“Never Again …” — T.O.D

The Obama Doctrine: Terrorists R “U.S.”


Stanley Zir Author
Susannah North Editor


Which part of my statement below do Democrats and Republicans alike refuse to believe about the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran?

Fascism is the ultimate expression of absolute power; deception and the absence of accountability are its greatest allies. Since lies are the tools that fascists use to complete their circuitry of deceit, any statements issued from the leaders of these governments or their supporters can be never be believed or validated. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of people’s inalienable rights.

Congratulations America, The Muslim Brotherhood, a subordinate of Iran, a criminal enterprise that supports the overthrow of Israel, supports Hamas, is now America’s primary partner to broker peace in the Middle East. This is what happens when you wave the white flag of surrender to Islam by not challenging Obama’s foreign policy.

While Obama was parading around Southeast Asia to promote his social and economic justice doctrine to counteract the threat from his more entrenched Chinese communist pro-Marxist brethrens’ agenda, our closest ally, Israel, was defending itself by launching an attack on the terrorist organization in Gaza. Again Mr. No-Show waited before throwing Israel the proverbial crumb, “we support you all the way” (that is, all the way up until a ground war, to defeat an enemy that is determined to destroy Israel ).

Then, like something from out of the pages of The Arabian Nights Hilary Clinton flew in on her magic carpet to broker a peace with Hamas and Israel through Mohammed Morsi. Yet not one news agency said “A peace agreement with Mohammed Morsi, Iran’s terrorist surrogate and a champion of Hamas.” No, just praise that Hillary Clinton could achieve a cease fire agreement, one that would give Gaza open ports so terrorist can get more missiles in their quest to destroy Israel and provide Iran an advantage in her psychological war against Israel. That and promise that Israel will not kill any more of their terrorist leaders.

America,  we cannot keep downgrading Israel from a nation of freedom-loving people into a bargaining chip in order to satisfy any part of a political agenda that green lights the destruction of Israel in the hope of establishing a peaceful co-existence with the oil-rich tyrannical nations of the Arabian Peninsula. Yet that is exactly what is being done.This is a policy that not only dooms Israel to extinction, but will lead to the destruction of the moral fabric that binds America to its own humanity.

We must never honor despotism’s hunger for conquest and bloodshed if we ourselves wish to remain free. Those who endorse and embrace hate were, and are, not victims; they are the perpetrators of violence, and should not be coddled, but vanquished.

That is why the time has come to arise and stand with Israel in order to protect the nation that keeps the sacred Covenant with G-d intact. It is this Covenant that produced the laws that became the foundation of an ethical and moral imperative, without which the consummation of liberty’s documents could never have been actualized. And, it is this spiritual bond, encoded in America’s documents of freedom, which binds Israel and America to a common endeavor resulting in the ongoing quest to secure a world free from the forces of tyranny and oppression

How can an American President (who should be the Defender of our Constitution), champion a foreign policy that aligns America with nations and political movements that are determined to eliminate our precious rights in Allah’s name?’

In “Obama’s No Fear Zone,” I wrote, “It is because Obama paints America, the defender of freedom, as though she is the offender. He treats Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of these renegades as if they were the victims of America’s aggression, as if they need some special consideration, as if invasion, conquest, and nation building with the goal of global jihad are somehow a defensive posture, an  appropriate response to America’s foreign policy.”   And the Obama Doctrine, “Terrorists are R’ U.S.” completely exemplifies this position that America is responsible for the Islamic nations hatred against us, not their addiction to tyranny’s hateful edicts.

“When Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House he turned his back on America and Israel, and gave the seal of approval to radical Islam. The Brotherhood embraces a more radical form of Islamic tyranny than that of the deposed Mubarak. Yet, Obama demanded that Mubarak step down.”

Now that Egyptian President Morsi has proclaimed his intention to seize absolute power by dismissing the judiciary, will Obama ask Morsi, like Mubarak before him, to step down? Or does Obama still believe that the Muslim Brotherhood and their partner Ahmadinejad can be an honest broker for peace in the Middle East?

America and Israel can no longer afford to be sabotaged by fraudulent proposals cloaked in the name of peace and ever hope to survive. Now, as with America’s Founding Fathers, America must declare her independence from Obama’s current policies which bind our nation to tyranny’s diabolical edicts . If we cannot stop the Muslim Brotherhood, then how can we stop Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who must not be given the opportunity to accomplish his unequivocally-announced and pursued goal.

America needs a new guideline for its foreign policy, we need a new point of departure, one that honors our nation’s protocol, our eternal stance against the advancement of global tyranny.

This was explained at length in the essays “Obama’s No Fear Zone” and “Where is the Cavalry?” I suggest you revisit these essays, for we must embark on a new path one that guarantees America’s victory over those who have compromised our core beliefs.

Thank you,
Stanley Zir

Founder of Never Again is Now. Net & Victorious America LTD

7 comments on ““Never Again …” — T.O.D

  1. #1 takeaway line: “Obama paints America, the defender of freedom, as though SHE is the offender.”

    The main crux of our problem with President Genius: We have always been the guarantor of freedom and peace for ages. If we were an Imperialist nation as we’ve been accused, why have we not just erected our flags everywhere? Heck, we pay to rebuild the very nations we’ve been warring with, time after time.

    Peace through strength is the ONLY way to bring about peace. And sadly, that will never even be considered by this Administration….


    • bullright says:

      JTR, excellently put. It is sad. He sees strength as the problem, or as weakness…or something.(…liked Whittle’s take on that) If he’s ashamed of America, why shouldn’t America be ashamed of him?


  2. We should be. Heck, we NEED to be.
    We’ve had crappy presidents before; here’s hoping that enough of the populace wakes up and realizes the bill of goods we’ve been sold, before it’s far too late to matter.

    Just saw that I put one too many “O’s” in “guarantor” in my 1st comment.
    Feel free to edit it!


    • bullright says:

      JTR, will they awaken or are we doomed for their miserable stupidity?(twice) Seems the odds are against us at present. Incidentally, Stanley Zir is quite the non-p/c non-apologist. (If you get me, sort of like Whittle) Too bad there is a shortage of those willing to tell it like it is. We might read it somewhere on blogs, but they sure aren’t out in the limelight getting acclaim. Its an inconvenient message to lamestream. But they never met a terrorist they couldn’t appease.


      • Agreed, bro. Agreed.

        Not familiar with Zir: I will make sure I check out his stuff – we need as many strong, conservative voices in the marketplace as possible.

        Lastly, are we doomed? Wow, I just don’t know.
        What I DO know is that I’m going to be a royal-pain-in-the-you-know-where for everyone who’s trying to take us there.

        Every. Step. Of the way…



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