Dems and Dog Whistles

There he goes, again.

There goes Joe with another classic Bidenism – check the library that must be a category now. When the right says something they are all over it. If a Republican said something that way, the Left would say it was a “dog whistle”. That’s what they call any mention of certain conservative topics that excite the base. Though they use the term creatively and get very imaginative about where it applies.

They make that charge all the time whether it is a Republican pol or a Tea Partier. It is their catch all phrase for the Right. The Left would call it a dog whistle, if it were anyone else. Much as I’m tired of the term, it should apply to what and how he said it. They stick it to everyone else where it doesn’t even apply. And now they deny that is what this was.

They constantly claim conservatives are talking to their own in code and rallying certain parts of the base. And they usually connect it somehow to racism, directly or indirectly. They throw around the phrase so loosely they apply it to everything. They can use the term to indicate racism without having to say it.

Now their old “dog whistle” charge is a dog whistle to Libs. Clever isn’t it? They use it as a euphemism to call someone a racist. So here’s Joe blowing their tune loud and clear. Obama and Biden do this all the time. They are champions of the “dog whistle”. We’ll hear it a lot more before election.

Here was Biden’s statement.

You want to see Left get outraged? Just call Biden’s remarks a dog whistle and see what happens.

9 comments on “Dems and Dog Whistles

  1. drrik says:

    If Biden keeps talking, eventually he IS going to say something right. Nobody bats 1000.


  2. clyde says:

    Don’t bet on it,drrik. Obama has called his stupid ass on the carpet as I type. Ol’Plugs is going to be put back on the shelf. And THAT would be a BAD thing,IMHO. We NEED Plugs out there to remind us of the absolute asshattery of this bunch.


  3. pepperhawk says:


    I agree we need the useful idiot out there to keep making these types of comments. If he gets taken off the ticket I fear a Hillary VP. That would be really bad news for us.


    • Davetherave says:

      clyde & Pepp,

      I totally agree our side needs The Gaffer to stay in the game. He’s the best campaigner our side has!

      Rumors are already floating that Obastard’s closest advisers are telling him to dump The Gaffer and name Hitlery as his new VP when at the Idiot Convention in NC.


  4. Just Gene says:

    Be careful – In a cops & robbers episode a good guy is murdered and the young retarded kid in town always helped everyone with small chores – even bringing goodies to the mourning family – and everybody there spoke about what a nice kid he was – SURPRISE – he wasn’t a nice kid, he wasn’t retarded, he was a murderer. Maybe “The Gaffer” isn’t making gaffes, just trying to look stupid so anything he says insulting can be excused – It’s just Joe – BE VERY CAREFUL ! ! !


    • bullright says:

      Gene, interesting. Well, he certainly has set the bar of expectations pretty low. He’s granted such wide berth while being number two. He sort of makes the perfect liar’s accomplice. Quite the front man for evil, as you suggest. While talking to auto workers he talks about his lifetime on the assembly line.


  5. Davetherave says:


    This made for an excellent post!

    Personally; I think Joey does trip all over himself and that’s why I call him The Gaffer. I don’t see how anyone could pretend to be so damn dumb as many times as Joey has pulled off. But let us not forget it has always been the role of the veep in campaigns to be the blood thirsty pit bull with his attacks. That allows the pres or pres wanna be to look more decent and try to concentrate on issues. Of course; once again Obastard does not follow previous protocol and he has made outrageous statements and many times ended up sticking his illegal foot in his own illegal mouth. Obastard gets away with it, because…well…shit; he gets away with anything he wants. The Gaffer? In my opinion he’s just a dumb ass!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LOL you’re probably right dumber than a rock. Maybe that was a qualification for the job. That makes him a great VP to Obama. Every idea he gets is wrong. But he does get away with it. I’m surprised he can walk in a Seven Eleven. But then nothing bothers him. And Dems don’t care.



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