Same old socialism… different year


Sandy or Frankenstorm…. maybe a big storm but probably pales next to the one brewing in DC for Obama’s 2nd Occupation.

This election harckens back to Goldwater’s root ideas. The same mentality is in place with the left only on an even larger scale. Here was an article I had that was posted on Pepperhawk farm’s blog. It really is worth remembering how the left sees everything.

And it is interesting now, after the election, how the left defines what Obama’s reelection apparently means. He may have won but he doesn’t get to redefine and interpretate what it means to us. He outslicked a lot of people but behind it all they are still the same old stale Marxist ideas.

You know, the ones he really wouldn’t talk about. Instead he used words like “an economy built to last;  fair shot;  level playing field;  you didn’t build that; spread the wealth around.”
See article from earlier this year for some background

The road to serfdom is paved with Obama’s golden tongue, built on old ideas that enslaved people for years — not on good intentions. And no, Obama “didn’t build that” either. He didn’t build anything; he’s just marketing old ideas. He’s perfecting that, as they project the “old ideas” mantra onto their opponents.

“This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”
While they will be talking about his win and what it means, what is lost is the truth.

I saw a new book. A Catholic who was involved with the left decades ago, and came through research in economics to see ties between theology and free markets, in the affects on people.

Defending the free market: the moral case for a free economy

by (Fr) Rev. Robert Sirico

From the book preview: (Laissez Faire Club)

The Left has seized on our economic troubles as an excuse to “blame the rich guy” and paint a picture of capitalism and the free market as selfish, greedy, and cruel. Democrats in Congress and “Occupy” protesters across the country assert that the free market is not only unforgiving, it’s morally corrupt. According to President Obama and his allies, only by allowing the government to heavily control and regulate business and by redistributing the wealth can we ensure fairness and compassion.

Exactly the opposite is true, says Father Robert A. Sirico in his thought–provoking new book, Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy. Father Sirico argues that a free economy actually promotes charity, selflessness, and kindness. And in Defending the Free Market, he shows why free-market capitalism is not only the best way to ensure individual success and national prosperity but is also the surest route to a moral and socially–just society.
(link to find book )

Rarely are you ever going to hear anything positive about the economy or markets from the left. They do make the argument for control for those reasons. This makes the “moral” case for the free market.

But I noticed, as Goldwater showed decades ago, that it is curious how the left despises economics yet bases so much of its politics on economics. (class warfare et al) And seems to seethe with resentment toward economics through their politics.

I almost want to label it all “political economics” (politiconomics) after hearing what Goldwater and others have to say about it, and on my own observations. I don’t know the accuracy of that term but it works for me. They despise it as a threat when it holds so many of the answers to the problems they claim to be concerned about. Though in reality their objective is control. The problem is not economics or the markets, but their need to control it.If Sirico makes the moral case for free markets, then what is liberals’ case for control?

I think we certainly need to hear the “moral case” for anything right now.

It is the same old socialism just dressed a little different, with a different spokesman. The same socialism ideas that brought us Reagan and his “A Rendezvous with Destiny” speech, or A Time for Choosing. He carried the torch. Reagan talked about the Shining City, but these days the beacon is growing dimmer not brighter. (and its not for lack of green energy)

4 comments on “Same old socialism… different year

  1. pepperhawk says:

    “Sandy or Frankenstorm…. maybe a big storm but probably pales next to the one brewing in DC for Obama’s 2nd Occupation.” Oh, such great wit you have.

    You nailed it Bull. They are the same, old, worn out ideas and his racist card got old too. Fair shot, level the playing field, all a bunch of horse manure.

    And that really was a great article you wrote on my blog. It is very timely to our conditions once again.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks for the compliment. But it is truly amazing, if people were worried about what’s coming down with Obama 2.0 as much as Sandy, well we all might be better off. Gee we had people tell us what his plans are and exposed him. But they are the type that would go to the beach to see the big waves without realizing the damage all around them -.”Isn’t this fun kids?” What did they think he was going to do unleashed?


  2. Davetherave says:

    Very nice writing bull! “Sandy, Frankenstorm or the Obamathon we just witnessed. I think the Obamathon where so many donated their souls (vote) to Barry is by far the most devastating. Socialism has turned into the oldest and best magical trick ever invented. They still use the exact same trick, but we still can’t figure out how they do it. We think we know, but if we really knew shouldn’t we be able to stop it now? If a basketball team shoots like shit from the outside, what kinda defense is my team going to play against them? Hint; NOT man to man! It’s my theory once a person really figures out what the other side is doing, then it’s easy to know how to stop it. With one exception; a bum is a bum is a bum. Give the majority of people a reason not to work for anything, because it will be given to them and they’ll lay on their assess all day long. Socialism plays on my one exception and it knows the majority of people are bums…


  3. clyde says:

    Shit in a fancy new wrapper is still shit. As I posted at Pepp’s,if there were ever a time the dimwits could prove OUR ideas don’t work,now is the time for the bastards to PROVE it. I think,if these assholes continue on their current path,2014 could make 2010 look like child’s play.



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