Obama, Assad and ugly realities of evil


America, you elected Obama and now we’re getting class warfare on steroids; and dividing America from sea to shining sea. Ignorance is no excuse. When the administrations’ secret bureaucrat-written laws of ObamaCare kick in, America you asked for it. You wrote him a blank check to use however it wants. Thanks.

You said Americans didn’t have enough government in our lives, you wanted it to control your healthcare and everyone else’s. You wanted it America. You wanted a guy who will interpret the election however he wants to his benefit, at his whim; that’s okay with all the stooges that voted for him.

Some may think this analogy is over the top hyperbole, but I disagree. Syria mixed, loaded and is ready to gas people. It’s the same thing Obama is preparing to do.(metaphorically) Assad wants to target dissenters, his resistance, and let it be an example to any others who dare oppose him. It is the same tactics Obama applies.

This is politics, sorry if you don’t like the comparative analogy. What’s the difference between Assad and how Obama operates? The same mentality and power drive both. Assad is willing to go to any limit – or line — to make his point. Do you think Obama cares about a fiscal cliff or spending? The will of the people does not matter to either one, all that matters is his will.

Part of his agenda uses social justice as the motive. And the base thinks this is the cause. He calls in his media minions on MSNBC for a secret meeting. (they are just some of the operatives) These are the like-minded hacks and operatives, his soldiers. Obama and the left want us to think think his soldiers are average working class people you see at his rallies. All Marxists need lots of useful idiots. And the ignorant, misinformed, and brainwashed are to be used and manipulated however they choose. These media are just another layer in the hierarchy.

Hacks like Schultz made the case that Democrats should not engage in good faith, that they should play this class warfare for all they can, right through next election. Blaming and using Republicans all the way. They don’t care about consequences. They don’t care about the real damage. All they care about is power and control.

7 comments on “Obama, Assad and ugly realities of evil

  1. pepperhawk says:


    You sure said a mouthful in this article. Assad is showing his real side of being one big evil SOB. If he releases that gas on his own people what could be more evil than that.

    I don’t put it past Oblama to do something similar when he decides to rid himself of us. He would use a different method and in a way he already is by denying us our natural resources and the EPA making it almost impossible to get the resources that we need. That means people will die without coal to produce electricity.

    Thanks to all the morons who voted for him. The people in NYC and N.J are not so happy now since FEMA left and they are still sitting in cold houses with no electricity or food. Another way to kill off people. But, the morons voted for him after that stupid photo op thinking he ‘cared’.

    Well, he does not care and is ready to go off on his 40 Million Hawaiian vacation that we all get to pay for.

    And you are absolutely right, everything he does is about power and control, but a lot of ill informed people and/or plain stupid voted him back in. The rest of us get to pay for their big mistakes. They should not even be allowed to vote.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, Thanks so much, He doesn’t care. And these idiots proved they will do it again and again. At least Assad lost the support of people. He’s clinging. Even in Egypft they protest the usurping dictates of a tyranny. Not here in America. They applaud him.They’ll do his dirtywork and demand he take even more power to himself. And we have to suffer for their supidity. The left will close their eyes just like they did for Benghazi…and Libya.


      • pepperhawk says:


        Right you are! All we do is issue “strong” warnings. Like what are we going to do if the Assad drops the canisters? You can’t go in there for awhile. I forget how long, but that gas remains noxious for some time.

        Egypt protesting Assad. Now is that not a laugh or what. The Pharaoh, Morsi issues a warning?

        And let’s not forget the little dirty secret of Obama’s. The gun running into Syria that everyone in the ME knows about, but of course, not our own media. Such lame brains we have for media.

        The only journalist and she is that is Katherine Herridge who said on Jeanine Pirro’s show that we will be hearing about gun running but she went no further I suppose since she needs all her sources to absolutely credible or she figures the so called committees will miraculously come up with this info.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, So true, there is a few shoes to probably drop, if reporters aren’t too scared to report it. Seems like Barry has secrets in every corner of the globe, everywhere he goes.


  2. clyde says:

    Truth cannot be hyperbole. Good piece,bull.


  3. bullright says:

    Sen Demint resigns, heads to Heritage. Okay. But meanwhile the Senate takes aim at Paul. Even McCain is starting to support Reid’s filibuster reforms, which directly target Rand Paul as a poster child. They are marginalizing Tea Partiers in the House. And its only a month since election.



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