Changing the Dynamics


Remember Kerry’s infamous statement, after firing his campaign manager, that he was “changing the dynamics”.

What’s ironic now that Romney won the debate is that Kerry was Obama’s debate coach. Is that hillarious?

All bets are off and apparently those early celebration plans for Obama will be put on hold, with the Kolbe beef order. Everyone can have a bad night. But comparatively how bad? He told us after the attack on our embassador in Libya that they had a “bad day” loosing 4 people. I’ll bet to Obama that day did not compare to his evening in Colorado. What a shame he is probably a lot more concerned about this night than that “day”, enough to change his itinerary a little.

Obama always was a demogogue and idelogue, nothing more. The agent of change is not really the change agent. Surprise. “Mr Obama, you are now entering reality. We will be landing in a few moments. Fasten your seatbelt, you will experience heavy turbulance and a very rough landing.” (you may want to put your head between your knees and brace yourself too)

Even throwing out a life line for 100 thousand new teachers could not save him. I particularly liked Mitt’s use of the phrase “trickle down government”. It was a grand slam for which Obama has no response.

And despite stealing more speaking time than Mitt from early on, about 4 min total, it could not save his defenseless record. All the extra talk could not help. It is unexplainable. Then he threw out a Hail Mary to Bill Clinton who could not protect him. That was a classic example of sophistry. He attempted to claim that merely putting tax rates back to what they were under Clinton would recreate the economic windfall of those years. This is equivilent to telling the patient to click his heels three times and wish himself well.

So trying to recreate the effects of a booming economy will cause one. Gravity will now be reversed. Except for one thing: that was a completely different economy than now, minus a whole lot of our national debt. Clinton had the good fortune of a tech bubble where Obama has a debt bubble, which cannot continue forever. But he’s still blowing it up. If you looked up “specious” in the dictionary, this should be the example.

Still, it made for entertainment. Seeing Obama call out the Hollyweird crowd to campaign for him was a great trailer. Maybe they will soon realize what Obama meant by “all in”. Then they have to get the hang of how it works. When you say “forward” you are supposed to be looking and thinking backward, say toward Clinton…or anywhere except to reality. Just keep repeating the word “forward” while Obama talks about the past. And when Obama talks about saving Medicare he means cutting payments to providers, to plug the giant sucking sound in ObamaCare. Where’s Ross Perot when you really need him?

12 comments on “Changing the Dynamics

  1. Davetherave says:

    Well done bull! Some lineup Barry has on his team. Kerry…traitor. Clinton…draft dodging traitor. Hell; he has to have room for Jane on his cabinet to keep up the theme. Clinton also had the luxury of a Repub controlled Senate and House. Newt shoved the balanced budget amendment and welfare reform down Thecigar’s throat. It’s also a hell of a lot easier to balance the budget when you already know you won’t be down $1T every Jan 1st.

    Kerry….what can I say…just a plain old piece of shit and that’s who they picked to prep Barry?? Damn; I love their strategy! Nice to know Barry had a bad day, so he can now understand what ALL our days have been like every since he broke out like a canker sore in our White House. They’ll have to scrub the WH down with Clorox when he gets booted out! I wouldn’t use the john in that place…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, excellent comment. Great details. Right. There sure is a lot to think about. Clinton never got there by his lonesome.(maybe that’s what gave Hill the idea of “it takes a village” … a big village to make her cigar-probing, philandering, hubby into a superstar prez) He should have sent Newt a nice thank you. Dave, right, maybe he knows how it feels to be run over by a truck. And they’ll have to uninstall the house of mirrors the one has constructed. Kerry what a piece if crap. Obama can’t defend his real plans let alone his record. I get pissed everytime I hear him lecture about leadership. A Chicago thug pol lecturing about proper leadership. Hopefully with his stance against Israel he hasn’t incurred a lasting curse on the Office. Do we have to drive out the evil spirits too? (Only slightly joking.)


    • pepperhawk says:

      Hey Dave,

      I thought Obama looked a bit drugged up last night. Do you think he was since you are the expert on such things.


