Demonizing Ryan

The fear is all over the Democratic Party. They like to rerun the last election — like some generals fight the last war. Thus, they are all out to demonize Ryan. If they could just dehumanize him because the more people see of him the more humanized he becomes.

Obama’s “bitterness” is now at its worst, to say nothing about his “antipathy” toward Ryan. And he is clinging, to whatever he can.

Ryan is not what the left paints him as. So they do what they did to Palin in 08, they campaign against him. Is this the first time an incumbent pres ran against a VP candidate? Obama also has a knack for going after anyone on the other side who is popular, aside from him. How dare anyone upstage him. For that I suppose Ryan is a threat to Obama.

I will not list all the things they’ve called Ryan or his plans, just so far. But even Obama called his plan social Darwinism or a Trojan Horse — he should know something about that. Just like the campaign shot Obama took at his imitation press conference that “you can’t just make things up.” I wonder if he could copy that memo to Harry Reid?

Obama has his composite “Julia”, which I guess qualifies as a plan to him.

But Ryan actually has some plans and has done lots of analysis to get there, as opposed to Obama’s demagoguery and demonization. Oops, Obama said he wasn’t running a negative campaign. There’s a big tall one for you.

6 comments on “Demonizing Ryan

  1. clyde says:

    You talk about Obama’s bitterness now,you ain’t seen NOTHING yet compared to what the next 30 or so years are going to be like after he’s landslid in all 57 states. Can you imagine the pissing and moaning and whining we’ll be subjected to on an hourly basis? Yikes.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Excellent writing bull! Great satire! Obastard never wastes a crisis. The problem this time is the radical’s are having the crisis, because they can’t dig up any real dirt on Mitt. They’ve hammered the Bain Cap issue and its gotten them no where, so now once again it’s Obastard running against the GOP veep candidate. He’s like a two year old throwing a damn temper tantrum. Whoever Obastard put in charge of digging up dirt on Mitt better watch his back. They’ve found nothing on Mitt, so they may end up having a sudden, unexplained heart attack. Oh; and you couldn’t pay me enough to be the Medical Examiner on concluding what killed the guy. That ME might as well just go jump off a cliff.

    Good O’ clyde has a damn good point about the pissing, moaning and whining. Good Lord…


  3. bullright says:

    Right, and there will be few stragglers that are intimidated enough at the thought of the pissing and moaning to vote for him. (as if the they ever stop pissing and moaning anyway)


  4. pepperhawk says:

    Good post.
    It would seem that the Liar in Chief going after Ryan makes him look less presidential. He looks and talks stupid about Ryan. He’s supposed to be running against Romney but I guess he thinks he has enough dirt piled onto him and now he needs to pile on Ryan. Whatever they do, it’s going to get worse the closer we get to the election.

    Right now. Romney is a felon, a tax cheat and a murderer. So what kinds of claims can they make on Ryan? Whatever crap they come up with is not likely to go over IMHO because Ryan is so likeable. But, like you said the Deviant can’t stand anyone upstaging him.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, he’s crazy like a radical, he attacks whatever he wants to. And this guy is the prez? They might have a tough time with Ryan. But Ryan keeps saying he’s used to it. No one can get used to Obama though. Being a master of lies and having no principles, Obama is sick.



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