Politics at all costs

The word and emails are out. Obama is waging a war against the potential VP nominee, whoever it may be. He is covering all the bases by asking those in the states of the contenders to send in their dirt on them. Sound familiar? It should, remember the hotline number to report criticism of ObamaCare? This is the typical Chicago smear machine in hyperdrive. What else would we expect from the dirt peddlers from the Big Windy?

Once again, we see from the Left that politics trumps everythng. Right and wrong do not matter, ethics do not matter, nothing matters, only politics — winning at any and all costs, whatever it takes. And they are not shy about using this method. If it hapens to be a lie, who cares?  But we have a gaffe-master plagiarizer VP now and it matters not, no tactics are too low.

A few weeks ago Obama admitted in an interview, supposedly one of his shortcomings was that he remembered that he has to tell America a story. A story? Indeed tell us a story, Obama; tell us the biggest, fattest, juiciest story or lie he can. That seems to be job one. All his other plans don’t mean much if he cannot pull out his reelection. Anything goes. So the story ‘is the bomb’, as they say. How many people believe his conniving narrative is yet to be determined.

He wants anything related to any nominee they can find. Their opposition research is so busy. Maybe they should be doing a little opposition research on “the one”? Then they could find some real dirt. (that might be too easy)

Obama camp asks supporters to dish dirt on possible Romney veeps

 In emails to supporters in Ohio, Florida, and Minnesota, Obama for America invites critics of hometown pols Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Marco Rubio, and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty to “share what you think Americans need to know aboutthe could-be vice presidential candidates.

24 comments on “Politics at all costs

  1. bullright says:

    At least Larry Flynt was paying out big money for some dirt.


  2. Just Gene says:

    Have you watched the TV show, “Person of Interest”? May not be true today??? but will be too soon. Another method of total knowledge of what we do – being added to obamacare, internet surveilance and everything else needed for total CONTROL.


  3. bullright says:

    How far the Left has come. (the brown-shirts are coming …)
    They have turned into what they once claimed to decry about dirty politics, entrenched power and corruption. They now own the store. And “Mr. Establishment”-man ain’t the guy they see from afar anymore, it’s the man in the mirror. What the left once stood against is everything they represent today.


  4. pepperhawk says:


    I’m not in a very good mood today and to say the least this “digging up dirt” on Romney’s VP is another disgusting act. It’s all about destroying your opponent with personal destruction tactics.

    Already this kind of “dirt” is causing Romney to keep slipping in the polls if you believe them. But, Frank Luntz has proved over and over that these negative ads work with people. instead of being repulsed by these kinds of horrible attacks that hold no truth, the stupids believe them.

    Like the one where Romney is now being accused of killing some woman. So far he’s a felon, a tax cheat, and now a murderer. These ads are playing day and night in swing states like Ohio.

    Romney better step it up if he wants any chance of taking the Fraud down. So far he’s been too gentlemanly and like the primitive Muslims, it appears the only thing people like are the nasty attacks, seeing it as strength.


    • bullright says:


      I’m wih you, don’t know what your mood cause is but mine is this slump they seem to be in. The negative ads do work, bunches of lies they are. Ohio bugs me. Obama’s polls should be dropping with all that is happening. It shouldn’t be that close with his stumbling. I don’t see enough return fire. Ann Coulter made the case against his responses. Rush too. And this time the base is fired up. Its leaving questions in people’s minds and I don’t like it. Romney has been organizing for a long time, and these spokespeople are getting to me.


      • pepperhawk says:


        My mood is in a slump. I see what is going on, Zero playing right out of the Alinsky book of personal destruction tactics. And what is Romney doing for bloody sake? He has to get as dirty as this radical outlaw we have for a prez.

        I don’t get Ohio either. Having lived in Ohio for most of my life nothing seems to make sense. For example, during the Repub primary, Santorum won almost the entire state with Romney getting only about 4 counties. There are 88 counties in Ohio.

