Follow the yellow brick road

This is just some thoughts in progress. I decided to jot down a few notes. As the campaign comes into full swing, it is tough to keep track of all the shaking, rattling and rolling of just the politics.

I’ll be darned; it is the first election in ten years that is not about the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan. See, one more thing the Dems prove they can spin on a dime on. Its albeit irrelevant for them. And Obama’s unConstitutional Libya action, where he acted unilaterally without Congressional approval? Well, that’s a non-starter now, to Dems anyway. They couldn’t care less about that. To his weekly private meetings on assassinations, a resounding “we don’t care” from the crickets in Democrat Party. Oops, to add a slice of drama to their careless position, they celebrate it and hail him a hero like some ‘new wave’ foreign policy guru. Even though this guy has anything but a great foreign policy resume’. Nothing could prevent their attacks on George Bush though.

And then the leaks. Rather than condemn and criticize the leaks, Obama sighed and changed the subject. Especially as they attempted to bolster his credentials. (amazing how they could do that) Dems followed suit. National security was not a problem. Only a few Dems stepped up to criticize the leaks, while trying to deny the WH involvement. Obama issued a blanket rejection that the leaks didn’t come from “his White House.” In fact, he declared it “offensive” to even raise questions that they came from the WH. And the press and Dems once again said he addressed the matter and that was that. It was supposed to be over just because he said so and the Dems wanted it that way.

Per script they said the American people didn’t care about that stuff, it was all just politics.

And there was the response to Solyndra and losing 500 million dollars of taxpayer money in a whopping failure. Oh, right, what response? Something about Bush, yea that was it.

Then there is the response to Fast and Furious. Obama eventually stepped in to declare Executive Privilege on everything pertaining to Congressional investigation of Holder’s DOJ on it. From the crowd of Dems and even press, a yawn as they hit the snooze button. They called it a manufactured scandal. Only when the Congress acted to hold Holder in contempt did they consider it newsworthy.

Finally, Democrats’ heated response was to stage a walkout of Congress, in defense of Holder, and heap a healthy round of criticism on it. But a walkout? Then came cries of racism. Holder was the victim. However, Congress was the problem, one of politics, not the facts and scandal of Fast and Furious, according to Dems. One has to remember all these consistent inconsistencies, if only to recall all the places the Dems have been.

They still talk about Valerie Plame and Scooter Libby, or anyhing pertaining to so-called Bush scandals.That deserves all the criticism they can muster.

8 comments on “Follow the yellow brick road

  1. pepperhawk says:


    Wow, a great set of demon activities all rolled into one. Excellent article.

    You sure do display the demons hypocrisy. And, they are still using Bush as an excuse whenever they get the chance. After all, this whole economic mess was caused by Bush. And, our poor, inept, fearless leader can’t figure how to get us out of it. Boy, that Bush was some master at laying traps for the incompetent party of demons!

    What a mastermind Bush is!


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, agreed he he what a mastermind. They sure are busy scatterbraining around. At least they have the Alinsky manual to get them through. And we didn’t even find out what the document dump yesterday was, yet. Every week its another assault on America from the left. They are consistent about that.


  2. clyde says:

    One thing about this bunch,they lie like no tomorrow. WE can make that a self-fulfilling prophecy. They lie,we make SURE they have NO tomorrow.


  3. Davetherave says:


    Damn good post! The Master’s of Propaganda are these radicals. They may have learned a lot of their evil way from Alinsky, but there is no doubt they learned they deceiving, lying was from the originator…Woodrow POS Wilson. WW would be mighty proud of his great grandson Barry! These radicals are so scared they are going I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t soon start running ads they are still trying to clean up the mess left by Reagan! They are having to spend a fortune to rebuild that wall…


    • bullright says:

      Dave , LMAO but true. The same M O follows them wherever they go. They apparently think they can let it all hang out now – Loud and Proud. Deceit is their middle name. It seems anyone who knows or understands them are the ones who can do them the most harm. Horowitz etc. and Reagan did too. They’ve been trying to block out his legacy since.


  4. flyoverhere says:

    You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to ignore what is being done to our country in the name of what? Blacks? The poor? No, I know better but what is wrong with these idiots who think they can just keep taking and never produce anything but a whine…..



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