40 Days of Prayer


God’s not done with America

Charlie Butts   (OneNewsNow.com)
Friday, September 28, 2012

 Butts, Dave (NPC)

Today is the first of 40 Days of Prayer leading up to the presidential election.

Although the event ends the same day as the November election, Dave Butts, who chairs America’s National Prayer Committee (NPC), tells OneNewsNow that is not the central theme. He says the religious leaders he has met throughout his travels agree that the country is in trouble.

“We’ve got serious issues — economic, social, cultural, racial, international [and] political. We have problems, and no one person is going to solve this,” Butts asserts. “The problem ultimately isn’t in the White House; it’s in our house. This is an act of humility before God that the church in America needs desperately to do.”

He says the nation needs repentance and revival.

“I believe God’s given us a window. This is a call that seems harsh in some ways,” the chairman suggests. “You know, we’re in trouble. We have to pray. You have to repent — all of that sounds really, really harsh, but in a sense, it is an act of mercy. It’s a message of hope that God still is not done with America, and He’s calling us to prayer.”

Butts adds that one of the principles of prayer in scripture is that when God calls people to pray, “it means He’s ready to do something, and He’s calling us to pray to release His power.”

Prayer guides and other resources are available at 40DaysofPrayer.net.



I heard a report that only 50% of Christians were registered to vote.  And of them only 50% voted in the 08 election. That means only 25% of Christians voted in the last presidential election.

However you feel about it, I don’t think it is an overstatement to say we’ve got God-sized problems.
(2 Chronicles 7:14)

7 comments on “40 Days of Prayer

  1. flyoverhere says:

    I have been praying everyday for a very long time. This is a must, prayer, repentance followed up by action. Christians, for way too long have either tried to ‘fit in’ or totally ‘opt out’ when it comes to the moral issues of our time and political debate. Until we as a people turn to God and ask Him to guide our lives daily, heed His admonishments and live for eternity instead of for today, we won’t see any improvement. We still have elections, for now, but we no longer have representative government due to our own lack of participation….


  2. pepperhawk says:

    Like FOH, I pray every day too and I ask God to forgive us our temptations of evil. I beg Him to help us get the Occupier out of the WH. We have to accept Him first however or He won’t help us.

    Good article, Bull, and one we should be reminded about many times. We have so little time left now.

    Reed from Family Research Council and someone else are going to try to get the Christians who stayed home in 08 to get out to vote in 2012. I hope they are successful.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, that’s for sure. I try to too. I think people are disgusted or just tuned out, and that’s exactly what got us here. Our voice is being diluted, divided, marginalized, and ignored many times. But to do it to ourselves makes no sense.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Great repost bull! I’ve been praying hard to God to help us save our Christian found nation. I have no doubt God answers all prayers (sometimes we may not like His answer, but He certainly knows what’s better for us than we do), but I also believe we must take action in the Holy names of God and Christ. We have sat back being patient and tolerant for way too long, instead of being intolerant to those that would remove God and our Savior from this great nation. We are a religion of peace and we will not go around blowing people up, but we must be strong in our stance of defending our religion. Defending the very essence of our blessings and grace; God and our Savior. Without their blessings and grace; our country will fall.

    But I also believe no matter what ends up happening to our nation, God and our Savior will be loyal to those that have been loyal to Them. Keeping our Christian found nation in tact is of the utmost importance, but ensuring we do God’s will so we may enter His home on our day of judgement is the true ultimate goal. God bless the United States of America, but more importantly God bless the souls of those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The way to the Father is through the Son and that is where we will find eternal happiness. Not here on earth…


  4. drrik says:

    In the war of 1812, the British had captured and were burning Washington. A hurricaine formed over DC and a tornado touched down in the city. The raging storm put out most of the fires and the tornado killed more British troops than the Continental army had up to that time in all the battles of the war to that point. No similar weather ever registered before or since.

    In the Revolutionary War, In the Battle of Brooklin Heights for control of New York, Washington’s ragtag army of 11,000 was outflanked abnd outfought by the well-trained 21,000 British. 2700 American’s had died and the Continentals were driven off the Heights and cornered on a peninsula. Victory for the British was a fait acompli and they could have reclaimed the colonies. They set up camp close by, gather strength and preparing for what was going to be a slaughter while the British navy sailed up to box the Americans in. A freak storm blew up, abnormal for late August and with the winds blowing opposite from their usual prevailing direction, preventing the warships from closing the trap. Under cover of darkeness, Washington evacuated the entire army, leaving only a couple of cannon. At dawn, with men still to go, another freak occurance, a dense fog covered the area, hiding the evacuation. When the fog lifted, there was no army for the British to fight. This evacuation was done at range close enough that the Americans could hear the British chatting amoung themselves at their sentry posts.

    Throughout our history and even now, whether bees, flies, or DC earthquakes, there are strange things occuring that are oddly coincident to the situation and that seem unnatural or even miraculous. One might easily question whether there is a divine intervention going on and that we are being watched and that this country is special in the eyes of God.



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