        What I got out of that was Ohioans wanted someone far to the right. Santorum was about the most right wing candidate. And apparently Ohioans like Santorum’s values. Since I lived in Ohio, voting for Santorum made sense to me because on the average, Ohioans are mostly right wingers except in the cities. Ohio is mostly rural other than the cities. The rural people are very religious and hold values of family and country very dear.

        So now we’re to believe that Ohio did a 180 and are going for the “values” of the Fraud? But, I hear that the Zero is running ads all day long on Ohio’s TV stations with these outright dirty ads accusing Romney of being a felon, a tax cheat, and now a murderer. I think these negative ads work even though people say they don’t like them, they believe them. Even Frank Luntz said negative ads work.

        It sounds to me like Romney better get his butt into Ohio as much as he can to counter these lies.


        • bullright says:


          God love you; you put it much better than I could. Nice analysis. I see the same thing forming in PA. As you say, its the major areas and that’s where Odingabama goes to rally his drones. But the trend says the same thing in that state. And we’re to believe odious Obama has it almost sowed up — or turned to the dark side. (forget the recent elections) Yep, he’s running smear ads and spending money faster than he can raise it.

          Speaking of that, two months in a row Romney outrased the Chicago Shyster. I don’t see the needed responses.So where is all this money going then. I want to see offense not defense. And I don’t see enough of that. So the money, again? What for? And with a few spokespeople, he has the right wondering why they are pulling out their guts to beat this gladiator from hell when they are making out of sync statements? I’m starting to wonder intent here.


  5. clyde says:

    One thing ANY potential VEEP absolutely MUST do,and that is to be able to counter the lies that WILL be manufactured about them. Can’t find dirt? Manufacture shit out of thin air. It’s all they’ve got.


  6. Davetherave says:

    bull, good post! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Obamastalin is a speed bump for snakes. The sumbitch is the lowest form of critter I’ve ever seen. All Obama can do is lie. All he knows how to do is lie. Obama’s entire life is one big lie. Romney’s VP pick I believe will make the difference of who wins the White House, so I’m with clyde that Romney better pick damn carefully. Obama’s goons will track this person’s lineage back to Noah’s Ark if needed to find out they pissed over the side of the boat once…public flashing and indecent exposure!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, You got that sight, a speedbump for snakes. LOL back to the Ark. LOL Its too bad its true. I checked the sites and its every bit as bad as you say. Its an all out scorched earth campaign. He wants all his minions onboard lighting the fires. So there’s his middle class crapola. Basically telling people to submit whatever even if its made up. And it is by the campaign. They have no scruples about what they are doing. It started with his dog so that should have gave anyone a clue. He is calling out all the maniacs. It’s now the Brown-Shirt campaign.


      • Davetherave says:

        bull, it sure is a scorched earth campaign and once again we see Obama never lets a crisis go to waste. He’s taking advantage of the severe drought to set fires all over the place. He was nice enough to send a whopping $30M to help out the many states that are damn near dry as a bone. If memory serves, the sumbitch sent $550M of our money to Egypt, because they still haven’t figured out how to grow crops in over 2000 years and they were getting hungry. What a


  7. bullright says:

    This whole process is proving what hypocrites they are and their willful ignorance. They will dish out and fabricate all this stuff and yet ignore all the mountains of dirt about Obama. (from childhood right up to the Oval Office) If all this matters to Romney’s campaign, why doesn’t it matter to Obama. So why do all Obama’s ugly ties and his questionable past NOT matter to them? They’ve spent 3 years running around to each Republican saying will you condemn this action and that story about Obama. Now the truth comes out that they don’t care about truth – only politics of winning.


  8. […] This a follow up to the last post. I made a comment I wanted to clarify: How far the Left has come. (the brownshirts are coming)[…]


  9. bullright says:

    They called Romney “etch-a-sketch”

    We can call Obama “fetch-a-story”
    (…‘cause lord knows I don’t have a record to use’)



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