Out of touch, out of mind

How out of touch is Barack Obama? That is a serious question, and I’m not sure of the answer. Everyone heard Biden’s comment last week, which was to get a cheap laugh while making a point. But Obama has his own “you didn’t build that”, among other comments like “the private sector is doing fine”. So it does indicate he is on a different plane than the American people. Seeing how he hops from fundraiser to fundraiser with celebs and the wealthy Hollywood contingent to feed his campaign. When he does speak off the cuff, or unattached to the teleprompter, he often sounds disconnected and other times aloof .

After all, the unemployment rate has even ticked up. Energy prices have skyrocketed under his watch. Scandals surround the administration from leaks to Fast and Furious. Solyndra-gate and the list is growing. The economy is on life support, barely breathing. We see the results and consequences of a long recession on his watch. And then he sounds so condescending talking about business owners. He throws around his rich should pay their fair share mantra. At the same time he says “the private sector is doing fine.” Whenever his statements are challenged, he says his words were taken out of context. This has been his response since 08 that people have taken his words out of context.

But look at the “context” that he’s making these statements: the economy on the precipice of a cliff – jobs being America’s number one concern along with the economy. And he’s out making statements like that. That “context”, of his statements, tells us a lot about Obama. Couple that with Biden’s poor attempt to pander and make cheap jokes. An off comment, or out of touch?

But it doesn’t stop there. Feeling a little heat in the campaign he does a flurry of friendly interviews. So he has to make his case and his campaign never ends. Okay. But look at the interviews he does, being asked what his favorite Mexican food is? Americans are so curious about that. Nothing else to ask, no other questions? Yet he hasn’t and will not have a press conference, even drawing complaints from the WH press pool. Then, when asked in an interview, why is it naturally a question about his workout music genre, to which he rattles off a list as if prepared?

No, president Obama, Americans are more concerned about “context” of the country and the condition of the economy, and their fears about the expense and effects of ObamaCare, and the context of his dismal record. That is the context of his remarks. So don’t lecture people on “context”. His statements are out of context and out of touch.

Or while he goes to play his 120 rounds of golf – and he must have improved as president with all that practice. It seems its Obama taking things out of the context of his failed record. Ignoring the context of a hurting country while he defiantly plays class warfare or hounds Republicans about Romney’s tax records. Does America care about Romney’s tax records?

Yet while Obama campaigns around the country, he repeatedly mentions his scholarships and their role in his “career” (for lack of better word). So where did these scholarships come from that were so important and why did he have to seal them off? What is there to hide? He demands Romney put out his tax records. He has mentioned the scholarships several times making them central to his campaign. But he won’t even tell us the source of those scholarships. Then he lectures us on context. Why doesn’t Obama put it in context for us?

What about the context? Why does he ignore and take everything out of context… America’s context? The context of the will of the people. The problems we face, his failed policies. Americans care about context. That context is everything.

RNC says Obama is doing softball interviews


His last formal White House press conference was March 6.

I’d like to know why he insists on taking America out of context?

11 comments on “Out of touch, out of mind

  1. clyde says:

    Since the majority of FM stations have NO serious content,these types of questions come as no surprise to me. The idiots on these stations just think they’re interviewing another celebretard. You notice he WILL NOT go on ANY AM talker. Problem for him is,Americans are waking up to the fact this guy speaks EXACTLY what is on his mind. And they AIN’T buying it. Hence,the “they’re taking me out of context” crapola.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde: Yea, they ain’t buying the snake oil. The biggest fear Obama has is the truth. He’ll stay away from truth tellers at any expense. Of course, what any journalist wants is an interview with his teleprompter. But his campaign can’t go past the talking points. That’s a no no.

      On the other side, we have two guys making speeches without a teleprompter and scripted notes. People said “wow, this is different.”


  2. Just Gene says:

    Have we gotten so hi-tech that the debates will be between two telepromters????


  3. drrik says:

    Very out of touch, But then, so is his chosen audience.


  4. Davetherave says:

    Good post bull! I believe Obastard is fully in touch with his mind in wanting to destroy our Republic and it goes totally against what is in the mind for those of us that love our Republic and constitution. But yeah; without his teleprompter the sumbitch slips up and lets his true feelings be known and then “taken out of context.” His whole damn political career has been taken out of context. The fact he even got elected a senator and then president very well illustrates just how out of context his life has gotten. The only thing he’s good for and should go back to is being in charge of grilling the hotdogs and burgers at the community organizing functions…or that could be an issue for him also…are Muslims allowed to eat beef?


    • bullright says:

      Dave, of course your right he’s fully aware of the damage he’s causing. But he is out of touch with America. After seeing the way the O-squad rewrote the bios and wrote himself in, it shows his animosity for us. See what a little affirmative action and white guilt can cause? Once in, he put the onus on us to get him out. He never figured we could.


  5. pepperhawk says:

    The Liar in Chief is out of touch with the American people. So are his foot soldiers who go out and give the demon talking points day after day.

    According to their foot soldiers, they are “giddy” and “so happy” Romney chose Paul Ryan, (the choice “they” wanted) Right, I guess that’s why the pick of Ryan has the Obama campaign on its’ heels right now. And they had to get together yesterday to have a closed “strategy meeting”. They realize that Paul Ryan is not the “choice” they wanted.

    Paul Ryan is giving them a run for their money and their lies about the money taken out of Medicare are not working. Seniors know and they can’t use the usual “Mediscare” any longer. Ha, ha.

    So, we’ll see what their next attack will be. They have to bring Ryan down somehow.

    The Deviant is so out of touch with what Americans want, but he doesn’t care about that really. His only concern is that he keeps America down and destroys us. So what we think or say mean nothing to him. He does not care one whit of what we want, think, or say.,


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, well said. We got the message much as he tried to obfuscate. Now Amereica is seeing the way he responds to patriotic political opponents, and they are disgusted. Unless they’re his brown-shirts They said the same thing about Romney that he was their pick. Right, then why are they back on their heels? When even Bill Clinton stood up for Romney’s qualifications, they cringed. Imagine a guy without an ounce of leadership or experience criticizing a guy like Romney? Are even his own people that stupid? All their argument pint back to question Obama’s legitimacy, and they don’t think American’s can see that? Right it all means nothing to him. He wants to bury us as fas as he can, with whatever he can.


      • pepperhawk says:


        Yes, I do believe the American people are seeing through the King. He’s not the lovely, young man who would bring us civility and unity. I still have fears over the voter fraud however.

        It is beyond ridiculous that the Liar in Chief says Romney has no experience and is not qualified when he himself was nothing more than a radical community activist training people how to protest banks and other businesses that they deemed evil.


        • bullright says:

          Yea, most people are seeing it isn’t what the label described. But that all goes back to the man: it was a lie from the beginning and its still going. If people aren’t sickened, they must be comatose. Some people just want to “believe” despite the proof.



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