Bunch of Baloney

Obama knew it was a terrorist attack the first day. He said so in the Rose Garden on the 12th….or so he says.

Susan Rice gives us the scoop on Benghazi hitting every major news org, 5 days later on the 16th, at the White House’s request. She blamed protest and a video.

Rice works for Obama, but her story did not match what he CLAIMS he definately told us the day after.

No one in the White House changed the talking points….so Obama says.

When you have a spokesman go out at your request and say something contrary to your message, what do you do?

… what are the chances you request someone to speak to all the media saying something contrary to what you told the people? Then claim she was only saying what she was told.

Option 1: you could nominate her to Secretary of State.

Option 2: tell critics to pick on him not her. [Duh] (…use with opton one)

Option 3: blame others for implying his administration was playing politics. (…use with 1 and 2)

Option 4: find some way to tie it to George Bush.

(an additional possibility is hold a press conference, then say you answered all questions about it. And repeat that you have always been transparent with the people)

5 comments on “Bunch of Baloney

  1. clyde says:

    Since ALL they have is lies,it comes as no surprise. Couple that with a dumbed-down sheep-like populace,THAT is how they get away with this crap.


  2. bullright says:

    The latest from the Gaffemaster, for your entertainment pleasure.


  3. bullright says:

    …Find others to commend you for being so honest and staying on message. (hello MSNBC)


  4. bullright says:

    ….or follow the Jeff Gordon rule in Nascar: act offended and wait for your enemy to come around and ram him, thus starting a brawl.



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