Teachers and leeches

Just an observation

I feel compelled to say I don’t have a hatred of teachers. That is not the point. I’ve known quite a few. But that does not change the problem. Secondly, this is my observation and your mileage may vary. I don’t know about any statistics or polls.

I’ve had the chance to talk to some people who I know are pretty big Democrats.(Big D) This is not about changing their positions or arguments. What they have offered, to my surprise, is how they are fed up with the teachers, what’s going on, and what’s in the news. I couldn’t tell you about any teacher approval polls. I base it just on these conversations.

They are fed up and see them as part of the whole problem. Now I’m not putting words in their mouths, its just what they have told me. And sure, these same people are fed up with a lot of things, politically. It crosses the board from Washington politics to local boards. I’ve never seen that before where they blurt it out so freely, almost knocking me off my feet. Really, I didn’t instigate it. Some of them are fairly close to teachers, or always have been, and worked in related professions. Only one elderly person I know, who has always supported teachers passionately, is somewhat sympathetic but even that is changing.

Back up, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

Maybe the economy is a big part of it. I watched class warfare in the Democratic Party for years and never noted this discontent before. It’s a growing unrest. But it is not toward the rich and powerful, as the DNC mouthpieces claim. It is at the cushy government jobs, powerful unions, and their never-ending line of benefits or perks — paid for on the public dole. Like the big teachers unions and tenured teachers protected by the same, no matter what they seem to do.

Call it inter-class warfare or whatever code word for resentment that you want to use. The phrase “enough is enough” comes up frequently. The implication is it must stop. Teachers are part of it and just one of several symbols. It’s across the spectrum toward the public sector. It involves bureaucrats, teachers, unions, and politicians; like I said from DC to main street.

The economy has people in a pickle. If you aren’t feeling it then check your pulse. That is the kind of feeling out there. Then they see the unions and the public sector politically organizing, calling out strikes and it is just a reminder of that resentment. Here are people who are above most working class folks, leveraged, making the same demands they have all along while everyone else is under threat of cuts or already lost so much.

And these teachers, in particlular, expect sympathy from the public and taxpayers in general. People who inevetably pay for their wishlist. Well, it doesn’t look to me like they have Joe citizen’s support. Some are homeowners and some not. But they see and feel this perpetual squeeze the public sector and unions have strapped onto the tax base. Then every few years they demand increases, whatever the shape of the budget or economy. Plus, their perks are far above what regular people have, even other professionals. Then teachers or whatever expect our sympathies even in these times. It looks like they’ve stretched that rubber band to a fault. Generally, they could count on it before — teachers to public servants.

No, it isn’t just the current strike or so that is bringing it to the front burner. It is when you look across main street clear to Washington. Everyone seems to feel we are on a train as mere passengers; and it is going to take us somewhere regardless how we feel about it. Dems I know freely tell me.(not all)

And they are asking what can we do to stop it? It must be stopped. Well, it may not be to the level of Rick Santelli yet, but there sure is open disgust. And they admit it. If it were only partly as rampant, the Dems should not be whistling past this graveyard the way they do. Maybe it doesn’t matter much but the resentment and discontent is there.

9 comments on “Teachers and leeches

  1. Davetherave says:

    Very well written! We are bombarded everyday with SS, Medicare, Medicaid are going bankrupt and must be changed. Medium income for folks have dropped in the last four years. Unemployment has been to high for four years now. The main reason unemployment has dropped is the gov creating private sector jobs and those looking for public sector jobs just give up. Our country is so busted we have to borrow money for wars. While at the very same time there is something on the news about unions wanting more or not wanting to give up anything.

    The gov private sector is turning into elite jobs with unions. Besides their pay and benefits; it is literally impossible to fire a gov union worker. They pretty much have to commit first degree murder with 200 witnesses to get fired and teachers are the worse. Our public school teachers sure aren’t getting paid on performance, because 90% of teachers would get fired if that was the case. Too many kids graduating can even read well. Of course there are good and bad teachers, but this union shit protects the bad teachers and so do the other teachers.

    Most are clinging to jobs, having to change around their budget or simply don’t have a job anymore, but the teachers that produce shit for brain kids want more and more. Everyone should be sick and tired of this, except the unions workers of course…


    • bullright says:


      Great comments. You diagnosed it. Its like mission impossible only they don’t succeed in the end. There is something rotting and we’re being told its getting better — ” it doesn’t stink as much as a few years ago”. The failure that they have hoisted on us just in education is treasonous (I remember someone saying that) but then they add insult to injury and say they can fix it with mo’ money. (both wrong) How long have they played that game on people? Remember Wimpy the moocher from Popeye? The promises are never returned.

      And where does it go, because they always get mo’ money? Much of it goes to administration. Check out the pie chart. Then they claim eventually that they have to squeeze and make cuts, even while still raising taxes, that money comes out of the general ed funds. Clever eh? I also see them actually claim job cuts by cutting invisible people. That is people that are not really there and haven’t been for some time, but they count them as employee cuts because they say they will now [officially] not replace them. (even though they hadn’t) Dang they are almost as good at moving money around as the government. Wait…


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, LMAO! Which cup has the real worker under it and which cups has the imaginary workers? Keep shuffling those cups Barry! If they were to accidentally come in under budget, they would say they saved money. Never mind they didn’t have the damn money to spend in the first place.

        I ran two business’s for a long time bull and I can definitely tell you throwing more money into a bad investment after you’ve already gotten hosed before doesn’t work. It doesn’t make the investment better, because you throw more money at it. This teacher bull shit reminds me of continuing to change the plugs, while never changing the points and the vehicle still won’t start!


        • bullright says:

          Dave, Great analogy. I was thinking of some of the examples from this district. But all that considered, no, I can’t imagine how much worse it is in the Washington level. The higher you go the worse it gets. Yet the same guy gladly makes cuts to Medicare, which supposedly makes it more viable. Cut an ounce of blubber from Ed (or cut it completely) and you are a child-hating zealot. Yet their focus is on unions and teachers; but we are concerned for the children and schools so they label us anti-education. Want parents’ choice in education? – You are a bigot.


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull, another little stat I saw the other day was public teachers are around 25% more likely to send their kids to private schools. Nice endorsement of their colleagues eh? The lib article tried to play if off, because they want to send their kids to private, religious schools. Do what? So they are ultimately saying teachers are 25% more likely to want to send their kids to religious schools. That pitch missed the strike zone badly. Of course that’s the only strike they will ever miss badly…


  2. flyoverhere says:

    This is somewhat encouraging. The unions are sucking the life out of this economy and have been for waaaayyyyy too long. The auto industry wouldn’t have needed bailed out if not for unions and government safety and fuel regulations.


    • bullright says:

      Right it is encouraging. They finally pissed off at least some Democrats.


    • Davetherave says:


      I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. The kicker being the only reason it got a bail out is because of the UAW…big azz union! I wonder where the bail it is for all the coal miner union workers under this administration? I realize that is a very dumb question…. 🙂


  3. pepperhawk says:


    I would expect that the average person making $40 to $55,000 would be fed up to his ears with the demands of these teachers, especially since they make more than average Joe.

    It appears to me they are so completely selfish. They don’t give a damn about the tax payers. It’s all gimme, gimme with them.

    And what really kills me over these teachers is the fact that our kids are failing.

    I was in Catholic school as you know for 12 years. We had 50 pupils to a class room and the nuns handled things just fine.
    Strict discipline and the goal being we all learned in school or we were put out.

    So I have no sympathy for these leeches sucking us dry.



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