High Gas Prices: an investigation

In-depth: The truth behind high pump prices

By Douglas J. Hagmann & Joe Hagmann

10 August 2012:
We’re seasoned investigators, so we have an inherent desire to dig for the truth. Experience and common sense has shown us that we should never rely on the “accepted” explanation for something when that explanation involves money or politics, and is repeated without challenge by the media. We don’t like liars and thieves, and will expose them whenever possible.

We wanted to get to the bottom of why we’re paying nearly $4.00 per gallon for gasoline at the pump. We wanted to know who or what is responsible for the current high price of gasoline? In addition to being a major economic burden for American families, it is also a national security issue, especially when our petrodollars are subsidizing Islamic terrorist activities.

The task to determine the truth was indeed a daunting one, not only because of the complexity of the issue but due to the facts being tightly wrapped inside various political and globalist agendas, “cooking the books” by using different reporting standards, and various other tangential issues. During our investigation, we even found two energy “analysts” using the same graph to arrive at opposite conclusions.

Nonetheless, we’ve conducted an extensive investigation in an effort to provide our readers with a concise and unbiased report that explains why we are suffering at the gasoline pumps. In the process, we’ve identified several significant lies that we are told to accept as the truth. [/…]

Read the whole report: http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/6552

Its chilling that the explanations we keep hearing, repeatedly, do not touch the surface of it. And the sophistry in the blanket explanations do not cut it for many of us, they do not connect the dots. I thought it interesting how important the debasing of our currency has been, under the watchful eye of the fed, on oil and goods in general. But while many of us have been focusing our criticism domestically, isn’t it strange how no one wants to hear that? Yet we should just accept their specious reasons for high prices? This is only another part of the agenda of the powerful. But the powerful doesn’t mean the big evil oil companies. We had big oil companies when the prices were lower, by any comparison, so it is not unreasonable to look elsewhere.

And there are a lot of other explanations.

What should bother anyone is the way our tax dollars subsidize bio-fuels and alternatives while also paying the higher prices at the pump. Every time I see Obama or one of his cronies talking up their “energy policies” I want to scream, “would he ever want to tell us the truth about anything?” Only if it were aligned with his perpetual political agenda — which is basically one big lie anyway.

4 comments on “High Gas Prices: an investigation

  1. Just Gene says:

    I am so sick and tired of people complaining about high prices, feeding right into the hands of ALL polititians who want government solutions, i.e. MORE CONTROL. Prices have NOT gone up, the value of money has gone down, the dollar is in the toilet and both parties are fighting to get to the handle and flush it. The problem is not their solution – the problem is THEM. Economist I trust say true inflation is over 15% – and they’re talking about QE3-4-5-etc. Lets solve the problem – lets get rid of them – bring back the CONSTITUTION which says the government can coin money – even put out paper money that is a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, redeemable at any fed bank for its value in silver or gold, depending on the note. What is being done now is TREASON – as they say in the newspaper business, STOP THE PRESSES ! ! ! !


  2. Davetherave says:


    Great info! I’m right there with Gene when it comes down to the core problem of our financial situation. The problem is the value of the dollar is down in the lower 40 cent rage and the fed just keeps cranking out more money with absolutely nothing to back it up. When the value goes down it won’t buy as much, so you have to spend more. That is the reason for high prices on everything. I’m no economist, but sounds pretty simple to me. IMO; Obastard throwing away our money on energy alternatives that don’t even exist is just a smoke screen to keep the EnviroNazi’s happy with the real objective of doing further damage to our financial situation.

    The radicals know exactly what they’re doing in deflating the value of our dollar. This is a direct attack on our nation like we’ve never seen before. Another major part of the Globalist plan to take us down and The Radical In Chief is facilitating the economic destruction of our nation. That is called treason…


  3. bullright says:

    Ah, yes the deflated dollar. And its also the hidden tax. And they can charge oil for not using a product that isn’t available. They all have their fingers in the pie.


  4. clyde says:

    Good post,bull,and I agree wholeheartedly with the Hagmanns. Been telling anyone who’d listen,it AIN’T the oil companies,NOR the speculators.



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