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[TWG: This is absolutely INFURIATING. Parents don’t even care about their own children anymore.  America, it appears, deserves this Hellish nightmare.]


This Saturday, the Midwest Marxist Conference was held at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. The event was teeming with teachers who spoke about the new found bond between the radical socialists and their Teachers Union. The all-day event, which collected money to support Chicago Socialists and featured a communist bookstore, provided students on-campus along with the radical left community to plan the next phase in their activism.


Becca Barnes, a Chicago Teachers Union teacher and organizer with Chicago Socialists, proclaimed at the beginning of the conference that “the struggle here in the United States has entered a new phase. Nowhere have we pointed the way forward more clearly than here in Chicago with the teachers union strike.”


After the opening plenary, breakout sessions…

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  1. clyde says:

    And then these idiots wonder why so many people are signing secession petitions. We’ve seen how destructive communism,socialism,Marxism,et al, TRULY is. THEY,unfortunately,in their hubris,think that THEY are the “good” people who can make it work. Not a lick of common sense,nor an appreciation of history in their mush brains whatsoever.


    • bullright says:


      And they claim to their credit they run Ed-U-K-Shun.! These are the folks who can’t decipher the Declaration of Independence. I never knew just how critical a spec of common sense is.


  2. The MAD Jewess says:

    I pray that God destroys this leftist satanism from our midst–soon. Even if it means I, myself, die,


    • bullright says:

      Amen. Thanks for the comments, (I appreciate it) I pray it doesn’t get to the latter but they certainly are making it a life or death proposition. There is no middle ground with this evil, our posterity is at stake.


  3. […] a plausible explaination is that they believe there are enough Marxists throughout the country, in key positions in the education field, to sufficiently back flush their […]



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