Deepak Chopra calls for gun control

 The guru of healing called for gun control post shooting.

We have no need for guns in a civilized society, according to Deepak Chopra, he told Piers Morgan Monday,  in the wake of this shooting in a Sikh temple in Milwaukee.  
On the twitter he got  some feedback after calling for gun control for this tweet Sunday after the shooting, which touched off a flurry.

Temple shooting in Wisconsin once again highlights the madness of no gun control in the USA

12:20 pm / Aug 5
Deepak Chopra

Guns do not belong in a civil society

Aug 5


I’m sorry that my comment on guns not belonging in a civil society generated so much violent & uncivil language on my twitter feed.

Deepak Chopra


Those who lose their temper when debating gun control should not be allowed to have guns.

Deepak Chopra


Violence is the shadow energy of shame & impotence

7:44 pm/ Aug 5



The only use of a gun is to kill


People who respond to opinions on gun control with comments of racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred,hostility & fear should not own guns.


 Later on Monday night he talked to Piers Morgan  (via twitter)

“These people are the very people who should not be owning guns,” says @DeepakChopra on those enraged by his @twitter feed.


“I think President offers hope, stability, and compassion, but he needs to take a stand on gun control!” @DeepakChopra

23 comments on “Deepak Chopra calls for gun control

  1. Guns are for Pussies! A real man should fight fair and square with his bare hands and not hide like a coward behind a gun!


    • clyde says:

      Agreed to an extent,Prem,but when the bastard coming at you is waving a gun,or knife,or what have you,I’d MUCH rather have a gun myself.


  2. Davetherave says:


    Exactly what definition does a person apply to a “civilized society”. Do we really live in a civilized society in our country? If our guns are taken away and murders are only done via knives, baseball bats, bombs…etc…would we then be considered a civilized society? Me thinks not.

    Us being allowed to own guns via our constitutional rights does not make us an uncivilized society. How we treat people over all is what would make us a civilized society and that has nothing to do with owning guns. I get made as hell when debating gun control, but I’ve never shot anyone over it. This is such a snowball crock of shit it blows my mind. Us having our constitutional right destroyed to own guns has nothing to do with lowering violence or making us civilized. Criminals will always be able to get guns when they want them. This is nothing more than a further attempt for big brother to be able to control us more easily. People like Deepak are delusional, utopia dreaming, dumb asses.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I agree. Tell us about civilized when they want a “right” to kill babies on demand. And don’t heap any restrictions on it. That is a ruse definately. Its what they call freedom. Judging by twitter and some peoples anger on anything on the web, I think they shouldn’t have a 1st amendment then, and so on. You could say that about any hot topic. But then have you tried to discuss something rationally with a leftist lately? Chicago is the drive by capital, it does wonders there. Their problem is chicken sandwiches now. He seemed to be using the firestorm that he pretty much created, to full advantage. Delusional and utopian says volumes. But how much is comdrade paying attention to him, one wonders.


    • bullright says:

      Dave I will have to get back to you with an answer on the civilized thing. LOL


  3. pepperhawk says:

    I’ve always thought of Deepak Chopra as a fraud himself. I think he and Ohpra spent many a show together talking about “peace”. Well the criminals on the street don’t give a damn about peace and quiet. All they care about is if anyone has guns to protect themselves. If they do, the criminals go away.
    What hogwash calling for gun control. It’s all over due to a couple of maniacs shootings.


    • bullright says:

      I’m with you on that. I nomally tune him out with the analysis jargon. Reading some of his coments just reaffirmed it. And like the others, how much is publicity chasing or just genuine quackery, I don’t know. The criminals obviously care nothing about laws, isn’t that logical. I can’t even express my thoughts on the subject, terrible as it is, because they loaded it with all this.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull: I am in agreement with you. I can not stand to even listen to Chopra because he sounds to me like a snake oil salesman. He thinks he has all the answers. And with that my distrust sets in because no one has all of the answers.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp: you’re right, now that is dangerous when you think you have all the answers. Plus it has that religion aspect to it. (which is how I look at it) People really believe they’re gods — and they aren’t all in Chicago of DC. There’s also a lot of relativism in it. But I guess it pays well.


  4. Just Gene says:

    Guns creat civilized societies – we may have to prove that too soon !


  5. Mrs. AL says:

    We have gun control. It’s called the brain controlling the trigger finger.


  6. clyde says:

    Never could stand the sonofabitch. Oprah ass-kisser anyway. I’ll bet ya dollars to donuts this hypocrite has ARMED security with him wherever he goes.


  7. drrik says:

    “The only use of a gun is to kIll.”

    In that sense it is the last resort in the defense against tyranny.

    Tyrannical taxes do not belong in a civil society.
    Central government control of everything does not belong in a civil society.
    Government monitoriing of every shred of electronic communication and information does not belong in a civil society.
    Government corruption does not belong in a civil society.
    Full body searches by agents of the government on persons that desire to use public transportation does not beolong in a civil society.
    Strip searches of anyone that is arrested even if there is no probable cause for the arrest does not belong is a civil society.
    Onerous regulation and litigaiton expenses that drive companies out of the country does not belong in a civil society.

    Too easy to go on.

    Once that genre of problems is addressed, I’ll forgo my guns. Or I will just think of them as no longer necessary but nice to have should like problems ever reoccur in a society of men.



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