UN + Obama = UNObama

A little rebuke of Obama’s speech, and part rant. He gave his speech to the beloved UN. Well, la di da! But it could be boiled down to this: he mentioned the movie how many times and mentioned terrorism how many times?

It only shows he is about as disconnected from reality as anyone can be. It was another lecture like the many others before it – shallow and pretty meaningless. If one has to give an apologetic defense of freedom of speech, which he has been doing, then he pretty much has missed the point.

When it comes to exercising free speech, he was not only a sleep at the switch, he was turning it off. The same can be said for religious freedom here. He is actively working to undermine them with the all-powerful state. State power and control is always a great substitute for freedom. Now he tells other regimes to suck it up.

Trying to invoke Gandhi, he said “intolerance itself is a form of violence”. Great rhetoric which must mean that Obama is the most violent regime we’ve had, since he is overwhelmingly intolerant of our freedom. Intolerant of anything or anyone who opposes him.

The real point is that he mentioned terrorists once(i.e. “terrorist groups”), and he mentioned the movie (video) 7 times. I guess that expresses his tolerance for terrorism vs. his intolerance for the movie. The latter is protected free speech, the former is not.

I guess that word terrorist is rejected by the teleprompter. He should have that looked at. But it is completely compatible with newspeak. Ingsoc can continue on with his help.

The always entertaining Art Carney had forecasted about his UN speech:

Carney said Obama would address the recent protests that left four Americans dead and once again criticize the U.S.-made anti-Islam video blamed for inflaming tensions, while rejecting the violent response. The president, Carney said, is also expected to warn that the United States will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. – The Hill

So he addressed it, but protests did not leave 4 Americans dead. And he managed to do it without using the word terrorism. Considering that even Carney had repeatedly said it was “self-evident” that it was “terrorism”. I’d say he put ramped up disdain for the video ahead of our security and interests. He calls them killers rather than terrorists. That contrasts with the reality of what they did.

Once again, he repeated his assertions against containment of Iran, and saying he would not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. But this would be to believe he has not been the guy who allowed it this far, or the one who stood in the way of action, or what his top general already telegraphed. So Barry is reaching out for the UNObama. That one seems too busy with campaigning, fundraising, and reelection to pay it much concern. The UNObama will rattle off a speech or a few tough talking points here and there, hoping that suffices. Besides, he can talk a lot better about it if he should lose.

So believing anything he says should require the willing suspension of disbelief. And he refuses to meet with leaders like Netanyahu, for fear of hurting his reelection chances.

12 comments on “UN + Obama = UNObama

  1. Davetherave says:

    Damn good writing bull! I’ve been out of town visiting friends in TN, but my brutally honest ass is back now.

    Did ya’ see Outlaw Josie Wells bull? Loan Waddi said he and the other chiefs were told to “Endeavor to persevere.” I sure in the hell feel like we are having to endeavor to persevere with this f’ing Islamist praying to Allah from the White Mosque! Most days I endeavor to persevere over bouncing my frigging laptop off the road, after reading what this buffoon does on a daily basis. Obastard is more full of shit than a Christmas Turkey.

    Movie my ass! A hardly never seen movie from July got the natives restless and sent them on the war path in Sept. IIIIIIIII don’t think so! And what if they don’t like the movie? BIG CRAPPOLA! Free speech is free speech. My Lord and Savior is made fun of on a regular basis, but ya’ don’t see me running around killing folks and destroying property. Obama is nothing more than a sissy ass that constantly kisses the asses of his bro’s in the muzzie hood. I’ve never in my life seen a bigger two face liar than the Gay Charade and it just blows my mind how many morons in this country suck up his lies like a sponge thrown into the ocean. They are nothing more than a bunch of savages over in muzzie land that never left the Dark Ages. F’em all and f’ Obamastalin!

    PS. Bull; my old computer crashed and I’ve got a new laptop now. Would you mind sending me an email, so I can store you in my contacts? Thanks buddy and I hope all is well….


    • bullright says:


      Good point. Aside from the bouncing it off the road, LMAO. Really that bad? No I won’t ask. You’re right, you know, we don’t like most of what Hollyweird cranks out, except for Clint. Well, we ain’t burning down theaters or killing people….yet (kidding). These guys hear about a video they don’t like and what, RPG’s come out? Right. Even for the “Religion of Perpetual Outrage in search of aaaaaany excuse for a riot” its a stretch for an excuse. (as Michelle Malkin calls it) And lameass grants them their specious reasoning. No, he validates it for them.

      I know Obama’s lies are unending, but they wouldn’t be if they stopped tolerating them. He’s as bad as the Muzzies, wait a minute… And Thanks will do. You and a laptop, is that a toxic mix…er don’t ask.? 🙂


      • Davetherave says:

        Great comment bull…”He validates it for them.” The Fraud gives their insanity some legitimacy in our country for those that so still dream of Utopia where we all hold hands and sing koom-by-ya’ll! I would love to have a world where we all love each other as brothers, but just because I’d love to have it doesn’t make it so. I’d love to have a 57′ Corvette also, but that ain’t gonna happen. Their constant refusal to learn from history and acknowledge the truth is baffling. Ya’ can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

        Me and a laptop??…probably trouble waiting to happen. I use to pick up smaller folks and use them as a club to beat the hell out of some smart ass, soooo my guess is trouble is just waiting around the corner with how light weight this laptop is. I use to be pretty damn good at skipping flat stones across water, so I bet I could get this laptop all the across the street and have it slam into someones house. Ya’ know me pretty good now bull, so I don’t think you even have to ask! 🙂


  2. bullright says:

    It must be pretty bad when even Lib-progs think it’s crazy. And when they start to distance themselves from these stupid remarks and policies, there might be hope. Even some Libs see this as stupidity on steroids. But hand Obama another shovel, cause he’s determined to go down digging.

    “This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” – Guess who(pile of manure would be better)


  3. pepperhawk says:


    Excellent article. We watched his speech yesterday and it was flabbergasting to hear him invoke that damn video once again of the cause of the protests all over the Muslim world.

    He looked stilted and angry as he usually appears lately when speaking. It was obvious he wants to keep claiming that obscure video is all the problem. And then he speaks of “free speech” but we don’t have it any longer since he puts outs things we are not “allowed” to speak.

    What a fraud he is.


    • bullright says:


      Thanks much. It is getting curiouser how he’ll respond, because most people in the world know he is fraud now. The media is forced to play along with his routine. They are attacking Romney for his attack ads. It seems they are getting paniced that people aren’t buying Obamatopia. They try to shut down Mitt’s ad campaign by complaining, so that must be working. They want political correctness to rule.

      He’s a con artist. He’ll probably get angrier trying to prove everyone else a liar. It was a total sham seeing that. (they should have had puke buckets everywhere.) He is certifiable. He stays with the lie all the way.


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    UN + Obama = UNObama; UN + America = UNAmerican



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