A Meeting: Obama, Romney?

So Obama wants to have a meeting with the guy they labeled a tax cheat, that killed a woman, who is out of touch with Americans, who wants to outsource all our jobs, and who has money in a Swiss bank account. (etc, etc.)

A while back, Dana Perino said on Fox that Romney should get off the stage, go away, suggesting we don’t need to hear from him. I agreed and havent’t changed my mind. It seems every statement he makes is more fodder against Republicans, and the left calls it a gaffe anyway.

So why a meeting? Is his role as a whipping post for Democrats not quite finished? What is the deal? Does the Liar in Chief want new ideas? Seriously, would Obamassiah be interested in anything Mitt says? Is this another self-serving grandstanding of Obama….to tell everyone “I won”?

No doubt all we will hear is Obama’s side of it anyway. Or is it yet another opportunity for Obama to pander to his base?

Why oh why?

5 comments on “A Meeting: Obama, Romney?

  1. clyde says:

    I can see the picture now. Obama,kicking Mitt in balls, with that asinine smirk on his puss. Either that,or Mitt is going to work for the sonofabitch.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, LOL I’ll leave to you to write the story line, it is much truer than anything lamestream will put out about it.— “Mitt makes gaffe at White House, asks for white wine instead of red. What is wrong with him? Mitt refuses to ‘fist bump’. Romney complains about the painting over the mantle… asks to see Churchhill bust. Mitt asks President about his place of birth”. The same media who don’t care about Benghazigate.


  2. clyde says:

    When Mitt got the call,IIWM,I would have told him I’m too busy for your photo-op. Or,piss off,whichever came out first.



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