      • Davetherave says:

        Hi Pepp,

        LMAO! “Who ya’ gonna call…? Drugbuster!” I didn’t watch the debate so I don’t have the luxury of any visual to use, but I do find the comments of his performance interesting. Hard time concentrating, rambling for answers, preoccupied, looking up/down/all around like he’d rather be somewhere else…etc. All typical signs of extreme nervousness/anxiety and the best med for that is Xanax. On a high dose (6-10mg’s) a person is so chilled out they don’t give a rats ass about anything anymore and can’t put together one logical sentence. All a person is really aware of is they want to get the hell away from whatever is causing them the nervousness/anxiety and it can’t come fast enough. My guess would be that Obama had one big ass smile on his face when the debate finally ended. If he’s a coke head (which has been rumored numerously), it is not untypical at all to also be a benzodiazepine junky. Opposites do eventually attract when it comes to drug abuse. We all know what happened to Elvis…


  2. bullright says:

    I have a very cynical thought. of pure speculation. Just thinking, wild what if. Is it possible that Obama planned his performance at the debate? I don’t really think I can believe that. But what if he did because he thought he would make himself appear as the victim having Romney unload on him. And that in the process Romney would lay out everything economically he had planned so Obama could flush it out. Then they attack it afterward with all his resources, including media? There is a little more to it but that is the basic idea. Is that possible? It is brainstorming speculation. He might think he could do it and it wouldn’t hurt him because of his likeability. And look how much people have already accepted — anything and everything — from him without questioning it. The other piece is that with his likeability, he didn’t think he really had to win anyone over or want to, as long as he keeps his loyal comrades in goosestep behind him. And he might even borrow some of his poplular ideas since Obama is just a recycled Marxist at heart. ‘If so’, it probably didn’t work out quite the way he planned. Just another weird possibility. But with this twisted suburb hating pol, what wouldn’t he try?


    • Davetherave says:

      Interesting thought bull. Let’s ponder. Well; Kerry did go and pretend like he was doing his duty and then turned traitor when he got back home and was under the protection of all his radical buddies…the appearance of a victim. Kerry also lied his ass off to get a purple heart…unearned sympathy. I don’t think your brainstorming speculation is without merit. Kerry would know how to teach Barry that trick for sure. In my readings of the debate I did see a lot of comments of how vague Romney remains on exactly how he is going to balance the budget in 8-10 years. Obama has gotten away with stealing all the cookies from the cookie jar without even a hand slap, so really all he has to do is keep telling the same lies that has gotten us no where but backwards, but gotten him every where. Mitt really has to prove why the incumbent needs to go and being vague hurts him. My guess is he’s being vague, because he has no idea. No one on this planet knows how in the hell they are going to balance our budget now. Within 10 years around 75 million baby boomers will be retired (or very close) and even Ryan’s plan leaves them on the current SS, Medicare and Medicaid. That is a fiscal cliff on the horizon and there is not a damn thing that can be done at this point to stop our country from going right over it. Forecasting out to that time (with all the promises the gov has made – everything they have committed to pay for) our country is actually in debt to the tune of around $203 trillion dollars. The Chinks don’t even have that kind of money for us to borrow. Point being; we are screwed which ever way we go and Romney is the one talking major reform of SS, Medicare and Medicaid. Most people hate change – especially drastic change to their retirement net – so I see it more on Romney to prove the new idea will work and get more people comfortable with it. If Barry was playing possum and Romney keeps being vague, that hurts Romney the most IMO. Good thought bull! I could go on and on with this speculation, but I’ll now give your eyes a well needed break! 🙂


      • bullright says:

