Obama boycotts Israel

Obama Blasted for Failure to Visit Israel

BY: Adam Kredo — Washington Free Beacon
July 27, 2012 11:33 am

The Emergency Committee for Israel is waging a media blitz to alert voters to President Obama’s failure to visit Israel during his four years in office.

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“He’s quite a world traveler. But not to Israel. An oversight? Or an indication?” the pro-Israel organization wondered in a statement earlier today announcing a television advertisement highlighting Obama’s travel habits. “He’s traveled to the Middle East multiple times—to accept an award in Saudi Arabia, to give a major speech in Cairo, to hold town hall meetings in Turkey—but never stopped to visit our closest ally in the region.”

Read at: http://freebeacon.com/obama-blasted-for-failure-to-visit-israel/

11 comments on “Obama boycotts Israel

  1. pepperhawk says:

    I like this that this group is going to wage war on Obama. LOL! He so deserves it and I hope he loses the usual Jewish support he gets. He does not deserve one Jewish vote. And I can’t understand why some Jews will still vote for him no matter what. It’s almost as if they don’t care about Israel even though their own people there are under tremendous threats.


    • bullright says:

      He does need some fire for it. He might think he has a lock on the Jewish vote here and that’s all that matters to him, but it is a critical time. He has a hard time showing much unity, other than his rhetoric on shifting sand. And even his words (or that of his administration) have not been that beneficial.


  2. bullright says:

    Obama lectures how great he was and is for Israel but he doesn’t make a trip. That is the point. It’s a dead give away that he has to tell us and remind us constantly. He spent more time in Indonesia. Obama is the one who keeps talking his Israel support up. But he talks about a lot of things.


    • Davetherave says:

      Lets see. Ass and Chief gave one of those towel head countries (hell I can’t remember which one right now) $550M of our money, because they were hungry. Israel fights every single day for its very existence and that ass gives them $70M for military aid. Can anyone point out the token black dude at the white wash party????


  3. bullright says:

    I can see where this is all going. Stainstream media is pushing against this criticism comparing all the presidents etc. Gee, criticize Obama about Israel, and his words, it stirs them up like fire ants. We don’t need a full dissertation on visits of former presidents and their travel logs, its about Barack Obama. If the first black president doesn’t want to go to Israel, its his decision — not George Bush’s or anyone else’s.


  4. Davetherave says:

    Israel should be touting just how damn lucky they are the sumbitch has never soiled their country. I sure in the hell wish we were that lucky.

    Obamastalin should NOT get a single Jewish, Catholic, Evangelical, Military, business owner, Caucasian or a believer in our constitution vote. I can’t list every one that should not vote for that ass, but the ones I did list would make it a landslide for Romney. The Sumbitch and Chief frigging hates all those I named, so why in the upchuck would any of them vote for him? Those that do must love bondage…I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂


    • bullright says:

      I also wish it were so. He did nothing to earn it. My guess is they will do it again, maybe not the percentage. He completely takes that vote for granted, like the Christian left, the arrogant fuhrer.And they get little in return. You are right, if they went for the better candidate it would be a big deal. Just with Christians alone it would be big. I digress, sadly. But where I have hope is that the white guilt has wilted.


  5. pepperhawk says:

    Per Purplegimp, she would rather be where she it now with all the danger there is than be here under the Devil’s dictatorship. So that says a lot.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, Well, I hear that. And at least there is something like national security there instead of national insecurity here. With all the leaking going on, they better be careful what they tell us too. It speaks volumes.


    • bullright says:

      The Jews I see here will likely pull the lever for him again. (probably a 3rd time if they could) It bothers me but no one will get the message across that there is even an option. I bet PG probably knows. Then again, they aren’t up on all this monster is doing in his cauldron in DC. And they can’t assume they have representation looking out for them in the Capitol, anymore. B-cause they only care about their own interests.



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