Obama on education next term.

The myth of education reform

Here is what Secretary Arne Duncan said:

“”Our basic theory of action is not going to change,” …
“The real work of improving schools doesn’t happen in Washington. Our job, in a second term, is to support the bold and transformational reforms at the state and local level that so many of you have pursued during the last four years.”

Wow, sound like music?
If reforms at the state and local level are so great, what does that say about the Dep of Ed? It would be nice to think Washington had a genuine respect for state and local actions or decisions. But that is a good laugh rather than a symphony.

Duncan also said:

“”We will continue to provide incentives and support for states and districts to engage in systematic change and expand their capacity to boost student achievement and close opportunity gaps.” -[blah, blah, blah filler]

“We’re going to continue to provide incentives and support for states and districts to strengthen the teaching profession, develop useful systems of teacher and principal evaluation, and recruit world-class talent to our schools.”

But what he really means, by “transformational reforms”, is probably what leftisit unions and educators were doing in Wisconsin and Chicago strikes, etc. He probably means those state and local “reforms”… holding the picket line, not the bottom line. Sorry, you just can’t get me to believe that they are interested in supporting local education reforms on the up and up — unless they fit the general Marxist indoctrination plan.

Or a plausible explaination is that they believe there are enough Marxists throughout the country, in key positions in the education field, to sufficiently back flush their real Marxist agenda/indoctrination using them. (the way a septic system backs up) Then claim it was a state and local effort, while making unions and Marxist educrats happy and furthering the administration’s own radical agenda.

So what Republicans in Congress should do while all this strategizing and obfuscation is taking place, is call for a clean audit on the Dep of Ed for starterts.

Reference: Obama’s 2nd term to test his education program
And “Educators” Flock To MARXIST CONFERENCE At Northwestern University”

Bait and Switch

Heritage asked Duncan questions getting few answers:

4. No Child Left Behind Waivers and True Flexibility for States
Duncan touted the Administration’s NCLB waiver plan, stating that it gives “local districts” flexibility, “instead of applying rigid, top-down mandates from Washington.”

In reality, the waivers are anything but, replacing the federal overreach of NCLB with another federal overreach by requiring states to implement the Administration’s preferred policies in exchange for a waiver. The waivers fail to provide true flexibility and open wider the gates for increased federal control.

Heritage reported in September:

By issuing waivers from the law, the Administration has signaled to Congress that legislators have met the end of the Administration’s arbitrary timeline for regular reauthorization, despite movement on the many congressionally generated proposals. The waivers, along with other instances of executive indifference toward legislative process, show a “disregard for the powers of the legislative branch in favor of administrative decision making without—and often in spite of—congressional action.”.

Reference: No Child Left Behind Waivers: Bogus Relief, Genuine Overreach
Further: How Escalating Education Spending Is Killing Crucial Reform

17 comments on “Obama on education next term.

  1. I agree with your suspicions. It’s not a return of educational control to state & local jurisdictions. Instead, it’s the educratic version of “community organizing”.

    I haven’t found the time, but I’d love to research how much of federal government tax revenues go to the Dept of Education. Then I’d determine how much of that came from each state. Then I’d determine how much of that goes back to each state in the form of (leftist-oriented) educational grants and assistance. Then I’d finish by subtracting the two in order to show how much of our educational tax money left the state and didn’t come back, and asking “couldn’t we put OUR education money to work better by keeping it in our state and local districts in the first place?”

    – Jeff


  2. bullright says:

    This should be a reminder to Republicans, never play the “my mandate is bigger than yours” game – Libs always win. A good example is ObamaCare. Dems aren’t satisfied with ObamaCare, they want more Government control. (always want more) And when problems arise like they always do, they’ll propose more government to fix them, with probably more money.

    If they can talk people into socialized medicine, they can do pretty much anything. When they create a bill, they say “it’s not perfect” but they can fix it down the road. Right; with more government control. The answer is always more not less, just like spending. “You don’t like it? We can add more government if you want, but not less.”


    • Regarding “The answer is always more not less, just like spending. ‘You don’t like it? We can add more government if you want, but not less.’ ”

      Bull, I wrote an article a few months ago on that very sentiment that you may not have seen because it was before you “followed” my blog. I called it How to Train a Political Animal to Restrain Itself. I put together data that shows Republicans are essentially just as big spenders as Democrats. It also says that if we want politicians to reign in spending, as conservative political “consumers” we need to PROFUSIVELY THANK them for doing VERY LITTLE for us!

