Contradictions in politics

Shocked at that.

This a follow up to the last post. I made a comment I wanted to clarify that may seem contradictory:

How far the Left has come. (the brown-shirts are coming …)
They have turned into what they once claimed to decry about dirty politics, entrenched power and corruption. They now own the store. And “Mr. Establishment”-man ain’t the guy they see from afar anymore, it’s the man in the mirror. What the left once stood against is everything they represent today.

I thought I’d flush out what I meant. ‘Its the claim, stupid’.

Some people might be a little confused and say, “it appears contradictory. Aren’t you always saying Democrats and their powerful interest are the power-hungry, big-government ones? Now you say they were opposed to that?” Well, it makes sense though to Dems and their liberal colleagues. It’s true, the progressives have always craved and depended on power. Its their thing, or in mafia lingo, the Cosa Nostra (“our thing”). Yes. But their brochure doesn’t line up.

I know, many have documented progressives for a century. They had control of congress for decades. They built big government ‘with a little help from their friends’. But that’s where the lie comes in. They promote themselves as the party of the little guy, the working class, the downtrodden, even the anti-establishment, and even the freedom lovers. And most of those claims still survive. (hard to believe how, but they do) It’s their gimmick. It is how they attract folks, students, and youth. But it’s a bait and switch.

Sure, the real truth is they have always been exactly what we see acting out right in front of us, unapologetically. But the sales pitch was the righteous “we are for everyone” mantra – against the powerful . It is how they get people and keep them active. The other is by demonizing to the point that they believe Republicans are coming to take them in that wheelchair to the nearest cliff, just for a few laughs.

Who would want to say: “come join us, the Party of the big, bad, federal government at its worst. We stand for the power and by the power. And we take our politics seriously because it is all about power — not you, our power. Power that we need and power is all what we’re about”? No, that would not sound too attractive to some people. (some might be drawn to the message) So they don’t want to admit what they are about.

Hence, the lie that “we are for the little guy not the rich bastards. We are for the working guy…blah blah” All you have to do is listen to them talk. But it’s the big lie. In reality the groups and people they use are only ammunition, the cogs in the wheel, the fodder, and just the fuel needed to make their machine run. A.k.a the blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, illegal, unions, public employees unions, immigrants, gays, environmentalists… You name it, or the leftist cause, and they have a bumper sticker slogan for them. They are only fuel, to be expended and extorted as such.

Well, the sales pitch is “bring ‘em all to the ranch.” But the ranch just leads back to the big federal government. It’s the progressive ranch. Causes are only fodder to keep up their “little guy” ranch illusion and keep them in power. They say its diverse but not in ideology. It stands for one thing, big-government and more of it.

Now for the new twist.

What is new about the modern left is that the illusion is disappearing. They are giving up the ghost. They say the same things as usual. But now they call out the goons and minions, Brown-Shirts et al, to defend their entrenched power by whatever means necessary. Their real “cause” IS the entrenched power. They are not fighting ‘the man’, they are fighting for ‘the man’.

7 comments on “Contradictions in politics

  1. pepperhawk says:


    Excellent post. I don’t even see the radicals trying to hide their ulterior motives anymore. I believe that is because the people they are attracting have no brains left. Those brains have been washed over and over in our public schools deliberately so these people can’t think for themselves any longer. If they took a few minutes to think they would see what is happening.

    By calling Romney a felon, a tax cheat, and now a murderer of some poor woman who died of cancer, you would think that people would stop and think to themselves, “wow, what’s up with that”? Or “how could a man that horrible be running for president”?

    Instead we have the real felon, tax cheat, murderer Fraud as the Occupier in the White House. Such hypocrisy.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, well put, ah ha,

      I think you’re right, now they don’t even try to hide it. The right gets tagged with “conspiracy” this or that, but there is not much conspiracy if they do it right out in the open. Then tell people, “Sick ’em, go defend us!!” No brains, you mean the academia intellectuals have lost it?… LOL True brainwashed to the point there ain’t nothing to hide, truth was scrambled long ago, in ed-u-K-shun. Bananas in their ears.

      Yea, they say it because they can. Protect the horror in the White House at all costs. And their famous, “double standard” claim points right to the Obama, who has no standards, no clothes, no ethics, no principle. This is the model for Dems? Hilarious. (Hil could have been better)


  2. bullright says:

    “I will be the first president in modern history to be outspent in his re-election campaign if things continue as they have so far,” Obama warned. Perhaps an awful lot of people really want to fire the president.



  3. clyde says:

    Yep. THEY have turned into (gasp) the dreaded “Establishment”. Time to bring’em to a screeching halt. BAMN.


  4. Davetherave says:


    Great post! I sometimes get caught up in focusing all my attention on Barry and wondering how in the hell has he pulled off so much in under four years. Then I remember the history my dad taught me. The tipping point that really got the radicals going can be contributed to FDR. Teddy R. and Wilson certainly did their part to get the radical movement going, but FDR wielded true power and he wasn’t afraid of anything to accomplish his goals. He also threatened the SCOTUS. Sound familiar?

    FDR saw the potential and opportunity the Great Depression created and he jumped all over: the vast number of people that were poor, struggling and desperate. The perfect prey for radicals. FDR started so many freebie programs for this very large number of citizens and they were so grateful to him; their savior. They either didn’t see it or didn’t care, but they were now no different than Pavlov’s dogs. The foundation was now firmly set to build upon for the radicals to build and now here we are today. They got so duped by lies and now they are liars; they drool when the bell rings. Prey upon the weak (which is the vast majority of people) with the illusion you are their savior and you’ll steal their loyalty forever. Lies work almost every time, but a good deception works every time.

    Sorry about being so long winded, but I’m feeling kinda philosophical this morning. Yeah I know bull, that is a very scary thought! 🙂


    • bullright says:

      Dave, there’s an excellent description. Great post. It is fascinating to see the roots of it all — where its been and where its going.. And that it just continues. Well put. Hey, its really impossible to sum up the agenda or history… philo-Dave? LOL 🙂 I think that is short winded, & concise. I ‘ve been really thinking about that comment, it leaves me breathless, and deception is one of the pillars. Maybe its a bit like the great deception, to coin a term.



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