Sex, Lies, Media and cover ups

Sex scandal cover-ups matter…terrorist attacks not so much.

Conservative pundits may have miscalculated the election but those like Krauthammer were spot on about the Petraeus sex scandal. Leftmedia are covering that hot and heavy, every detail matters.

Apparently it has to be sex related before they care what a government official says and when he said it. But if it was a scandal about four dead Americans in a terrorist attack it becomes back-page news, if they cover it. And if the sex scandal is tied to the terrorism, then divert to the sex.

Poor Petraeus, one has to be the prez before sexual trysts are dismissed as private, consensual affairs – and not the public’s business. Gee, with all the interest, it could spark a new sit com or soap opera. “CIA director does the dirty” or “General gets his communication lines crossed”, “new rules for engagement”, “hot and heavy friendly fire”, or “Top Spy On the Sly”.

Obama made a movie about killing bin Laden, but we don’t even get a photo in the situation room when four Americans and an ambassador got killed. What’s wrong with that picture?

But they are always ready to cover a juicy sex scandal.(even better with pictures or Power Point) And the administration can even keep it quiet until after the election. Lesson learned, rules about sex scandals: never upstage the commander-in-chief – especially during an election.

And besides, in this case when they dug into one scandal they got a twofer bonus scandal. This should gve them something to talk about instead of boring hearings about a terrorist attack killing an ambassador and three other Americans.

I suppose when the comander in chief makes his campaign about women’s reproductive organs and a “war on women”, they could make certain accomodations.

6 comments on “Sex, Lies, Media and cover ups

  1. drrik says:

    Less interested in the person that Petraeus was bedding than in the 4 people that Presbo f**ked in Benghazi (pardon the language).


  2. clyde says:

    Gee,you suppose if Krauthammer,the idiot Kristol,et al, would talk about how America is going to be economically f$^&ed it would go somewhere? BTW,if you’ve signed a secession petition,you are an enemy of the state,and the moonbats have filed a petition to have anyone who signed a petition to be rounded up,stripped of citizenship,and deported. Wish they showed that much concern for the plague that has ascended from south of the border.


    • bullright says:

      I wonder if that would get anywhere? There are plenty of names and building. They wanted division, they campaigned on it. Looks like they have it in spades. Class warfare, war on states, all they talked about was war. In reality, the war on us!

      I’ll include the link here if anyone wants to check the numbers.

      There’s also a good one to repeal ObamaCare and another to stop the war on coal. Just I would never click the box to get future updates from Obama’s. administration. We get plenty updated on his charades ourselves.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Good piece bull. Sex scandal overrides murder, overrides the coverup of murder and overrides the blatant cooperation of this administration in murder. Sounds like an episode of Sex In The City. Memory severing; the Secret Service sex scandal didn’t get this much air time and they were buying whores. Hasn’t been much press on the average 68/day of new regulations Barry’s cronies are shitting on us either. Economy in toilet, unemployment still sucks, companies laying off workers due to Obamacide, GDP is a joke, another trillion added to debt, 20 states filing to secede from the nation…nah…pretty slow day at the news office, so I can see why they’re spending so much time on Petraeus’ sex life.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, that SS did not get much attention. I guess it was an “inconvenient” time. TOO BAD IT WAS THEN NOT NOW. The only reason we even knew about that was a disagreement over what they owed. That’s funny. Can’t make this stuff up. Barry is the scandal magnet.

      Yep “the Inquiring minds need to know” sex details when Obama can’t explain anything about 9/11 Benghazi. He says he has to wait for the investigation. These are the people that claimed Cinton’s impeachment was “just about sex”.

      There is so much fodder for late night comics, but even they won’t utter the truth in fun. I saw that press conference and started laughing so hard at his explainations I couldn’t stop. And that’s no joke. He’s literally flushing this country down the toilet. I was told Leno did have a good one about America heading to the fiscal cliff and Obama’s motto is “FORWARD!” (that should be illustrated) Tip to Gene for that laugh. Maybe its me, but it doesn’t seem like the campaign ended — now he’s running against himself.



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