Hooray for Chic-fil-A

is all I have to say.

The mayors trying to ban Chick-fil-A was a real low point even for the left. Boycotts were bad enough. Then after the rally for Chick-fil-A, what do they do but stage a “kiss-in” at the stores. Let me get it straight, if you are a successful store owner and do not endorse or support LGBT gay agenda, they will organize a “kiss-in” at your store.

Then Rahm Emanuel, trying to explain his anti-Chic-fil-A position, says he doesn’t want the restaurant there because it does not represent “Chicago’s values”. So what are the values in the gang-banger capital of the Mid-West? Three cheers for Chicago’s “values”…. the home of more convicted politicians than anywhere in the US.

Just to show how bad an idea this fascist discrimination is, many Democrats disagreed with it. Even the ‘King of Bans’, Mayor Bloomberg said he didn’t agree with it. When you can’t get Bloomberg onboard for a ban, you must be doing something wrong.

“Rahm Emanuel, Moreno out-of-touch with #Chicago Values”

Posted by Anne Sorock – 7/27/2012

Chicagoans are used to politicians running roughshod over our city. It’s a war zone today, but not just from the drug cartel and gang shootings that are ravaging our neighborhoods. The politicians from the local up to the federal think they’re little kings, who use favors and privilege to keep our city in the grips of their rule. In the case of banning Chick-fil-A, however, we have the opportunity to shake our politicians up and down and show them just how little they understand about those whom they claim to represent.

Among other things, we still like the U.S. Constitution and would appreciate it being applied within our city boundaries (see the Second Amendment case for reference).

Alderman Joe Moreno of Chicago, who represents a gentrified neighborhood close to the city’s downtown, has used “Aldermanic Privilege” to ban the construction of a Chick-fil-A restaurant because the owner supports traditional marriage based on his Christian faith. Boston Mayor Menino has now admitted he was wrong to suggest he would prevent a Chick-fil-A in downtown Boston.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that he supported Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno’s decision to ban Chick-fil-A because it doesn’t represent “Chicago Values” and besides, the restaurant would be “empty” because of it. [….cont.]

21 comments on “Hooray for Chic-fil-A

  1. Reblogged this on The Busy Post and commented:
    I think the whole Chick fil-A thing was a diversion concocted by the Dems…

    My top 3 reasons are:
    1. It was started by Rahm Emanuel
    2. The jobs report came out last week
    3. Amnesty is now in motion http://wp.me/p2iCZ5-192


  2. clyde says:

    Seems to me if you were to open a store in EITHER of the shitholes,it would among the most ROBBED stores in your chain. Not me. I would absolutely NOT open in ANY inner-city run by democrats. WAY too expensive,and NOT safe.


  3. pepperhawk says:


    I hate to say this but when Rahm opened his mouth that Chick Fil A did not meet Chitcago’s values, I laughed my head off. Like WHAT VALUES????????

    You mean they have values in Chitcago? Crime, fraud, bribery, murders, and what else? The Windy City full of mob types and Rahm looks like a mob boss to me.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp. LMAO now you? I’m going to need a drinnk, what values. LOL They have some serious spin in the windy. How they elected him is proof of the ethics and moral values of the city. I guess gay is a value now.

      I saw in Wendys they have a sign that says G-rated (in other words a warning) That might be a little restrictive for Chicago. No pols could eat there.

      But give progressives power and look what they do. That alderman had no shame. I saw an interview where even tingly leg Matthews thought they had gone too far. This is their way of shifting the topic to other issues. (did they think no one would notice?)


    • Just Gene says:

      Rahm’s rant was on TV as news – Did anyone not know Chick Fil A values were not Chick Ago’s values – WHAT’S NEW


  4. Davetherave says:

    Good post bull and I’ll try to comment, but I’m having trouble seeing after reading clyde’s comment. Damn that man is hilarious! Speech is free as long as you say what the Sumbitch and Chief and all his commie pinko friends agree with it. Disagree with them and they sure in the hell try to make you pay for your speech. As clyde has wrote many times…f*ck em!

    Allow me to provide a simple example from the world of Davetherave: I got a private message on Facebook today from a female cousin of mine that migrated to CA for a career. I slam Obamastalin on FB all the time and I guess my comments finally got to her. She was very polite in her writing to me, but made it clear she supports Obama and he is only trying to clean up the mess of…guess who?…Bush! She made some bullshit statement about how she went through this stage of enlightenment in her life where she didn’t say negative things about people and wished me the best in finding enlightenment. Wanna guess what I wrote her back? See end of my first paragraph for a clue. 🙂


    • Davetherave says:

      Hmmm…guess that’s one less Christmas card I don’t have to worry about mailing out anymore…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, Yea Clyde splattered it right across the desk. LOL. (truth squad will be looking for him) That’s their idea of freedom alright as long as you agree with them – otherwise you are condemned. Its Taliban Rahm. And people put up with that….in Chicago??

      When you said “I slam Obamastalin” I read it Islam Obamastalin — but same diff. LOL Ah oh, family feud. Ain’t enlightenment wonderful? … But that is only the first act, the show gets better(worse) toward the end. Well when is the next reunion ? LOL Maybe she will catcha nice wave and forget all the bad people. But it was alright when they were burning flags and effigies of Georgy boy, mustache and all. Now its peace. (no prosperity just peace) Obama doesn’t even conjur up peace when he talks in that voice he draws from the culdron. Its like dealing with cult members. Its going to involve extensive reprogramming.


      • Davetherave says:

        ROTFLMAO!!! I cannot believe I’ve never made that connection with “I slam”. You do have a very sharp wit my friend! Yeah; those loony lib’s out west get enlightened by eating too much pay-o-tee with dem dar Nav-e-ho…

        The Marines have Camp Lejeune for training and the crooked lib’s have Chicago…


  5. bullright says:

    The Busy Post:
    No Pat Sajak? No Jon Voight?
    While Hollywood is comprised of mostly staunch Democrats, there are a few conservative folks who stand tall and strong.
    Full List: [in part]
    1. Stephen Baldwin
    2. Jessica Simpson
    3. Britney Spears
    4. Tony Danza
    5. Clint Eastwood
    6. Sarah Michelle Gellar
    7. Mel Gibson
    8. Kelsey Grammer
    9. Drew Carey
    10. Matthew McConaughey
    11. Freddie Prinze Jr.
    See at:



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