Was Joe making a viusual point?


Maybe Biden had a real point, like that Clint Eastwood skit with the “empty chair” for Obama. And what might that be?

Well, he laughed through most of the debate weaving in and out of foreign policy flames. Maybe that is how they’ve come to view their policy of nuttiness too? At least he can have a laugh over it.

I guess that might be apropos considering the chaotic foreign policy. And then Panetta claimed recent attacks in Afghanistan were the Taliban’s “last gasp” When it comes to numbers in the economy at home or Obama’s dismal record – or lack of one – we’ve come to expect spin and distortions. But now they are spinning and lying about foreign policy too, which is supposed to be their forte’.

Obama said the Benghazi terrorist attack was a “bump in the road” (I wonder if it was a speed bump… along the highway on their victory tour?) Then their first response to the attack was blame a video, or the guy who made it, and protests. They continue to deny facts about what happened in Libya.

So in hindsight leave it to Joe to pass it off and laugh about any idea of being accountable for the consequences of their policies. Biden called criticisms a bunch of “stuff”.

He said as they learned more facts about the incident they changed their assessment. But the state department said it was never pushing that video excuse. Well, funny no one could stop Obama from riding the video excuse into the ground. He went to the UN to mention the video seven times. Then they spent 70K dollars on an ad about the video.

Now Carney is making it clear that the issues involving security at embassies are handled at the State Department. Are they getting ready to throw Hillary under the bus? Maybe Biden had a more personal reason for laughing so much.

Say it ain’t so, Joe

10 comments on “Was Joe making a viusual point?

  1. Is that what liberals call successful debating skills? Seriously? Joe Biden made a fool out of himself last night. –And I am about as unbiased as a commenter can be on that debate, as I am not voting for either main party this election.



    • bullright says:


      Thanks for coming by. Appreciate the comments. Not what I’d call honest or debate. Hard to expect that from the one, we should know. Joe is a laughing stock himself and people actually expect that from him. I guess you are unbiased. I cannot sit this out when the country is going down in flames. I’ve had issues with Mitt and he’s not my favorite pick but they had a primary, if you can call it that, and settled on him. To me, this time, it is survival of the country or not. I understand the dissatisfaction but I see two not three choices with no options. You know I’m no party hack for GOP. He hasn’t been the best opponent for Zero. Welcome.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good article bull! I believe it not only shows how inept this disgrace of an administration is, but also how little they care about people. How in the hell could anyone with a heart even think of laughing about this atrocity?? Sick asses! I read a report from the security dept that the security in Benghazi was so bad there were times when only ONE security personnel was on hand. ONE??? And throwing Hitlery under the bus (which I don’t really care and would actually buy a ticket to see her get thrown under a bus and enjoy my popcorn) is a joke. This administration takes full credit for killing Bin Laden, but now they claim this is a state dept issue. What a crock! Joey being one heart attack away is one scary thought, but of course someone not having a heart attack is also one scary thought. We’re damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t…


    • Davetherave says:

      Sorry bull, I vegged out with more to write. A bump in the road and the Taliban’s last gasp??? Now that is too rich and total bullshit! I get emails from a serviceman that served in Afghanistan for years and he states the Taliban is stronger now that before we went in. They are simply rebuilding and laying low, until we leave. They realize we kick their asses heads up, so they are simple being smarter this time and waiting us out. Within six months of us leaving; the Taliban will retake control of Afghanistan IMO. I thought the French were the worsts fighters in the world, but these bunch of wimps we are trying to train to secure their country just flat out suck! After we leave; they go running off like sissy girls when they see the Taliban coming at them. It will look like all those so called awesome Iraqi soldiers dropping their guns and running for their lives when they saw our military coming at them. Reminds me of what comes out of a chicken’s ass! France is now not the only country whose national flag is a white sheet.


      • bullright says:

        Dave, wow that tells it all. It must feel like he turned his back on them and abandoned them. That’s pretty much what they did to Stevens. They try to lie about the events that lead to his death, what’s worse than that? And when you put all their statements together in a pile, it resembles something common on farms but more pungent. Look at the protection Jarrett gets. Its totally assinine. Then they have to twist stories about it.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, they sure are runing away from it as fast as they can. And this is totally a situation of their making. We can se what Biden’s job is, cleanup detail. Obama’s been dancing around since it happened.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, it totally amazes me that Joey is the one with all the background in foreign policy and he is one clueless little puppy. This is looking more and more like they threw our Christians to the lions over there thinking they could get away with it blaming a stupid ass film trailer from July. BUT; some insider trading let out the secrets and now they’re scrambling to save face. Obama is doing the moon walk, because that’s all he knows about foreign policy and apparently all Joey ever picked up was how to lie about it. Their little world of radical wonders is crumbling right before their face, because the commie buffoons forgot the biggest secret in DC: there are no secrets that can be kept in DC!


        • bullright says:

          Right, Dave, And push comes to shove, as it does with Alinskyites, Hillary can take the blame as they sail on by. Don’t think the Clintons are too happy. But then that is all these rats care about is themselves, and their power.


  3. ryankane says:

    You aught to check out my review of the debate. I think you’ll find it interesting and appreciate my theories. I explained some of the laughing you are describing.




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