Israel Gap: Dems disconnect on Israel


March 17, 2012 (American Thinker)

Gallup: Republicans more sympathetic to Israel than Democrats

Neil Snyder

A Republican Jewish Coalition news release on Friday included some revealing information:

Washington, D.C. (March 16, 2012) — The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) today released an analysis of support for Israel broken down by political affiliation that reveals a clear “Israel Gap” between the parties. Republican support for Israel is 25 points higher than Democratic support, and according to Gallup, only a bare majority, 53% of Democrats, express sympathy with Israel.

“Democrats are suffering from an ‘Israel Gap’ and it’s gotten worse under President Obama,” said Matthew Brooks, RJC executive director.

Gallup, in a poll released recently, asked American voters, “Are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?” An overwhelming 78% of Republicans chose Israel, with 21% choosing the Palestinians or both/neither/no opinion. Among Democrats, a bare majority of 53% chose Israel, with 47% choosing otherwise. Among Independents, support for Israel was 56% with 44% choosing otherwise.

Over the last dozen years of Gallup polling on this question, there has been a clear trend: Republican support for Israel has risen steadily, moving from 60% to a high of 85%, while Democrat support has been relatively flat, at around 50%. Independent support has also moved upward over time, from 42% to a high of 60%.

Gallup’s data over time shows a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats on Israel, with strong and increasing support for the Jewish state among Republicans, and lower and relatively unchanged support among Democrats.


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Hardly a 2/3rd majority… and their convention vote on Israel and God showed it.
Its more like Dems have a “sympathy for the devil”, as the song says.

11 comments on “Israel Gap: Dems disconnect on Israel

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post bull! Gee; go figure the now poll number’s with a radical muzzy in our WH…

    A person born with no eyes could see how anti-Israel Barry is turning our nation into. This is a part of our history I’m living in and seeing for myself, so I don’t have read a history book and hope the author is telling the truth. I know the truth and will share it with others for the rest of my life. Barry and his minions can’t hide this crap from me.


  2. bullright says:

    Dave, thanks, the proof is there to anyone looking. Yea we know the truth. You reminded me, lying is commendable for them.(an art form) That could explain the volume of lies and obfuscation. And the propensity for this administration to lie…about, well, everything.


    • Davetherave says:

      bull, LMAO! They never run out of lies. I just can’t figure out how they keep up with all of them. Of course Gaffer Biden has figured it out yet either…


    • pepperhawk says:


      Great post. Those numbers are very telling. Last week I heard this Alinsky pundit who just happened to be Jewish. She stated this: “85% of Israelis think Obama is doing a good job for them”. My jaw dropped open.

      So I wrote Lucie and she said,” Boy did that Jewish Alinskyite get it wrong
      about how we feel about the kenyan here. The Americans HATE him, the Israelis who don’t know English are ignorant and fed by the liberal press here, so they don’t matter. Obama has done more damage to us than any other American President ever. No question about that, except maybe Carter”.

      Lucie cannot stand the anti Christ one bit.

      It’s amazing that people still do here in America. It’s beyond comprehension people would give this guy a 2nd chance. Out in corporate America he would not have made it past the 90 day trial period and be thrown out on his butt.


      • bullright says:

        Pepp, very interesting. Its not lost on them. But the contingent here, I can’t figure it out. Like what will it take? And some people act like it is irrelevant. It does matter…and now we’re starting to see the consequences.

        But the only choice obastid gives people is just keep believing.(and click your heels 3 times) Yea, Clinton touched on that too. He said you “just aren’t feeling it yet.” He suggests you just have to believe. I’ll tell you what, all I’m feeling is a football sized knot in my stomach that says “can you expect anything different?”

        So Obama lectures us we don’t understand his policies, and Clinton tells us we “just don’t feel it yet”. Whoa to both of those – don’t understand, don’t FEEL it yet?!

        How about Israeli Jews then? I know, maybe they just don’t feel the truth yet? Maybe they just don’t understand it yet?


        • pepperhawk says:


          I like your reference to click your heels together because for me it does seem we are living in the land of Oz. Goes right along with this “you have to feel’ it bull manure.

