BP vs. Benghazi

Apparently, no one knows who changed or wrote the talking points Susan Rice blurted on every media channel long after the attack in Benghazi. Picture a bunch of kids in a circle saying “it wasn’t me!”

But this week offered another glaring contradiction into this administration. It was surrounding the BP disaster.

In an ongoing battle and settlement talks, the (in)Justice department fought to hold BP accountable on manslaughter for those killed from the blast that started the Gulf oil spill. Think about that. They claim the catastrophe was due to BP’s misconduct and negligence, and thereby making it responsible for manslaughter that killed 11 crewmembers.

Contrast that with the security, terrorism and murder that killed an ambassador and three Americans. It would even have been worse except for the heroes that responded to the attack after being told to stand down, who saved many lives. And then in the aftermath, Obama and his administration cannot understand why we the people are so outraged over their negligence, and subsequent cover-up, in handling the attack. Or about the many warnings going back for months of security problems. He even goes so far as implying he is a victim, along with Rice Rice, of his critics’s politics.

Yet when it comes to BP, they clearly see a connection with the blame for dead people due to BP’s negligence. And they are willing to fight a court battle to prove it. They even demand BP accept that blame. Both cases come from the same administration.

One would think that the accountability would be even higher in one of its embassies; in a place they are taking credit for liberating. And look at all the different stories we heard from the administration describinbg this serious act of terrorism on 9/11. In BP’s case, the CEO wanted his life back (whoa is me) and in this case Americans want their government back and some accountability. Heck, we can’t get any clear answers to the many questions on Benghazi. They didn’t even want to admit the terrorists who took credit for the attack soon after.

Had it been BP, this administration would be outraged beyond outrage. And they would demand answers immediately – on behalf of the people.

Ref: Headlines about BP are

BP guilty of misconduct, negligence in Gulf oil spill


Businessweek.com reports:

“The U.S. also charged two BP well-site managers with involuntary manslaughter and a former executive with obstruction and false statements.”

They will conduct a war on energy but deny the radical terrrorist threats. “Al Qaeda is decimated”…. so the dictator has spoken.

Remember the hearing on BP where “Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao, R-Louisiana went so far as to suggest McKay try a type of ritual suicide”?

Maybe no one has used the right language to get Obama’s attention yet.

6 comments on “BP vs. Benghazi

  1. clyde says:

    If incompetence were gold,POOF there goes the national debt with money to spare. Believeing anything these jackasses say is becoming impossible. Bastards lie so much they can’t keep them straight.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Susan Rice and Team Sumbitch got caught with their pants down this morning about Benghazi. Petraeus told the Senate and House committee’s his very first talking points were that it was a terrorist attack and it wasn’t him that changed the administration media spin. Oops! The bullshit Team Sumbitch spread around is now all the way up to their necks and I hope they like the taste of recycled food.

    This BP crap is insane. This takes the definition for the need of tort reform to a brand new level! I guess next they’re going to charge the builders of the Twin Towers for reckless homicide, because their buildings collapsed and over 3,000 died when hit by terrorist planes…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, it sure is BS …highly concentrated BS. Oops is right. They are spinning so fast they need a stenographer to keep track of all the lies. Now the whole DNC is their defense team. Hard to believe all this happened less than 2 months before the election, right under the voters’ noses, and it didn’t cost him. At least the word “lie” is becoming part of the dialogue.

      What’s next for BP, I don’t know, but maybe the fascist in chief wants to take over that company too. If it was an American company they would have long ago and pilfered it by now.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Bull, not sure how this plays out but the biggest share holder of BP is JPMorgan Chase. They own almost 30% and the next closes is a British finance company that own a measly 8%. JP’s stock has already taking a beating over this, but seeing how they are an American based company it does appear Team Sumbitch is either trying to take them down and/or end up taking them over.

    This may be sarcasm orrrrrr not: They desperately need the assets of JPMorgan Chase. They could pay off our entire debt with JPMorgan Chase assets and have plenty left over to spend destroying our nation!

    I would like to think Benghazigate will be the undoing of Team Sumbitch, but I fear not. Like you stated; this just happened and Obama got re-elected pretty easily and he sure doesn’t need fear Congress. So, even under the worse case scenario of the blind finally seeing the truth I am clueless who would do anything to bring the Gay Charade to justice.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I would really like to think so too. I fear not as well. He might be the only guy for which impeachment was “off the table”. Those are interesting ties and 30% is nothing to sneeze at. How about the timing of this BP news? He’s got so many scandals he can play one against the other Now with Benghazi he got the weekend to think up another story,I want to believe people should be outraged. Mitt Romney is gone now so he cannot divert blame to him. He chould have been held accountable at the ballot box because the 2nd option looks very unlikely.



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