Success of a Fraud

I hold this truth to be self-evident that Obama is a fraud. However, not a really good one.

(contains sarcasm and satire)

For instance, say you were a business owner or a big corporation hiring someone for a top spot. Would you look at the resume and, hearing him say he badly wants the job, say “great, have at it”? Then imagine you just turn it all over to him and say, “whatever the results, we are pretty much going to ignore those. And if you run into a wall, just usurp more power and do whatever you want. We’ll check back in 4 years; but based on whatever you say we’ll renew your contract then. We will also dismiss out of hand any bad reports. ” Crazy?

Scary. No one in their lucid mind would commit such an act on whim, but America did. All he says originally is base it on the way he applied for the job (never mind not gving you much background) and to base it on those he surrounds himself with. And they are some characters. About all he could say was the last person you had was a disaster so you just need to hire him.

Sounds so good, right? Not really, but he suggests his two books give you ample information. And says “Don’t I apply for the job real well?”– forget the solid details. Not like he has anything to prove to you, you will just give him the job and all the perks. It’s a no-brainer, right?

The guy comes back to a review four years later. The environment is rife with hostility, the numbers don’t add up, and everything seems to be a mess. The people he put in are obviously cronies of the same ilk. His only excuse is the idiot you had before really messed up and left a disaster. He didn’t do anything about it really, except keep telling you what a bad guy you had in the job before. So “I deserve another term”, he says. Naturally, you are just chomping at the bit to agree, dismiss all the problems you see, and tell him “no problem…it’s all yours.” Your only regret is you could not keep him longer.

That’s just what we all would do, isn’t it?

So based on my illustration that is as factual as his resume, or his composites, I conclude he really isn’t even a good fraud.

Besides, there is one other applicant for the job but this current “occupant” assures you that other guy is an idiot and could not be accountable or responsible to do the job, and he is hiding something in his resume or application.

This is a no-brainer for the left.

14 comments on “Success of a Fraud

  1. Just Gene says:



  2. clyde says:

    Sad part here is,this sumbitch doesn’t have enough of ANYTHING to put on a resume.


  3. pepperhawk says:


    Good satire and example. What you stated is exactly what happened and it is a travesty. Right, he’s done so well in the last 4 yrs. that we should gladly vote for this traitor once again.

    Liberals, of course, will fall for this all over again, mostly because they probably are the ones receiving all of the goodies he gives out on the tax payer dime.


  4. Davetherave says:


    Bravo, bravo!!!! I am flat out laughing my ass off!!!! I just wish this was fiction…OMG its not…



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