          Well, a whole lot of Americans are “feeling it” and it doesn’t feel good to them. And I no longer believe in fairy tales. I thought adults grew out of that. Not so for the children of the corny Klintoon.

          Oh right, we just never understand what Obama means. Geez, we’re all a bunch of morons out here right? I heard Rush Limbaugh the other night say Obama is appealing to only the morons in this country. I laughed so hard. Then I thought, oh, lord, there are so many morons in the country who do believe in these fairy tales, have never grown up, can’t take responsibility for themselves. In fact, part of belonging to the Alinsky party is to NEVER take responsibility for whatever you do. And don’t be accountable for your mistakes. So there it is. That’s why we have the Alinsky party because these morons don’t want to grow up and be adults.

          I shudder every day wondering what dastardly deed he’s done this time around in the middle of the night when no one is looking. That is usually when he does his EOs so we “don’t notice”. Of course if ya rely on the media you would never know about them.

          Nah, I don’t think the Jews are feeling the love. 🙂


          • bullright says:

            Pepp: “Then I thought, oh, lord, there are so many morons in the country who do believe in these fairy tales, have never grown up, can’t take responsibility for themselves.”

            LOL, there are. We have the proof in the WH. Even if they told them it wouldn’t matter. But he’ll actually convince people that if he fails it will be because they didn’t “believe” hard enough. It is the land of OZ. People will blame themselves for his failures…before they hold him accountable. If they won’t he attacks them.


            • pepperhawk says:

              Wow, that’s a good take Bull. I never thought about how the people would be blamed instead of him. But he does have it set up that way doesn’t he? What a first class jerk!
              Right, he attacks anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest. He is sick, sick.


  3. bullright says:

    Clinton reminded me how much he and Obama are alike. Obama learned from Bill. They take credit for things they didn’t do and then won’t take credit for what they did wrong. Clinton is so popular, so they say. He even has Repubs complimenting him.

    When all the scandals came and then reports of the women, Libs (and media) said but people really like him. He started that. Along comes Obama and, to all the problems, Libs say “but people personally like him”. They say “its his likeability, stupid”. Media lied for Clinton, and they’ll lie for this guy.

    But the worst part is Clinton set the bar for Obama. Barry knew he could get away with just about anything as long as “people personally like him” Oh and Clinton made the Friday dumps standard policy. Obama perfected the tactic. Obama learned its not what you do that matters, its what you can take credit for that counts.


    • pepperhawk says:


      Like minds are thinking alike. I thought too how much the two liars resemble one another with their slick oratory that never really says much of any substance. And the crowd cheers even though he failed the last 4 years they are willing to give him another chance. They sure don’t seem to know what they are in for and if you tried to tell them, they would vehemently deny it.

      You are right. The bar was set very low during Klintoon’s occupation as we learned he was a perp and a sex addict. Then he lies about it right in the faces of the cameras. I choked that day I saw that.

      So Obama doesn’t have to rise too far up to get past that very low bar that exists for the Klintoon.

      His likeability! What nonsense. Who hires a person because all they do is “Like the person” but that person can fail and screw up everything on the job putting the company at risk with irresponsible behavior. Why should we put 4 more years into his hands who robbed and cheated us investing our tax dollars in these loony green energy fables. That’s more of the fairy tale.

      Meanwhile our resources are being stolen from us and one man decides if we get oil or coal. It’s just almost too much to believe. I hope one day I wake up from this nightmare that’s been going on for almost 4 years.


      • bullright says:

        Pepp, you siad it. How they are concerned with likeability with all these problems boggles my mind. Clint Eastwood was good, “you gotta let em go”.
        Hard to believe one man can decide what it will be. He talks about his pet energy but they don’t power cars. Like Rubio (I think) said, he calls that forward? I wish the bastard would worry less about his reelection, and getting on his knees, and more about energy. But that can never happen. He has the kniife in and he’s twisting it, while he talks about how much he cares for all these people. Sickening.

        And we keep hearing that Obama has your back, and he will never quit on you. Look what he did to energy. What crapola.



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