Cadillac pushes Lib talking points

Cadillac Presents: Liberal Talking Points Live

GM signs sponsorship deal, remains in debt to the taxpayers

 BY: Bill McMorris  – Free Beacon
August 16, 2012 11:03 am

General Motors has moved in a decidedly more liberal direction since raking in a $50 billion government bailout from the Obama administration.

The company pulled its funding from two embattled conservative legislative groups in June, saying that it did not want to get intertwined in politics. But that has not stopped the troubled carmaker from throwing its advertising money behind the liberal Huffington Post.

Cadillac, GM’s luxury automobile brand, is a founding sponsor of HuffPost Live, the liberal website’s video sister site. Its advertising dollars have given a new platform for Obama mega-donor and serial misogynist Bill Maher to wax political about “stupidest woman in the world,” Sarah Palin.

So GM wants to distance itself from politics while hopping into bed with the left. Who says you can lead a horse to the trough but you can’t make him drink? At the same time that their stock has fallen, this seems like a great investment? (just saying – not drawing a cause and effect)

Unless he thinks the market is that lucrative and under harvested on the far left. Then to drop the more conservative side, does that make sense? I can’t imagine what could be next for GM. But I’m sure between marketing and the Liberal need, they can up with something. If the object is to further devalue the stock America owns in the company, they might be on to something.

10 comments on “Cadillac pushes Lib talking points

  1. Davetherave says:

    Great post bull!

    Lets see how the economic genius I like to call The Sumbitch is doing investing our casholla:

    GM’s stock is down almost 39% from the price the sumbitch decided to buy it with our money. It’s worth mentioning during that same time period the overall DOW is up almost 20%. So that works out to an unrealized lose of over $16B. Not as bad as his so called “stimulus pkg” investment with our money, but I do think I see a pattern here…

    I was told in economics class that more than two dots are needed to see a pattern developing. Two dots only show a straight line. I always argued that point with the professor stating, “What if you only have two points, but they are directly under each other making a line going straight down? He stuck to his guns and guess what…go figure…so did I. That jackass professor only gave me a damn “B”.

    The sumbitch absolutely sucks at investing our money and isn’t it amazing with GM’s books looking that sad they are still finding a way to throw money into funding radicals…go figure.


  2. Just Gene says:

    I know you asked me to drop the “dumb old cowboy” routine, but one can learn a lot on a cattle drive (like round up congress and herd them out of town). One also learns the falicy of “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. Just hold their under and suck on their asshole, sort of like GM does.


  3. clyde says:

    Good post. This stuff is something I am familiar with. A lot of this GM crap can be laid right at the administration’s feet. After the bailout,the LONGTIME,90 YEARS, ad agency,Campbell-Ewald,for Chevrolet was summarily FIRED. A French-owned company had it,then it was given to a British firm,Aegis,with connections to a number of the Obamites,Dan Akerson,the Obama-appointed CEO, being among them.. At Cadillac,they shitcanned 21 year agency Leo Burnett in favor of a HUGE lib,Pat Fallon,of Fallon Group in Minneapolis. One of the deep pockets behind the idiot Franken getting elected. Connect the dots,and you see where this is going. Our company did a TON of work for C&E,and Leo Burnett over the years,we were shitcanned when GM switched ad agencies in favor of a comany that was “minority” owned. They ended up calling us when they could not handle the volume with the few pieces of equipment they had. After having been stiffed by GM for close to two million,we did the hauling on a paid-up-front basis.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, Very good info. Sounds like shake, rattle and roll over. GM danced all night, now its time to pay the fiddler. Great stuff, behind the scenes. Thanks. Franken, dang those rotten connections. Wonder how this jives with Bob Lutz who is back consulting at GM. (first they spit on you then they enlist your help) Who is now stomping out rumors, started at Forbes, about another GM bankupcy/bailout from Obama.Wheels are turning.


      • clyde says:

        Sorry,bull,those ain’t just idle rumors. Lutz is about the ONLY guy who has ANY credibility left with the investment community,plus his collection of planes is VERY expensive to maintain. He needs the money,about the only thing that makes sense to me. That relationship with investors will be GONE if he becomes the face of the farce.


        • bullright says:

          He’s an asset rather than their countless other liabilities. But I don’t know anyone else with the same drive. He’s been in this area racing Cadillacs on the road course. You couldn’t ask for a better pitch man or face for the car. And he believes in it 120%.



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