Its no April Fools joke, and it isn’t Halloween

But it seems spooks are getting spooked by Obama


Earlier this month in the Free Beacon, Bill Gertz outlined the growing troubles in the intel community with the WH’s narrative about al Qaeda and Mid East promoted Islamic terrorism. 

Revolt of the Spooks

BY: Bill Gertz
October 5, 2012

Intelligence officials angered by Obama administration cover up of intelligence on Iranian, al Qaeda surge in Egypt and Libya

The Morsi government has turned a blind eye to both the increased jihadist activity and Iran’s support for it in the region, particularly in Libya and Syria.

However, the administration is keeping the intelligence under wraps to avoid highlighting Obama’s culpability for the democratic aspirations of the Arab Spring being hijacked by Islamists sympathetic to al Qaeda’s terrorist ideology.

Intelligence officials said in Egypt—currently ruled by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood—one of the key al Qaeda organizers has been identified as Muhammad al-Zawahiri, brother of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Muhammad al-Zawahiri was released by Morsi in Marchafter having been sentenced to death for terrorist acts in Egypt.

In recent months Egypt-based al Qaeda terrorists were dispatched to Libya and Syria, where they have been covertly infiltrating Libyan militia groups and Syrian opposition forces opposing the Bashar al Assad regime.

In addition to Egyptian government backing, intelligence from the region has revealed that operatives from Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, the main spy service, and from Iran’s Quds Force paramilitary group and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps are also facilitating al Qaeda terrorists based in Egypt that are preparing to conduct operations to increase instability throughout the region.

…./ Other news outlets in recent days have revealed new internal U.S. government information that contrasts sharply or contradicts official Obama administration statements that appear designed to minimize the rise of Egyptian-origin terrorism.

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Obama’s foreign policy is a phony facade that is unraveling daily in the Middle East, while it masquerades as the success of his administration. There is nothing true or good about it.

This is the picture he wants us to see:
Situation: bin Laden

And this is the picture that is etched on our minds…


After all there was this reminder….

Move over Gadaffi, we can do it better without you.

The American Thinker reported, just prior to the foreign policy debate:

“A recent Zogby poll showed America to be less popular in the Arab world than before Obama took office. In Egypt, 30% viewed America favorably before 2008, compared to 5% today. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), a Republican Senate candidate, says the 2009 Cairo speech “upset the whole apple cart. His Cairo speech was about apologizing and thinking he could singlehandedly change the Middle East dynamics because of the power of his phenomenal personality.”

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9 comments on “Its no April Fools joke, and it isn’t Halloween

  1. clyde says:

    In a normal world,this type of incompetence,malfeasance,whatever you want to call it,should be enough to see this prick ousted. Sadly,I think if WE don’t out-fraud these bastards,they may win it. Sure hope there are enough of us to counter busloads of Somalis. Wonder why there wasn’t a “welcoming committee” there to greet the vans as they arrived?


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, I think that’s it in a nutshell. They’ve done everything but put out billboards in Libya to attract terrorists. Heck, its the main industry over there, just biz as usual. And rat boy doesn’t want to make waves.


      • Davetherave says:

        Good post bull! When in the hell are the leaders of the US realize that the far majority of dictators in the ME are best for the rest? Move over dictators, so we can help give you a free society to put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge! Sure; dictators are dic’s, but there also consumed with wanting power. Thus; most dictators keep the radicals under control by killing their asses. Best for the rest! We owed Afghanistan a good ass kicking after 9/11, but we should have just kicked the shit out of their country, left it ruins for them to have to try and rebuild over the next 30 years. Bush should not have tried this nation building shit. And Irab? Every country with any semblance of an intelligent community all agree they had WMD’s, so I’ll give Bush a pass on going in there and kicking their asses. But once again; kick their asses, get the hell out and let them spend the next 30 years trying to rebuild.

        The f’ing muzzie psycho’s respect and positively react to only one thing and one thing only…FEAR of getting their asses kicked! Sorry…kinda went off on a tangent.

        The Gay Charade is up to something completely different than nation building. He’s into world building to be completely ruled by muzzies. And the more terrorist oriented the muzzie groups are the more he backs those specific ones. We all know what he’s up to, but some will just ignore it. I still stay the sumbitch goes down in November and he can go back to terrorizing the Shitcago local community. For some reason those morons just love gangster leaders!


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Good article. And the rat bastard is trying his damnest to keep under wraps how much the terrorists organizations are building in Libya for one because it ruins his so called “foreign policy” rating of himself. His whole foreign policy which really is not a policy is in tatters and going up in flames. al Qaeda is stronger than ever and that ansar al sharia group is building all over.

    Did you see where the Jakarta cops foiled a terrorist plot to bomb our embassy there? This just happened last week and hardly got mentioned at all.

    Rat bastard is arming these terrorist groups right and left to turn each one of these ME countries into a caliphate while he works on the same thing here. It is an outrage and I hope to God there are enough of us to get him kicked out of office.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp. Thanks, its pathetic what he’s done. I just heard that but you’re right, it will be buried. Or, they will try to give Barry credit.He has his fingers into everything except what he’s supposed to be doing. Imagine any prez doing an MSM tour after what happened in Benghazi..If his regime cannot be ousted over all he’s done, I don’t know He seems quite happy about the whole situation. He has the arrogance to deny it but all he’s been doing is playing politics with everything. How much his campaign had to do with this, I wonder. But he’s all campaign anyway.


  3. I’d happily go back to being just as unliked yet feared, bullright.

    Unliked and NOT feared doesn’t help anyone but the bad guys.

    Good post.


  4. pepperhawk says:


    I’m worried about you. I fear you have been caught in Sandy in some way or another. We are praying for you and wishing you are OK. I figure since we have not seen you post you have no internet connection or power.



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