it? What about when big-government decides to take an interest in your sector and picks winners and losers? Or when they incentivize or subsidize a few of your competitors while you must compete with them? Or when government changes regs in the middle of the process and literally tells you, “You can’t build that here”? (then fines you accordingly) That’s just a few of the benefits government can do for you. What can Big Bro do for you? So they want people to be thankful for those – some call them disadvantages.

They say bridges and roads and governments of all type are the reason you are in business – A, and the reason you are successful – B.

Only if you were schooled in the, Marxism, Alynski radicalism, community organizing, big-government utopianism does it all make perfect sense. What does it mean to a guy who sought out Marxist professors and all that stuff? And remember those helpful “composites”. Maybe he should say, “Thanks comrade Marxists, I owe you. I’ll pay it forward to you all.” What about all those choices he made? Government was there, behind it all. Ones that brought him to a point where, as president, he could give a press conference to call a local police department stupid.

Right, he was not really talking about the help of others, community et al, he was referring to big-government. More specifically big government. So we know. But can he admit that these are expensenses a business has to digest and the help comes with strings? Can he admit the problems, hassles, and resources that it costs to deal with government? Yet it is a one-way street to him; government is the friend and partner, never opponent or competitor. Never mind the truth. What about all the highway taxes people already pay using the roads. Businesses are paying those too. I think he has a problem in the accounting department. There are two sides of the ledger, not one.

Individual initiative drives success. We spend tons of the peoples money on unionized public employees and look at all the fraud and abuse we see. Businesses and people must be thankful for that — like showing preference to a business if it is a union shop. Then politicians make promises to their union organizers to get elected and reelected. How about the pols admitting that help? How the purchase of votes is responsible for their successful career? (using our money) Oh, that is all part of that system Liberals are celebrating here in their defense of big government. Stick it all under one umbrella and say “hoorah for government”. Next, with ObamaCare and evolving national healthcare, we will be told to thank government for life itself. But, on the contrary, I’m sure it would not take credit for deaths though.

I gave up on the rosy optimism that liberals would see the error in a current position they take, as the truth oozes out around them. Regardless, they dig their ideological heels in and will not see or admit it. Want proof of this look at the campaign. Pollster Frank Luntz noted if supporters see a real negative ad about Obama or dems they tune it out. They don’t want to hear it or see it. Look on the web, it’s the same way. If something is very critical of Obamessiah on a popular site, they attack anyone who agrees and call the author names. Of course, when it was Bush that same critical sentiment was celebrated and echoed from all the ivory towers, from media to academia to Main Street. It was “in”, and don’t dare hold it back. Shout it Loud and Proud! Now they suggest no person should be allowed to criticize Obama. It is not appropriate. A comedian could have made a name and career criticizing Bush; while one could end his/her career by picking on Obama. That is taboo.

Round and round they go

When you point out the double standard, 180-degree flip-flop, they won’t even admit the obvious fact. But worse than that, they project their own political behavior onto the Right, and make all kinds of irrational equivications. But they will not come to terms with what they are doing or defending, or the consequences of it. I always say at least Nixon resigned. When Libs are under attack they double down, even when cornered. If you expect to prove their hypocrisy to them you are kidding yourself. This is why anymore I don’t bother. They aren’t listening anyway.

And what is amusing is how those words “you didn’t build that” are the same as Elizibeth Warren’s feverish mantra. More borrowed words from another politician. She did not get much flack about them. Adding further irony is that even Obama’s words would not be as powerful if not for the vast number of sycophants that repeat them and push his arguments. So he can liberally attack Romney about outsourcing and never mind his own. Or he can attack Romney on records or taxes and never mind his hidden records. “What are YOU hiding, Obama?” And no one in media seems to care the pot is calling the skillet black.

A hat tip to the loyal media and his minions. He’s lucky in that regard, they take every word he says and run with them – hypocrisy and all. Truth doesn’t matter when you hear the machinations of the left spouted from every other rooftop and in the airwaves 24/7. With this all out assault on any opposition, no one cares to hear the truth. Barry said it so it is. So Obama has had a lot of help. But rather than “build”… it is systematic destruction.

Postscript comment:
I should apologize for writing about this again except that there are numerous levels on which to take issue with his remarks. Imagine if he directed a statement like that toward unions, like the ironworkers, and their union bosses. No, he wouldn’t but that is not the point. Imagine Obama telling them you didn’t build that. Lets say it might not be recieved very well. Too bad he did not make that point to Solyndra before relieving their liability to the government kitty. Again, nope.


Ref: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/post/obamas-you-didnt-build-that-problem/2012/07/18/gJQAJxyotW_blog.html

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9 comments on “digging deeper: Condescending Obama vs Business Owners

  1. clyde says:

    This issue cannot be talked about ENOUGH as far as I’m concerned. Romney needs to make this statement EVERY DAY he speaks to the damnable media whores.These words show the complete,utter contempt Obama has for the so-called “middle class”. Insults those who hire the vast majority of the vaunted middle class, harps on the “rich”, except the Hollyweirders, how ANYONE in the business world contributes money to this asshole is beyond my paygrade to figure out,and yet,they still support the bastard. Astounding,I say.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, yea I’m starting to think the same way. There is a lot to chew on …choke on in his words. He won’t offend celebs. Yea, and hopefully they’re learning they are his enemy. If he said nothing, that would be one thing, but he’s kicking them in the head every day. And he believes that’s the way to get money from them.


  2. bullright says:

    Here’s an example of what a tone-deaf ideologue he is. Months ago he did a town hall type event on twitter. He started getting questions from small business owners. It was a combination of drawing out empty answers and saying tell congress to pass his jobs act. That was his answer to everything. He soon ended it and the questions on business mounted. He should have taken a clue from that. But he didn’t and we can see just how disconnected he is. First, he says the private sector is doing fine. Then says the public sector is the only problem. Now he tells business owners they didn’t build that. I see a pattern. Despite business concerns and the bad economy, regulations coming, he tells them they aren’t paying their fair share and need to pay more. Then he makes and ad to say his words were pulled from context that he stands behind businesses and owners.


  3. pepperhawk says:


    Great article. You sure do line up all the ways the Alinskyite preaches and deceives. They don’t give a hoot how many lies they tell or how many people they offend. It’s all for their cause to take down our Republic.

    It amazes me every day how all his minions keep repeating the same lies coming out of his mouth. But all the good Marxists have to keep the lies going by repeating them over and over on TV even when the lies are debunked.

    I can’t say how sick I am of hearing him and his lies.

    What really bothers me is that so many people believe them and the liberal media won’t touch him, but cover up everything for him. The lame media should be indicted as co-conspirators for helping him take down our Republic.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks but at the risk of my repetition, it just ticks me off so much. I am the same way, sick of it and his games. Playing political games when the country is in this condition. He shouldn’t stand a chance of reelection. He’s attacking the core of America, relentlessly.


      • pepperhawk says:


        You can’t say it enough or publish stuff enough. The crimes and misdemeanors this creature needs to be exposed as much as possible. I too am so sick of this Dictator my stomach aches almost every doggone day. It is relentless, his attack on us and our country. I keep wondering why nobody does a thing about him. I could just scream to be honest.


  4. Davetherave says:


    Good job continuing to keep this type stuff on the front burner. it’s like some people tell me the BC issue is a non-winner and to drop it. I don’t think so! Repeating the truth over and over is the perfect counter move against the liberal commies that love repeating the lies over and over, until the mindless sheep believe them. Most people have very short memories, so kudos to you for continuing to keep the truth of the sumbitch front and center.



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