Hannity bites the bullet

Sean Hannity took on the frustration with the loss, sort of.

Watch the video at foxnews.com

The second option, anger: “we can yell at the American people for not being as conservative as we wish, and that we were right, and that they ought to be more conservative. Now that might be emotionally cathartic, it might make you feel good. You may feel morally superior to the masses…and it’ll make conservatism a minority movement for a long, long time. I think we as conservatives, we should reject that option as well.”

First of all, who voted for this guy? Who put him in office, and who reelected him? We should not blame them for voting this guy a second term? No, according to Hannity, don’t hold it against them because “that will make conservatism a minority movement for a long, long time”.

Lets have a reality check. If this inexperienced failure could not be defeated by any movement, then something is wrong. If his record was not grounds to throw him out in utter defeat by any challenger with a resume, something is rotten to the core. Don’t point fingers at voters who did it?

And since he could not be beaten, just based on his own record – or lack of one – then what good was the Republican Party or conservatism? Don’t blame people for what they did by voting for this thug. If I’m not mistaken, and the Party and conservatives could not beat a failure like Obama, then how useful will they be? They certainly didn’t accomplish the deed here.

And we should worry about offending Obama supporters and marginalizing conservatism? If the movement was any good, then come hell or high water it could not be marginalized no matter what. What is this, walk softly and carry a big carnation?

7 comments on “Hannity bites the bullet

  1. clyde says:

    Hannity is another one of these assholes who’ll grab the ankles for whatever crap the RNC wants to shovel his way. I quit watching,and listening to him in the run-up to ’08,when he said Rudy was the ONLY guy who could beat Obama. Every frigging day,he’d start out with “and today Rudy,Mr.Newt,and Karl Rove will be on”. Guy is a first rate bozo. His best job is to keep raising money for military families.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Hannity can kiss my f*cking ass! There is nothing we could do to make the radicals hate us anymore than they already do, so why in hell not throw it up in their face every time an example pops up of how badly they f*cked up? And we all know the sumbitch will provide us with many examples (opportunities) to throw it up in their faces. I stopped watching FOX completely well over a year ago, because I smelled the sale out in its early stages. Hannity and O’Reilly only care about their ratings and chickenshit Beck ran away. Conservatism is not a “movement”, but rather a way of life. The only movement I’ve seen is what what came out of the sumbitches bowels shitting all over us!

    Sorry if I went over the top…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, over the top? Not a chance. That’s just what we need. Its the same radicalism, right. I’m thinking of the Move over crowd and their ads. (and the attack ads…that worked!) Their anger is their best recruitment tool. It is a lifestyle and its completely alien to these leftists. Obama had people voting for “revenge”, for Pete’s sake, and Romney wasn’t even in office.

      But here was another reason it sounded so bad. We had zero accountability of this nut job in his first term. What’s missing is any semblance of accountability. And what we need to fix it is less accountability? People should be pissed off; that’s what is missing.

      And the final point, you remind me, the only thing radical terrorists understand is might aand strength.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull; I’m still trying to figure out the “revenge” thing! Who in the hell were they “revenging’ against? Barry has been president for four years and he’s done everything he wanted to do, so once again who were the radicals “revenging” against? Got me…

        You’re dead on that being pissed off never showed up for the show. That’s very scary to me after what everyone has witnessed what the self proclaimed King has done. Got me again…

        Valerie knows exactly what radical terrorist understand. WE are now considered the radical terrorist and she warned us what would happen to those that stood against Barry.


  3. Hannity is dancing around at the margins: the reason we lost is cultural, not the message itself.

    Hannity may be a decent man: I’ve never heard otherwise. But I don’t listen to him for a variety of reasons, two of which are
    (1) he’s the worst debater I’ve ever heard. Good grief, i could debate him into the ground, and I’m not touting myself as the best person walking capable of articulating a cogent argument, and
    (2) He tends to miss the cause, and focus on the symptoms.

    The cause is culture. Why does the Left have such a patchwork quilt of groups, who otherwise wouldn’t even speak to each other, yet they vote in lockstep? Culture: they identify as liberal Democrats, and they vote against what they perceive as “evil”: rich, white, greedy, homophobic, xenophobic, racist Republicans.

    That perception, which is obviously not grounded in reality, is nonetheless the PERCEIVED reality. That’s what we’re fighting. It’s only going to be changed by addressing it culturally that we can change it.

    That means in entertainment, in education. Conservatives have largely withdrawn from both of these areas, ceding them to the Left, allowing them to quite literally raise an army which identifies as Liberal or, at the very least, not Racist, xenophobic, homophobic or greedy.
    Boils down to the same thing.

    This is branding. We, the Conservative traditionalists, need to accept that in order to change it.

    Homeschooling is one way to address this, as it robs the Left of their early development power over the kids. Alternate forms of Entertainment (movies, etc.,..) which are good 1st and conservative 2nd, are a second option. Unfortunately, for every good example of that (the movie Soul Surfer is one), I can show you a dozen or more failed attempts and another 1000 opportunities that go without any such attempt.

    When you lose the culture, you lose, period.
    And right now, we’re losing.

    My apologies for being long-winded here, but guys like Hannity just seeming to want to roll over and play dead (“Hey, if we support Amnesty, will you like us THEN?”) just bug the crap out of me.
    We can’t win by becoming more like the opposition. We win by winning the branding war.

    This is a long battle, not a short one…and our opponents have a huge head start.

    Feel free to delete this comment of you think I’ve gone overboard, Bullright….


    • bullright says:


      You realy hit it on the head. I totally agree. We heard people waltz around claqiming the cultural issues and arguments are toxic. And look. They followed the left’s advice to conservatives and Republicans to leave those divissive issues alone.You touched my nerve. I’ve written something similar to that but never posted it yet. I have to revisit it.We “ceded” it to the left. We can well see what happens when conservatives withdraw.

      Yet I never once encountered someone from the left argue while being civil and nice, whatever issue it was.

      I tolerate Hannity at times but you are right how often he misses the real point. And unless I missed something, the friendly, nicer approach hasn’t worked too well. Not that I recomend being as venomous as the left but we don’t need to color the truth — which is getting uglier.

      Thanks for telling it like it is. I have a son that will blame me, our generation, for letting it get like this. Its hard to take but there is some truth there. Now he sees what they do to everyone they oppose. But then someone always advocates the “gentler” approach.

      Hey, thanks again. Not too long, just right. 🙂



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