      – Jeff


      • bullright says:

        You know that is a good point. Funny too. Thanks I have to check that out. We just seem to run from election to election, don’t we? — and hoping they get something right. Right, thank them for what? I’m thinking they owe, big in the red.


  3. clyde says:

    As long as the feds are tossing ANY money to state and local districts,the feds WILL be calling the shots. ESPECIALLY with this bunch. Another fine fricking mess courtesy of some idiotic notion of “compassionate conservatism”. I read where Jeb Bush is pondering a run. He does,and wins the nod,I’ll vote for fucking Obama for a third term!!!!!


  4. Davetherave says:

    Damn good writing bull! At what point and time during the sumbitch being king has he or his minions shown once ounce of flexibility? The only flexibility the marxist ass radicals support is for us to flex over to their will. The fed gov has grown by leaps and bounds under the directive of the sumbitch and that is a clear sign they have no respect or regard for local level governing. Duncan is just another lying sumbitch minion making f*cking over our kids sound like Utopia and the Barry worshipers just gulp down the koolaide.

    Great point on the Dept of Ed being another useless, money sucking organization that needs to be audited. Actually; I’m for just shutting them down, but an audit would be a good place to start to show it is just frigging useless and wasteful. Really good article bull….


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I agree. Shutting it down would be achievement, now that would be real state and local reforms, so they should support that. But no one even talks about that anymore. “Shhh…don’t want to offend the Marxists.” Obama cares about the picket line, not the bottome line. The only opportunity gap he is worried about is the unions’. Flexibility? What a joke.


  5. pepperhawk says:


    Another excellent article from you. There is nothing good that comes down from the feds on our state and local programs. The only way to get rid of once again another Ponzi scheme is to do away with he Dept.of Ed.

    Otherwise we will continue to be brainwashing our students in Marxist ideas and brain washing.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp. He’s got them pretty well washed or scrubbed already, I guess. I figured that when they showed kids joining those protests up in Wisconsin. If that wasn’t the picture of backward.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp I’m actually wrestling with one option. Sure we can do well without the dep of Ed, which we did prior to it being cabinet level position. It blossomed into a tree of evil. But there is one task that I would see helpful from Washington on education, that is if it were a check to the national unions and their power.But just the opposite is happening, its become their power center and they do not need any help. They care nothing about education or the kids. It might be helpful to have a national force opposing their power and control.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, you brought up my new four letter word that I’ve grown to despise: UNIONS! At one time I believe they were needed because workers were being treated like slaves, but that time has long past. We have plenty of laws now in place to protect workers and unions are good for nothing except bankrupting companies and our government. The Post Workers Union came out and supported Obama and voted for his lousy ass. Now the gov has announced the closing of around 250 post office branches, because the post office is bankrupt. Well guess what…now the same dumb asses that voted for Obama is sending out emails asking for support to save the 250 branches. Did the dipshits actually think Barry would try to save those postal jobs? Are the hundred of thousands of US postal workers willing to take a small pay and benefit cut to save those 250 branches? Of course not! When a company cannot pay their bills they have to lower overhead. Business 101 no-brainer. But once again the greed and self serving acts of union workers are being displayed. They just don’t get our country is bankrupt and if they want to try and keep a vibrant company they have to take pay and benefit cuts or fire workers. Those are the only two choices for all you dumb asses out there that bleed union blood. There is not one single union I support and my dad worked in a union for years. They’re all f*cking blood suckers!!!


        • bullright says:

          Dave, I don’t disagree with anything, All the jobs going south and they are still rolling in he doe and doling it out to buy pols. Obastid only cares about saving one job. They are the first one’s he invites to the WH. And maybe he is taking pointers because lately he’s wearing that diabolical, angry Trumpka face. He won and he still looks so pizzed off.


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull, I am still dumfounded by just how many stupid people live in this country that are allowed to drive, have kids and go around in public unmonitored. Our country is suffering from a severe, terminal case of the dumb ass and it will kill us eventually. There is no cure for dumb ass…



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