        Dave, I gree with you mostly. I’m frustrated too. But I am considering Romney’s motives for being vague. The same ones they pick at over his taxes. But I do believe he hasmore of a plan, and much more than Obama. Simply much of his reasons are probably to give Obama less information. All means of crookery are available to Obama without a spec of conscience. I think growth is the big key but you are right, there are a lot of blanks. I also think team Chicago have been waiting for as much material and info they can get on Romney and his plans, just the way they goaded anyone for information.(while having no plans themselves) — to steal and destroy. I really believe he does not want to put every detail out there. I think Ryan is a little the same way. I saw a little verification of Obama’s strategy from the debate. One when he said does any one believe Romney does not want to put all these plans out because he thinks they are too good? His mockery reveals as much about his own intentions. He wants to kill any good assets Romney has to say “stick with me” and bubba. And he has been busy trying to say he is doing the same thing Mitt is talking about. You’re right more info is needed. I can see the sharks on the other side waiting for another foot to chew on.I think the biggest key to all this will be growth, but in the private sector not the public sector. Romney has to present it more in terms of two different choices. He does need to start revealing more else people will think he doesn’t have plans. But there is some bluff calling going on.


        • Davetherave says:

          Good point bull. Maybe Romney is waiting till the last possible minute to throw out the carrot’s to get the votes, but give the radicals as little time as possible to attack. I’m sure Mitt has something up his sleeve. He’s been too damn successful at business to be a hack. He’s definitely got a plan and what ever it is, it’s better than The Anointed one’s. Hell; there’s no way it could be any worse…


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Great article Bull. I also am intrigued by your last comment here about what if Obama was acting last night. Ya never can know with that dirty bunch. They will stoop to anything.

    Remember what they did to Herman Cain? See those women anywhere now? Gloria Alright? No, they all disappeared. They got paid for their dirty work and when done, slipped away into the night like the destructive fire ants they are.

    Well the only thing is if this was one of their strategies it already failed miserably because the liberal media is going absolutely out of their minds and attacking him for his terrible performance.

    Axelrod will go into the special think tank that all Chitcago thug pols go and figure out a new strategy on how to destroy Romney. The game is not up. And Axelrod is like a bull dog never giving up until the necessary ends are met.

    It is funny and ironic about Kerry. It’s almost too funny. Kerry, in my opinion can’t act his way out of a paper bag. So how could he pretend to be Romney prepping Obama for the debate.

    Obama could be in a rage at Kerry for not “doing his part” well enough. We know he can’t hold himself accountable for anything. Today he’s already on the campaign trail telling everyone that the man who was on stage with him last night is not the “real Romney” and that Romney is “nothing but a liar” and “does not want to be held accountable for his actions’. I almost spewed my coffee as the projection was so purely noticeable.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks and wow, I think there is something fishy anyway regardless. Obama is not an all star debater, first. That is true. He works from talking points and can’t think fast enough on his feet, to cover his lies. He just reasserts and repeats his talking points to whatever question that comes. He has become dependent on the media darlings to do their “fair share”.

      It did backfire when media turned their wrath. This morning I heard Plouffe gave a seminar on AF-1 to the media sycophants, you know just to head them in the right direction on Mitt. (I’m thinkiing like the reporters scheming about the question to ask Mitt ) Herman and all the others they littered the road with and remember Palin. With the aid of MSM.

      Axelfraud will do anything. Kerry is thought of as a good debater, and viscous attacker. Maybe they did it between the front and back nine. Someone will be to blame, for sure, even if it was his idea. But not Valerie Jarrett. Yep, he’s projecting again. Well he projected his radical azz into the WH. Romney has to watch it now and Ryan. Guns will be blazing. And this probably rallied the media to step up their attacks — hard to believe they could do more. Next come unions and I’m sure they have the fraudmeisters on their payroll for election. Meanwhile Dems also plan on holding the Senate maybe gaining. So Nan and Harry will be busy on active duty.

      Can you believe, they just nominated this guy and he just shows up for debate like he voted present all those times. He must have believed San Fran Nan that the race was over, he won.


  4. bullright says:

    I think Obama is running low on ad material.I just saw an ad desperately tying Bain to a Chinese working conditions. What does this have to do with the job and Constitution? And now Obama’s out attacking Mitt on trail over the debate. Maybe this was his plan. Obama is getting more nasty and negative on the campaign trail among supporters, where no one will hold him accountable.



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