The Jerk Store Called

Column: They’re running out of Obama-Biden

October 19, 2012 5:00 am

Remember when President Barack Obama was likable? Once upon a time the public viewed the incumbent more favorably than his challenger by large margins. These days Obama’s favorable and unfavorable ratings are similar to Mitt Romney’s. The televised debates have unveiled the current administration as alternately listless, manic, angry, soporific, rude, bullying, aloof, and thin-skinned. Americans who have just begun to tune into the election are seeing the president unmediated. They no longer are looking at him through the scrim of fawning press, majestic settings, and roaring crowds. And they are discovering that Obama is not so likable at all. He is actually something of a jerk.

Those who read coverage of the Obama administration closely will have known this for a long time: The president is cold, abstract, prickly, and insular. His brand of cerebral partisanship is better suited for liberal blogging than for leading the free world. He doesn’t enjoy interacting with strangers or even with associates outside his immediate clique. He has few close friends. He relies on about half a dozen senior advisers. His impromptu speech is given to cutting, sarcastic remarks.

Put him in front of an adoring and obsequious audience and he will be charming and suave. But the real Obama is revealed the second you remove the klieg lights. This isn’t a guy who will spend his post-presidency more or less running the Democratic Party, a la President Bill Clinton. Obama will spend his retirement as a solitary member of the irritable left, receiving honorary degrees, appearing on MSNBC, and scribbling for Salon.
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3 comments on “The Jerk Store Called

  1. Davetherave says:

    Matthew Continetti has been paying attention and wrote a good article! Obama and Biden both are just mean ass jerks when challenged or not surrounded by their worshipers. Typical radical personality. It is nice to know that many have thrown away their rose colored glasses and are now seeing the real Obama. It’s really not like he’s been hiding it. The radical media has just done a great job keeping it underground. On a side note; this once again displays what a shitty choice McCain was in 08′ that he lost so badly. Still better than what we ended up with, but boy does McCain suck!

    Most radical narcissist with delusions of grandeur are extremely paranoid and keep to a small circle they trust. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini (to name a few) displayed the exact same traits. But to their credit; I guess because they were evil son-of-a-bitches with plans of enslaving their entire country I really can’t blame them…sickos for sure, but not stupid…


    • bullright says:

      Dave that was definitely a good article. These guys are the king of jerks. That makes their sycophants pretty small. Obama is more like the “Cool Jerk”. He does rank right up their with radicals, and there are a slew of them. Now it comes out that Obama really doesn’t “like” other people. What a revelation. Even his colleagues say it. In that mentality everybody is disposable when he sees fit.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, LMAO! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more obsequious person than Obama. Cool Hand Luke meet Cool Jerk Barry. Barry would throw Allah under the bus, if it served his purpose. I seriously doubt he even likes his wife…well…I’ll have to give him a break on that one! Moochele’s own momma probably don’t like er’…



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