Themes of Dreams

Convention time and they are talking about themes. The theme of Republicans is compliments of Barack Obama’s ” you didn’t build that”. No word yet what the Dems’ theme is but I already know: Hypocrisy. Attacking their opponent will be the subtext. Hypocrisy will take center stage…and remain there till the end.(Its always good to stick to the theme)

Criticize their opponent for his wealth and for not showing enough tax records while promoting a candidate that sealed his personal records then scoffs and ridicules anyone who asks. So to follow suit, maybe we should call them “the Taxers”.

They’ll talk leadership while having zero experience at it. They’ll say Romney and Ryan aren’t qualified, while Obama wasn’t qualified to be dog catcher. He does have his Ph.D in hypocrisy. The subject will be four more years when he can’t account for the last four. Everywhere hypocrisy will be on full display. And they are proud of it.

They’ll try to talk about fixing the country while they’ve done everything they could to rip it apart. Surely they will address the big deficit problem, while promising to spend more money. They’ll attack the plans of his opponent while not even being ale to get a single budget through in his entire term. And they will want to take both houses to give us more of that leadership they demonstrated in his first two years.

Then they will criticize the rich for “not paying their fair share”. Maybe they’ll make that the subtitle? Yes, Obama found another opponent to run against, besides the 40 straw men, rich people.

Plus, as Mad-Maddy Albright said, Bush will always be on the menu because there is always an appetite for it. They’ll touch on favorite topics like accountability while being accountable for nothing.

But the fearless theme drivers Democrats are, even before it all begins, Dems promised transparency on the funding for what they are calling “the people’s convention”. Oops, so they changed their mind to keep it a secret until long after the banners come down. No one should know who is funding “the people’s convention”.(maybe a secret Dems can keep?) So does that mean George Soros is taking an active role in the peop’s convention?

And all that will certainly mean a leading role for the lamestream media.

9 comments on “Themes of Dreams

  1. clyde says:

    Akin took care of that with his idiotic remarks. This dhimmi convention can be renamed “Abortion Fest 2012”. I’ll bet dollars to donuts the dems,and the OLDM (sorry for the redundancy) are praying to G’aia that Hurricane Isaac makes landfall right over Tampa.


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Really good article. Themes of dreams. So funny. And of course everything you said hits the nail on the head. Maybe they could call their theme “We will Always blame Bush”. Madeline DimLight seems to think that’s so doggone funny. What a witch! At least it’s now in the open what their mode of operation is, “blame Bush” for everything.

    The Liar in Chief makes my stomach turn every time he goes after Romney about his tax returns, when he’s spent $2 million to keep all of his records about his life locked up and no one can get to them. That is the height of hypocrisy and nobody calls him out for it. The media say nothing. Cover for him as they usually do.

    Well you said it all better than what I can add actually.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, I keep thinking of “as the stomach turns”. Are the tax returns at the top of people’s mind, when they’re running a 16 trillion-dollar debt? They won’t find the solution to that in there. I keep using the word arrogance, but its so short of what he is. And he was running off to NYC to raise more money today. Aren’t the same people getting tired of writing checks already?


  3. bullright says:

    AP reports two professors in Colorado predict Romney wins, based on their model.
    Of course that runs contrary to most other media-touted predictions. This one says he sweeps the swing states. That nust have some very angry people in Chicago and the WH. Note to the university: there will be consequences.


  4. Just Gene says:

    I received many nasty emails concerning my FACTS – it seems calling the DICKtater the emperor without any clothes was insulting, but as you stated we know NOTHING about him. Romney better show his tax returns yet the DICKtater is completely naked. Everything from his past is sealed – his schools – his voting records – his teaching records – NOTHING. If he had one ounce of honesty, he would let the world see his reality i.e. he would flash the replican convention ! ! ! ! !


  5. Davetherave says:

    Good post bull!

    Hypocrisy; you nailed it! I can hear Obastard now, “We’ve come along way, but our work is not yet done of repairing the damage done by president Bush. We need at least four more years to get this country back on track, because Bush lead us so astray. Do you really want to go right back to another George Bush in the White House?” Obastard has no accomplishments to run on, so all he can do is keep running against Bush. Hell; he ran against Bush/Palin is 08′ and this time he’s running against Bush/Ryan. How many f*cking times does Bush get to run for president and how many times does Obastard get to illegally run for president????? Talk about hypocrisy…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, how many mulligans does he get? There is no end to the passes he gets. Everytime they say “historic” I say “he’s historic all right!” Don’t forget he has an enemies list that would make Nixon blush. I think Bush could could get charges against Obama for stalking him.


  6. Davetherave says:

    bull, LMFAO…awesome follow up comment! Thank God J. Edgar isn’t around anymore. Besides being a corrupt, brutal SOB Obastard could use (as Tricky Dick did) they could also get together once a week and play dress up…I can hear the First Bitch now, “Y’all gets outta of mys dresses fore ya wrinkle dem! And whit one of yous fags brokeded da heel off mys new shoes?”



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