Christmas hope vs. hope on a rope

Followup comments on the prior post Audacity of an NBC loon

Snyderman: “I don’t like the religion part. I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up….I think that’s what makes the holidays so stressful.”

What part of the Christmas, religious holiday do they have problems with?

Is it the peace on earth part; the good will to men part; or is it the hope message that offends them? Maybe it is God sending his son as a savior. Possibly the decorations offend them? Or wishing a person a “Merry Christmas” is offending people. Singing Christmas carols in the street can offend them, or a manger scene, to say nothing about those candlelight services. Maybe the good tidings are offesive?

But the religiousity of the current administration is not supposed to offend anyone. They force their “hope and change” down our throats, under the rule of their messiah. It is a religion with the left. They use the power and force of the government to push it on you.

We saw it with the ObamaCare mandates. Then they demand you pay for the pleasure of being forced against your will to abide by something you and your conscience disagrees with. They wage war on religious freedom. You are taxed for being offended. And how about their religion of global warming and climatology?

However, ‘stop forcing your religious Christms joy on us.’

But they can find room in leftville’s tent to have problems with Christmas. A message of Hope is offensive, religious joy disturbs them. But an intentionally vague hope and change is a requirement of the left, or else you are outcast as a hater and racist. And there is the forced redistriution. It is the doctrine of their government religion.

Gone are the three wise men, replaced by the offended few named “the masses”.
But then the twelve days of Christmas is now the countdown to the “fiscal cliff”. (how apropos)

And they left with a huff yelling:
“Come Dancer, come Comet and Vixen… Free condoms to all, and to all a good night!”

5 comments on “Christmas hope vs. hope on a rope

  1. clyde says:

    How the hell this whackjob got her MD is beyond me. She was a moron at ABC,has become worse at NBC. She must be an AWFUL doctor,never hear a WORD about her “medical practice”.


  2. pinkocrat says:

    How could you not like the idea of a peasant born in a barn being the king of the universe? I mean, I’m an atheist and songs about Jesus are the only Christmas songs I can stand.



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