Message from Never Again




6 Million Voices Must

Be Heard!


       Only One Way Forward
  Demand Obama Take Military Against Iran NOW

Everything Else is a Distraction


As citizens of the United States our allegiance to protect the Constitution is sacrosanct. America, like Israel, is now under an imminent threat from Iran. We must not wave the white flag of surrender to Obama or Iran  We must not forsake our Constitution we will never get out of debt once we cede victory to Islam. 

Obama is not our king, we freed ourself from the tyrannical King George, now we must overcome Obama’s Shari compliant foreign policy, or we will lose our independence. Demand he destroys Iran Nuclear Terrorist War Machine Now, everything else is a diversion, even the Arab Spring dust up.

Make no mistake the Iranian threat is a Constitutional issue, American is under an imminent threat. While this global conflict finds its root cause in a biblical accounting , our position as Americans must be that of George Washington, who said, “The Constitution is the guideline which I will never abandon.“

Congressman Trent Frank said “Jihadist terrorists the world over will have access to nuclear weapons and the world’s children will forever have etched in their memory that moment in history when this government allowed the hellish shadow of nuclear Jihad to fall across their future. And still, as the centrifuges in Iran are spinning, the Obama administration is fiddling, and many members of this body stand by and contemplate. Have we lost our minds? ”

This is our generational moment: Stopping Iran Must be Our Top Priority.
My fellow Jews, any more rallies, even at the UN to show Israel we support her without demanding that Obama destroy Iran’s nuclear threat now would be an exercise  in futility. Although well intended it will fall short in achieving the goal of protecting Israel and America. 

As America citizens the Jewish people have one mission, we must use the Constitution as our guideline, as our focal point, in demanding Obama face this global threat from Iran now, Israel is not a superpower. We need to shake up America, never again should we hear Netanyahu pleading with our politicians and pro Israel groups to wake up and pressure Obama into taking action against Iran.  This is shameful.

To respond  the GOP, Beck, Hagee, the Federations, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, and others even though their support for Israel is beyond reproach, but America’s Constitution is being threatened by a foreign power, defending the Constitution must be everyone’s top priority.

Thus at this time we only need to hear this proclamation from these parties, day after day they must insist :  Mr President protecting the citizens of the United States of America must be your first priority since you are in charge of our national security. Iran is an immanent  threat President Obama you must honor your pledge to protect our Constitution and destroy Iran ’s nuclear infrastructure NOW!.” 

Again, I want to stress that the citizens of America Obama is one step away from ceding victory to Islam. Obama’s cancerous appeasement enablement foreign policy must severed before it morphs any further, and becomes inoperable. Thus there is only one way to end the Iranian nuclear nightmare and the spread of Radical Islam:

Only with a payload of destruction directed into the heart of Iran ‘s nuclear facilities  will we  eliminate the hub in the wheel of an emerging Nuclear Terrorist Empire, which  has drawn into its vortex :  Russia, China, both who have aligned themselves with the Iranian Jihadist conglomerate (Syria, Hamas, Egypt, etc.) to impose their will on America , Israel , and what ever is left of the European Union.

America is not in the business of nation building, but in putting out of business those nations whose constitutions honor the subjugation of humankind. What is in the best Interest of the US ? To immediately attack and destroy Iran ‘s nuclear war machine and put Ahmadinejad and his criminal enterprise out of business.

This is the first call in the final eliminate the Iranian threat. How to launch this victorious initiative will follow.  Be assured, for those who honor portect and defend the Covenant, and the Constitution of the Untied States of America, victory is guaranteed. 

Start now  As your representatives Demand they declare that.President Obama must launch a  Strike Against Iran’s Nuclear War Infrastructure Now. Call 202- 224-3121

Please send out to your Facebook and twitter lists

Thank You

Stanley Zir


One comment on “Message from Never Again

  1. drrik says:

    While Iran may be a threat, they are but a drop in the bucket compared to the threat of the national, centrist, unconstitional government that we labor under, that has done untold more damage to our country and the concept thereof than Iran nuking a US city ever could. And the unconstitutional Congress and its career politicians are the primary folks responsible. And not just folks in the lib-prog camp either. Plenty of RINOs also.



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