Obama wins….America loses

Since the election is over, now I want to get over the silly season engulfing the political discussion. A loss for Romney is just that. It is not a loss for conservative principles.

But it is funny how the liberal-progs want to dominate the conversation. They get to decide what it means for conservatives, and they get to interpret the “win” however they want. They even offer to give Republicans pointers on how to win elections. If that isn’t a real stretch.

Let me see, a guy who had no experience whatsoever has managed to get reelected because so many people like the guy. They are so wrapped in their “hope” that they don’t care about the failures.

Never got a budget passed.

Has politicized every department of the government.

Has more secret plans and lists than Nixon could ever imagine.

ObamaCare and all its problems.

They revised the bios of former presidents by inserting himself into them.

Has had more scandal and secrecy than any recent prez, even the Clintons.

Has abandoned his job to do anything but. He’s even taking off for a trip while the country stares down a debt crisis and another recession.

And that is just the beginning of the list with four dead Americans at his hands and trying to squash the Fast and Furious investigation., and nationalized the auto industry. Yet he still can’t wait to spend more money even while we look down the barrel of a 16 trillion dollar debt in just his first term.

All that as bad as it is, he still thinks he won, without even having a plan. His stimulus purchased the necessary votes. He just pandered and made more promises to people to keep “believing” in him. Now they want to define the right. It’s not enough to win the election they want to interpret it and define conservatives however they choose..

And their talk continues. They claim it means conservatives have to do this and that. When Kerry lost to Bush they did all that bending? I recall all that navel gazing – NOT! It is ludicrous. When Gore lost, they just willingly went along with everything? This is silly season on steroids.

I expected the gloating. (anyone who boasted about killing bin Laden himself the way he did would certainly boast – he thought that sealed his reelection)

Then you have Harry Reid trying to abolish the filibuster. Remember “Fili the filibuster” — the Dems best friend under Bush. Fili has outlived its usefulness. So it seems winning the election abolished sanity.

“This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” And it keeps getting bigger.

6 comments on “Obama wins….America loses

  1. drrik says:

    The Republicans can cut off the gravy train and stop appropriating the money that funds this any time they want. They even have the option to rescind money that has already been appropriated. Obamacare lives ONLY with the blessings of the Rebublican House.


  2. Helen Tritt says:

    The video attached to this website is Perfect! The military chasing Obama on a tricycle crying like the baby he is, is appropriate for the maturity level he displays. He LITERALLY should be chased out of the Country by the tanks.



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