Its appreciation time

Not so long ago I started this blog, chartered to parts unknown. I didn’t know what to expect. So t hat was just over 6 months ago, though it seems longer. Thanks to a few other blogs for the incentive to do it.

This is nothing compared to other bloggers that have tons of hits and followers. But it is really something for me, and I appreciate the views and followers. Two mile markers on the same day made me realize it. I’ve also found some other great blogs I would not have otherwise. Much appreciate all of it.

And it is a humbling experience as well, compared to what great stuff others are doing. Thanks to everyone. Some great content and people out there, which provides hope that at least a large part of this country is awake. The drone left cannot be too happy about it.

Thanks, God Bless.

8 comments on “Its appreciation time

  1. clyde says:

    Thank YOU for putting your thoughts out there to read,and better for me,to comment on.


  2. Glad I found your place, BR. You have a unique perspective, and we all benefit from the aditional “voice” out here!

    God Bless, partner….


  3. pepperhawk says:


    I’ve been so busy getting things ready for my Grand daughter’s birthday this Saturday I simply can’t keep up with things and you have a lot to say on your articles. I’m absolutely exhausted after this week, but had fun on Saturday seeing my grandchildren. I don’t get to see them very often any more and I sure miss their angelic faces.

    I thought I’d take a moment here on this article to tell you that your blog is the tops. Your writing is excellent, you have so much to add to discussions, and I’m so glad you went for it and created your own blog. A masterful job you do!

    So I say let’s appreciate Bull for all of his fine articles, witty and keen observations and wonderful new ways of looking at our situation.

    So glad for you Bull that it has turned out so well for you.

    luv ya


    • bullright says:

      Pepp: wow, you’re too much, Maybe take half that back 🙂 That means a lot l. And thanks for all the postings at your place and the encouragement. Thanks for the help and publicity. You are the creative writer though. Your place was the incentive, I wouldn’t have done it without you, your help. We have to take advantage of the opportunity while we still can.

      That is the best, I know, just tio spend time with them. That can keep you busy too. I’m sure it means a lot to them too, Time is special to kids. I realized that at Thanksgiving how they appreciate the day and family. Anyone who think kids don’t appreciate it, I’d disagree. In the end, that means more to them than material. I never realized how special they view things early on. Anyway, I know you enjoy it more than anything,. Now I’m going to try to devote even more time to that and other things too.


      • pepperhawk says:


        You deserve the praise even if you don’t think so. So there. LOL!

        No, I have not been online a lot this week. I’ve been busier than a one arm paper hanger. Old joke, I know.

        I sure did enjoy those kids. I love them so much and I am going to make a promise to myself to see them more often. We’ve been so busy though with all of the Hawk’s medical issues this past year. It seems we spend half of our time in Lexington seeing doctors and the Hawk getting surgeries and pain treatments.

        You are right about the kids appreciating the fun times we have. My little Anna yesterday told me before she left how she loves me and misses me. It sure warmed my heart. And they give me the biggest lift to my spirits like nothing else can. They are so talented too. It’s amazing all the activities they are involved in. I hate being so far from them. Before I moved down here I was over the house seeing them 3x a week. This year I’ve seen them only 2x. It hurts me not seeing them.

        And we all took a hike and I found another spot where Merlin can run free. I was going to take him out today but it poured and stormed here all day long and our internet service kept getting interrupted. That damn satellite link goes out every time it rains or snow or the wind blows.

        The kids also love taking hikes on the farm and do some running themselves. It helps to keep them from getting too wound up. 🙂


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, boy you’re right. Creative.I remember special times and now I guess they’re making theirs. I see my grandson more so I could see the different way he was really enjoying the day more than usual. Sometimes I gotta take a reality check. And I bet Merlin is a part of it all.

          I forgot, I’ve been thinking about it because one birthday is about that same time. We doubled Thanksgiving and birthday. It’s a little hectic that way but that’s the way it was.



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