Obama goes from ditch to cliff

Remember Obama’s theme about the car in the ditch and Republicans were behind the wheel? How we needed to take the keys away? Then he told them to get in the backseat and shut up. Update:

Well, Obama had the car yanked back on the road against the laws of economics, tied the Republicans in the backseat, and went on a joy ride. So he’s now doing 100 mph heading straight for the fiscal cliff.

Here’s the caption: “Trust me… Remember, I won. But you can blame those guys in the backseat.”

…and he’s on the phone making reservations in Hawaii for vacation.

7 comments on “Obama goes from ditch to cliff

  1. clyde says:

    Not only that,but the bastard removed the brake pedal out of the car. Here’s what’ll happen. The BECS will get his tax increases,Boehner will cave,and settle for “phantom” spending cuts 10 to 15 years out that will NEVER materialize. We’ve seen this movie before. Ronald Reagan,GHW Bush,Bush the Younger ALL fell for it. These repubs remind me of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football that Lucy ALWAYS pulls away.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, ha ha right brake removed. (and he’s setting the cruise control) That’s a pretty good analysis. Plus he blames repubs anyway for the next 4 long years. I think you’re dead on as predictable as they are now. Wouldn’t you think at least some of them would have deja vu? Repubs always think they’re starting from scratch, never realizing Dems never do. They’re always building on what they did, or they don’t do it at all. Repubs go at it like their first time around the track. And progs are about to pull a Gordon when they come around. Whamo! It is Charlie and Lucy. LOL


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, progs future promises for spending cuts also remind me of Whimpy on Popeye: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”.


  2. Davetherave says:

    The sumbitch hangs out with the “beach radicals” while flexing his muscles…”I WON SO YOU MUST DO AS I SAY AND THE SHIT I DID WRONG IS THE REPUBLICANS FAULT!” We’ve done what he said for four years and the pile of shit has only gotten larger and stinks worse. But good O’ Boner…sorry…Boehner will go along and play ball, because he actually is scared of the sumbitch.

    It’s really kinda moot at this point bull IMHO. Our true debt is now over $200,000 TRILLION and that is a problem no one can fix.


    • bullright says:

      I agree it is pretty pointless. And they allow him to blame them. He doesn’t care at all, only where he can use it to attack Republicans because their base cares. Its now hard to believe his phoney act when he was ranting about Bush’s spending, calling him unpatriotic. Now we know it was a-nutter lie…just that it wasn’t enough spending for him. Then he tries to claim he is captain of reducing spending. He actually believes that setting rates to that peiod will incur the wealth and economy of then….and as usual he has it exactly azz backwards and upside down. What we can’t afford is Obama. I guess playing golf with Bubba will magically improve his score too.



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