UNdue Recognition

U.N. poised to recognize Palestinian ‘state’

BY: Adam Kredo – Freebeacon.com
November 29, 2012 5:00 am

The United Nations is poised to officially recognize the state of Palestine, an unprecedented international endorsement that would enable the Palestinians to prosecute Israeli officials for what the Palestinians claim are war crimes.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is set today to present the U.N.’s General Assembly (G.A.) with a resolution that would enhance the Palestinians’ official status from “observers” to “non-member observer status,” a designation that would allow the so-called state of Palestine to launch formal complaints against Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other U.N legal bodies. […]

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Right on cue. Pallywood does UN

5 comments on “UNdue Recognition

  1. Can we please, please, please….just withdraw from this group of thugs and thieves?

    Without our cash, they’d have some severe issues doing anything other than sending out mailers.


  2. clyde says:

    While I’m all for shitcanning the damnable den of thieves,the asshole in the WH is beholden to them. They won’t go anywhere on his watch. Just as I would bet good money once the Useless Nerds (sorry nerds) gives the Palestinians the nod,THEY will be on the Human Rights Council as well.



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