Shot heard around the country

Just take a look at this.

The Ace of Spades blog reposted a comment someone made that was just so good. Well, call it a rant, call it what you want…but don’t call it wrong. It got plenty of cheers. Below that is a followup comment he made.

(Pardon language)



Perhaps the most perfect rant, from commenter Voluble in Andy’s earlier Preference Cascade post. Me and a few other morons talked about it some today.

Presented without additional commentary, because it needs none.

129 As a small business owner all I can say is that I think the current sentiment in the small business community is that we didn’t sign up for this shit. Y’all can vote for whatever the hell you want but we are not going to be a part of it.

I have seen more owners get out of the business or retire in the past couple of years than ever before and with the ACA on the horizon the jobs these businesses produced will not be replaced. The economics no longer work. This is why unemployment is always so high in socialist countries. What you have to go through to have employees is just brutal.

But here’s the thing about what Obama said — he has it exactly backwards. The government didn’t build any of that shit he is talking about — we built it. We are the ones who paid for it. Not only did we build our businesses we built the schools and the roads and everything else he thinks was generated out of thin air. If you want to get technical about it the businesses and taxpayers that came along before we did built it all and now we are building what comes next.

And not only that, but we did it with the albatross of a predatory, corrupt and overbearing government hanging around our necks at every juncture.

And now we have had enough.

I haven’t made more than $50k from my business but one or two years of the past 15. But now that it is time to cash out after providing literally hundreds of jobs I get the stink eye and get castigated for being a member of the 1%. Even though I can remember sitting on the edge of the bed and holding my head in my hands wondering what I had done risking everything I had to create a business and wondering how it would all work out when I had just finished working several days in a row with no sleep… I am the enemy. Even though I didn’t take a paycheck for the first year of the business and later skipped other paychecks to meet payroll or to pay taxes I am somehow at fault for the fact that all of these people sitting on their asses or working their cushy government jobs with the large pensions funded by armies of tax collectors and regulators may have to go without.

Well, I already went without so they can bloody well shut the fuck up and take their turn in the barrel! If they want to risk everything they have or work their asses off with no guarantee of success only to be told at the end that they were not responsible for their own success and don’t deserve their rewards then they are welcome to go down that path and see what it is like. But the number of people who will pursue the American dream and build the economy from the roots up will be greatly decreased in the current atmosphere and all of these self-entitled idiots will sit around wondering why the government is still going broke and why no one is hiring.

No country can survive socialism. It just doesn’t happen. Sooner or later the bill comes due. But before it does you always get demagogic idiots like Obama, or Chavez who try to blame their failures on the only people who are keeping everything afloat. It is not enough they sank the damn ship… they have to come after the people in the life boats too.

That is the sort of mentality we are dealing with.

Posted by: Voluble at August 18, 2012 12:58 PM


Some time later on:


599 Wow…

I woke up and went to do some more work since I couldn’t sleep and see all of this when I try to wind down for bed.

In all sincerity it is very touching… mostly because of the respect I have for the people here and the knowledge that all of you write things I appreciate every bit as much.

Don’t worry about me BTW. My personal situation is good as I saw the way things were going but some of my former employees are still looking for jobs and I am trying to help them where I can. If you take anything away from all of this just remember that Obama has it backwards. Business owners and taxpayers built and paid for everything… and they all earned what they have. Obama and the rest serve at our leisure and it is not the other way around.

Apologies to Ace for the profanity but who knew where it was all going to end up. And to Dave in Texas please let everyone know my appreciation for the sentiments they have expressed. It is overwhelming.

And every small business guy out there appreciates it. All we ask for is an even playing field and the possibility of success. We haven’t had the former since I can remember and the latter is getting harder and harder to come by. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Posted by: Voluble at August 19, 2012

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8 comments on “Shot heard around the country

  1. bullright says:

    ” It is not enough they sank the damn ship… they have to come after the people in the life boats too.”


  2. clyde says:

    DAMN GOOD POST. Spot-on,Voluble. Thanks,bull. good shit.


  3. drrik says:

    27% of the income that the rich paid taxes on was enough to build ALL the roads, bridges, infrastructure, maintenence, utillities , and as well cover the costs of providing military defense for same. The rest has been spent on turtle tunnels, junkets to Vegas, giveaways to countries that vote against us in the UN, bridges to nowhere and airports that no one flies into with politicians names on the front gate, redundant scrap, piles of paperwork, unwinnable wars on drugs and the American people, prisons to house the people that violated laws that harmed noone other than themsleves, etc.
    Marx said that the revolution had to happen everywhere at once. Waht he meant by that is that the productive people might otherwise just take their money and productivity and leave. We will be damn lucky if the rich don’t do the same.


    • bullright says:


      Good analysis; suprise, the money must come from somewhere.

      “Marx said that the revolution had to happen everywhere at once.”

      And, thus…naturally, involves some element of force.


    • Davetherave says:

      Great comment drrik! If you never read “Atlas Shrugged”, you just described exactly what this book is all about. The gov pissed off all the smart people and they left leaving the gov to run everything. Very quickly the gov found out they couldn’t run shit, so they insist the smart folks come back. It’s a great read. (bull…I’ve got Hawk reading right now) And this book was written a very long time ago. I’m pretty sure Anne could see the future!


  4. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post bull!

    I’ll I say is I agree with all the shit he said!


  5. pepperhawk says:


    Good pick of this post. I have to believe that anyone with a small business will NOT vote for this idiot Deviant who is only tearing down everything American.
    I can’t blame business owners for having to lay off workers. It’s not their fault that the government has come down on them with a hatchet.



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